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I just bought the NAD 762 receiver and use Paradigm reference series 60 towers, Paradigm 10" subwoofer, Polk cs400I center, and Polk fx300i surrounds. My question is on speaker settings. Should i set fronts and center to small or large? Have been told different things by different people and am just looking for a consesus. thanks

Large sends full range of frequencies to the speakers - bass, mid range and treble. If you have a sub, it would probably be better to set the settings as small and have the LFE output sent to the sub. If you dont have a sub you may want to keep the settings as large.
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Given the speakers you have, I think you can go either way and I would encourage you to experiment and try both settings to see which you like better. The ability of the receiver to adjust the settings is to provide the consumer with flexibility to get the best sound possible out of the system. So, since it is your system, you should do what works best for you.

John Allen
Short comment after playing around with speaker settings for some time. Look at the low-frequency roll-off (-3 dB) figure on your speakers. You have a mixture by the look of it. I have what might be similar set-up but with Kef speakers. My lowest figures are 40 Hz mains, 80 Hz center, 60 Hz surrounds. In theory, and on tests with the same source from each channel, they same sound the same if all set to small, and the sub then handles what any can't do for itself. That should be the choice. However, I find a more balanced and satisfying sound with the setting "all large". I know some low frequencies are lost completely from the small center channel speaker, but I no longer hear where the sub is, and it sounds good to me, especially with DTS 5.1, which is supposed to require all speakers to go down to 20 Hz. Very few systems meet that requirement, I think.
As ever, Hawk has it. Try it and see which you prefer. Consensus can't help you. Trust your own judgement.
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