No DTS sound with Pio 1014 =(


Hi all,
Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I've just gotten time to play around with the 1014 and hook it up to my Panny RP62. I popped in the Eagles' HFO DVD but it selects the PCM2.0 stereo by default; isn't it supposed to go to DTS if it recognizes the source? Anyway, I had the Interlink 400 MkII Interconnects and hooked one end to the back of the Panny where it says Audio Out L&R, and the other end on the Pio on DVD In L&R. I clicked on both the Standard and Advanced Surround on the remote and it does not have an option for the DTS sound format. I preceded to buy the Interlink LightSpeed 100 Toslink (Digital Fiber Optic Cable) on the recommendation of my buddy and am still not getting DTS. On my Panny I set the PCM Down Conversion to NO and DTS to Bistream. Am I not plugging the cable(s) in the right spots? Help me!?!

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Sounds like you have the correct cables (optical) and that you have told the dvd player to output dts.

Did you go into the disk menu after it loads and choose DTS ? While the receiver will automatically set itself to dts when it receives the input, you generally have to go into the disk set up menu (that auto loads when you put in a disk) and actually tell it to use dts.

hope that helps

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I had the same problem with my new receiver a few weeks ago. You have to set the default settings on your DVD player to look for DTS and dolby digital information.

Once you 1) have a digital connection between your dvd player and your receiver and 2) you adjust the DVD player settings you will hear DD and DTS

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ahhh, looks like you already did those things.

finally got it. unhooked my "analog" interconnects and just used the toslink cable. am gonna return it and just get some AR toslink or digital coax. much cheaper.
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