Torn between denon 3805 & pioneer vsx-55txi


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Hi there. I'm shopping for a receiver and universal dvd player, and decided on denon 3805 w/dvd-3910. I like the denon link, but am disappointed that I'll have to wait for a software update before being able to use it with sacd.

Then I found out about the pioneer elite vsx-55txi, w/dv-59avi. With this combination I get firewire instead of denon link which works for SACD today, I don't have to wait for a software update. Also, the vsx-55txi has a USB interface.

The abovementioned combinations both have a similar street price, so I'm torn between the two. Of course the Pioneer has better features (USB and firewire) but I've been a fan of Denon for so many years so I hesitate before trying something new.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone out there have the Denon and/or Pioneer combo?

Thanks. -Mikey

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Personally I'd take an Elite over a Denon. But to answer your question better I need to know what speakers you plan on pairing the receiver with.

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Could you listen to both receivers before you buy?

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Here are more details on the avr-3805 vs. vsx-55txi situation:

I plan on pairing the receiver with Aperion Audio's Intimus: four 522DL-R's, a 522D-C center channel, and the S-10 subwoofer.

With respect to listening to both receivers before I buy, I was under the impression that such an idea does not work as well as one might think, because the acoustics of a showroom are far different than that of my living room.

My living room is hardwood floors, 15'x15', 8' ceilings, with an adjacent dining room (no walls separating the two rooms) which is 10'x14'.

Your thoughts?

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I am wondering why the Elite 55 instead of the current model, the 56txi? Is this 55 a leftover, a demonstrator etc. As the resident Elite booster here I of course prefer the Elite sound over Denon and my room also has wood floors and I have found a warmer receiver like the Elite's to sound better than my old Denon's did. I am not familiar with your speakers and that should be the deciding factor. Which sounds better with the Aperions; the warmer and fuller sounding Elite or the brighter and detailed Denon. That I can't say.

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Ah yes, 56txi it is.

However, now that you guys mention the brightness and detail of Denon, vs. the warmness and fullness of Pioneer, I have another question. Because I'm not exactly certain what these words mean, let me ask in this way:

I like putting the treble all the way up and hearing the crisp, clean highs. Does this I mean I should go Denon?

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Probably as the Denon is much brighter but in the end the main thing like I said is which receiver goes best with your speakers. If the Aperion's are warmer then the Denon is the better bet if they are brighter[like Klipsch for example] the Elite is the better choice. It's up to you anyway. BTW are you buying retail or online? If you are comnsidering the Elite look at for a very good online dealer and come to think of it they also sell denon. They have the Elite 56 for $997.

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Although the room is different, it'll be the same difference for both sets of electronics. Your objective in going to listen to them both in the same venue is to be able to discern the differences, and therefore choose the presentation you prefer. Therefore there is a lot of value to be had with A/B demonstrations at the dealer's.


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I posted this comparison between the Denon AVR-2805 and the Elite 56TX earlier... thought you might be interested. I found the Denon's sound was much more detailed whereas the Elite was somewhat "restrained" or "muddy".

Here's my post to another string:

I had the time Friday afternoon to spend witht the Yamaha RX-V1500, Elite VSX-56TX and the Denon AVR-2805. Spent about a half hour (without a salesman) comparing these three units running through Klipsch RF-35 mains and here's what I found:

I concentrated on "pure, direct" sound... without any processing or tone enhancements and found that the Yamaha and Denon were nearly identical in the way they sounded. Both were much more forward and detailed in the reproduction of percussion and vocals than the Elite. In fact, the Elite while sounding very good didn't come close to either of the other two.

I used a Diana Krall CD for my main comparison. The Pioneer Elite produced a very comfortable, easy, relaxed sound. Alone, it sounded great.

However, when I switched to the Yamaha, I could suddenly hear the brushes on cymbals and vocal inflections that I hadn't noticed while listening to the Elite. Guitar chords went from simply "notes" to hearing the "bend of the strings". Don't know if that makes sense to you or not... but the bottom line was that both the Yamaha and Denon provided a much more detailed and clearer image than the Pioneer Elite.

Of course, this is one man's opinion using a selected pair of speakers because this is what I'm using in my media room.

Each of the receivers has different features... DSP modes, THX, etc., that would weigh in anyone deciding between these three fine products. But in pure, direct sound... the Yamaha or Denon win out.
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