Servicing a JVC AX-z1010


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I recently picked up this amp really cheaply (£80, plus he chucked in his tuner and CD player). Trouble is, although it sounds pretty fantastic, I know I'm not getting the best out of it, so was thinking about taking it apart and cleaning / servicing it.

Is this a really bad idea, and if so can you think of any better ways I could get more from this amp?

For what it's worth, I'm a trained and experienced IT Technician, so pretty handy with a screwdriver.

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Check out this thread:

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Or not, Ben, that one went to heck in a hurry.
If you intend on opening the thing up, you should be prepared.
Firstly, let it bleed down the caps for a day or so, just so's you ain't getting a lift from one of them.
Secondly, a ground strap might be handy.
Thirdly(is that a term?) use your eyes to find problems, such as pet hair, a little POS and the like.
Use compressed air, like computer cleaner, for the guts, and de-oxit for all the terminals.
Tighten all speaker posts with the proper wrenches, no pliers.
Do not soak the thing in contact cleaner. Just the spots that you need to see/clean.
Use a toothbrush to clean the ic's and the surrounding areas.
Pay attention to the heat sinks. A small buildup there will badly affectthe sink's abilities to pick up heat and dissipate.
Have fun!

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And I'll be sure to get lots of photos (for the few people here that have never seen inside a 15 year old amp)

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Most of us have, Ben.
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