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i just bought my first surround receiver and i have some points to clarify.

1. My place is prone to a sudden voltage flactuation. Is it okey to use an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for a receiver? Wouldnt it change the quality/amount of current flowing into the unit?

2. Is it okey to plug the receiver which has 230v voltage requirement directly to my 220-volt outlet? Would the receiver still deliver same power as specified despite a 10 volts shortage. Is there any negative effects to the receiver.

3. What is the power requirement/consumption if a unit is rated 230volts, 3amp?

4. I noticed my system sounds cleaner at night time than during daytime. Why is that?

Please enlighten me.


J. Vigne
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1. Over and under voltage is dangerous to audio circuits. A voltage regulator is not the best solution for the reason you stated. Better to look for a surge suppressor with O/U voltage protection. If PanaMax is available to you their units are one of the best for the money.

2. Power is variable with voltage but a 10 volt difference will not be noticed.

3. Those numbers do not indicate power requirements/voltage draw. Look in your owner's manual for the information.

4. Almost everyone's system sounds better at night when the voltage is smoother due to less noise form other sources on your grid.


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This one can take 15 amps

They also offer 20 amp models. %20Stabilizers

I can't find the total amps on this baby, but it says 1800W total. And I definitely like this unit. Expensive unfortunately.

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