Yamaha vs denon vs Nad vs Marantz fyr Quad L's


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I just ordered my quad L series speakers 12L for the front 11 L for the rear and L center.
the sub will join in a little later not deceided weather i should get L sub from Quad or the REL 201 but my problem is mainly in choosing a receiver receivers are pretty expensive here thats why i may not go as high as rotel or arcam therfore ihave to choose between the ones mentionned below i assume or any other suggestion

marantz 5400 ose
marantz 7400
nad 753
harman Kardon avr 330 maybe avr 630 i might get a good deal on that
Denon 2805 maybe 3805 if i can get a good deal also
and finally the
yamaha 1400 or 2400

i am not considering any pioneer or onkyo should I ?

help and advice will be highly appreciated

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I vote for the Marantz 7400 and the HK 630 then the NAD 753. They all pair well with Quads.

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I would say both Marantz are ok, NAD is great if it does not hiss, H/K AVR330 isn't very good, AVR430/630 are much better, Denon's are slightly dry and grey sounding, but could match the Quads quite well, Yamaha's are ok, but not as lively and musical as Marantz/NAD.

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Marantz 5500/7400/7500 for both Music and HC...

NAD are great but have QC issues...

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Thanks falp

would you favor the 5500 over the 7400 or the 5400 ose and is the 7500 over the 7400 or the 5500 is worth the extra money


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I'm debating between 5500/7400


If I go to the 5500 is just because is new and I dont like the 7400/7500 remoteLor big/expensive AV Receivers...

I also was looking at the QUADs but can't find them for audition...
The 7400/7500 are allways better amps for the QUADs...

If I'll stick to the MA Silvers I may go to the 5500...

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HI... I'm also looking at the Quads 12L. A friend of mine recommended them over any other speakers at that price range... is it true?? What made you decide on the Quads??

As far as the receiver goes, I'm in a three way split between the Marantz 7500, the Yamaha 2500 and the Denon 3805... any suggestions/comments???

Geez, these are gonna be a very expensive Xmas!!! :-)

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well i got to know them by reference of a friend as well, then i went and had the chance to listen to them they sounded great very tranparent i cant say that i am a professional or a very educated audophile but i had the chance to compare them and they sounded great and the build quality is exceptional for speakers in that range of price i actually ordered the limited edition ebony finsihes .

On the receiver side i still havent decided yet. I am waiting for the marantz sr-7500 to come out and read some professional reviews if you can find some reviews or you get the chance to audit them i wouold like to hear from you i am told that the marantz 7000 series are very musical, but i was also told that the denon is a very capable receiver so i cant really help you out on that there is also another receiver that i have been told very musical (vincent sv 388) german receiver made in china i am going to tru audit it when i get the chance maybe put it side to side with the marantz 7400 thus where i am the 7500 isn't out yet but my dealer favoured the vincent over the the rotel.

Where are you by the way i mean as a country

best regards
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