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I am in the process of "tweaking" my newly purchased AVR 330. Please help me determine how to set my speakers.

I have (front) Athena AS-B2, (center) Athena AS-C1, (rear) Athenas S.5, (SUB W) Yamaha SW45 -a horrid boomy 55W sub

I am most concerned with the settings of my fronts. Does the weakness of my sub make a difference?


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A lot of this has to do with you preferences, but also speaker size.

The athena fronts, assuming those are the athena towers, should be set to large.

The center, and surrounds, probably should be set to small.

Depending on the specs and capability of those speakers, you could cross them over at 80hz or 100hz. Personally, I prefer them set at 80hz, and I believe that is what Dolby and THX recommend.

BUt you can experiment and see what you like.

Try the towers set as small and let the sub handle the bass and see what that's like. Then switch it over and see how it sounds like when it is set to large, etc.

The smaller speakers should be set to small.

Hope that helps.

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You can also send very content below 60 or 40 to the sub, even while setting mains to large.

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Hi Peter,

I have as-f2 in front as-b2 as rear and as-c1 for center and I use as-p400 for sub, and I have a AVR-330.

after trying many setups I ended with the following
Front: Large + 40 Hz
Center : small + 80 Hz
rear : small + 60 Hz
Sub : L/F+LFE

Setting front large with a specific cross over frequency does the following: it will send all the frequency range to the front, even range below the cross over frequency and it will send to the sub the range below the cross over point. This will duplicate sound range from 0 to X-over frequ.

Hope it help.

by the way, how is your sound with your 330 paired with athena ? I find it a little bright, It must be my personal taste because everybody using the same equipement, I talk to, seem to love the combo, so ...


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Hey guys,
Mind if I chime in as well. I'm not trying to post poach, it's just that I have a very similair, though somewhat more apartment size version of your systems. I too have questions about speaker systems.
AVR 230
Denon dvd-900
AS-B2 fronts
AS-C1 centre
S.5 rear
HSU STF-2 sub

I'm thinking of putting my front setting to small. I'm thinking that because the HSU is the strongest link it should be able to produce and handle the best quality bass. Crossover for the fronts at 60, and rears at 80. Opinions?

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Looks like we have a very similar setup. A lot of you who posted have the big floorstanders up front. I have the large bookshelfs so I experimented with my fronts set at 80 and my rears and center at 100. I liked that much better than all set to the default 100.

However, the AS-B2s go down to 50 so maybe I will try your fronts=60/rear=80 combination


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Just too add another setup I have the as-f2 fronts, as-c center, as-r1 for the surounds and the p-400 sub. The best setup that I found was to use to speaker line hookup. I Set the cross over to B1 on the dial but your room my need a diffent setting. In setup set front to large and Sub to off set all other speakers to small. If you use this setup all Bass from seakers set to small will be sent to the Sub and your main speakers at the cross over you set on the Sub not the receiver. The booklet will say not to use this setup if you have A Sub outlet, but if you use the receiver cross over and then set the Sub to your speaker type you will cascade your cross overs. You will have more control over the Bass and it seem to smooth out the brightness in the Athena's.

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So far the front=60, rear/center=80 works best for me. At the default setting (100), my sub sounded horrible while attempting to play the higher frequencies. Now it only produces the lower bass notes and it sounds significantly better. My fronts sound stronger as well.
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