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Does anyone have a resource where I can read about the different types of cables from reciever to speakers, cd player to reciever, tv, etc? How much the quality of the cables affects the sound, etc. Thanks in advance

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For starters, try this.

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try this one, too

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The info. from Speaker Wire is a must read!

btw, Berny's link also references the same article, but their non-working link is outdated.

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I recently discovered Wal-Mart to be a good source fo cables and such. They have good quality without the high price. Example... the only brand of component cable offered at Circuit City was $69.00. I got the same, just a different brand at Wal-Mart for $19.00.

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There are some cables that are not quite as critical such as speaker cables to pay extra for however, video cables can be a somewhat different animal.

To state that you got a bargain in price between what was offered at Walmart versus Circuit City is one thing. To assume that you got the same quality of cable for $50 less is another story. I am not saying you didn't because I don't know what brand you are referencing but all cables are definitley not created equal.

There are definitely differences in cables.

Chad - Axiom has some good practical information on their site on this subject. Try this link and look for the article about cables. I think it is very accurate with practical advice...

Personally, I like Audioquest and Wireworld for some of my higher end cables and Acoustic Research and Dayton offer some very reasonably priced cables that are good quality. Again, I think video cables are somewhat more critical than speaker cables.

As far as on-line sources Partsexpress and accessories4less are a couple good sources.

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IMO, there are a lot of opinions on this subject! So many in fact, there's now a dedicated forum on eCoustics for it.
Here's Gene DellaSala's opinion and thread on Audio Cables - Fact & Fiction Revealed found on the cable forum. Another is Brian Mitchell's thread on better cables which looks like an advertisement for them.

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I love this cable debate. Green cables are more pastoral in sound. Red indeed are faster to trasmit electrons. Hospital grade power connectors make your cd player sound better. I am absolutely sure this is all true.
If the cable is mechanically sound in construction and uses any reasonable conductor and insulation it will work. Since the parts required to make an audio cable are so very, very inexpensive, it is unusual to find a poor product at a reasonable price. But I do like green.
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