What suits best with JBL?


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Had a goal of setting up a pretty inexpesive yet decent HT system, so got the JBL SCS136SI. With receivers, its been about 4 months that I pick one up and return the other either from BB or CC.

The speakers I am happy with, its the receivers that I am damn confused about (not a tad suprising to some). This is what I have experimented with:
Yamaha 5760
Yamaha 5790
Pioneer 1014-TX-K

HOw would these compare with each other and if we had to throw in a couple more, what would those be? I am planning to use it mostly for movies and occasionally with music.

Any take, audiophiles? I am new to this, but being a science student do understand the technology, just not a good sound differentiator. Help very much appreciated.

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Did I mention that my budget is not more than 500 bucks. Since all these receivers and many others are available around or below that range (from stores or the internet), they suffice my budget and to my listening needs.

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the pio 1014 aint bad.. my ears just dont think my dads are workin hard enough.. i dunno sound good though.

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They all work well with JBL. It now boils down to which features you like and those you can't live without. Have you listened to any of these?

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I have listened to all of these, and currently listening to 5790. I did like the Pio 1014, its sound was more fuller and music very original. I did think the sound had more clarity (detailed)than the 5760 and the avr300 for that matter. I like the power of 5790, which I thought was lacking with the Pio to some extent. I think I am gonna decide amongst the 2 THX receivers.
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