HK AVR630 vs. Pioneer Elite 54tx


In your opinion which is better? and is it worth it going for the AVR635?


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Tough call. Both are very good.I would choose the Elite myself and I suggest you check out They have the 54 for I believe $699.

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I would say 635 > 54TX > 630.

Well has the HK for $697 and the elite for $686, I'm really looking for the quality of the music and the durability of the product. It really is a tough call to make and at least i have time before i get the money for them.

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They are very similar in sound quality. Look for the features that you like and the asthetic value, which is different for everybody. The layout and ergonomics of the AVR630 or soon to be released AVR635 would be my choice. But both the pioneer and the HK are very good.

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I listened to them both. The harman kardon 630 and Elite quickly became my top two favorites. I ended up settling for an H/K avr330 because of the price. However, I loved both the 630 and elite.

Thanx for ur info. Both r beautiful recievers and it's a shame that I have yet to hear them but I'm sure whatever reciever i pick i will be happy with it.

there seems to be multiple problems with the HK so I made up my mind and will go with the Elite.

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there seems to be multiple problems with the HK so I made up my mind and will go with the Elite.

What problems?

I am extremely impressed by the looks of the HK and the features... and was leaning that way. But I have to check out some other receivers as well.

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What are these HK problems???

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No problems here. You may be talking about the "H/K Woes" thread. There were two people who bought a refurbished H/K and they had to return it because it was shutting down. Just remember that only two people posted about a problem and they noted that h/k was prompt in sending a new unit. I purchased a reurb from the smae company close to the same time and my receiver is perfect. There isn't a wide spread QC issue with HK. They make high quality receivers.

Also the sound cutting out from the beginning of tracks. That is what bothers me the most. These audio dropouts are common with all HK recievers. supposed to be a download to get rid of it. Those are the only problems. The elite however I have heard nothing bad about it and that curved my decision. Sorry I saaid multiple problems just minor things but bothersome nontheless.

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The processing chip handles that, it is the same one used in many, many, receivers. I have heard of the sound cutting out between tracks but have never experienced it on my HK 430. Everytime it switches to or from a Dolby Digital or dts there is a full second break in the signal while it switches processors. Rewinding back to the start of the track with the DVD/CD works for me if I missed something.

That and the OSD being a little fuzzy on my TV are my only complaints. Very minor at least to me.

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FYI: New version on AVR 630 will be released next month...AVR 635, same look, many upgrades including auto room sensing and parametric correction for exact listening positions. Cheapest I found is for $812 delivered to your door, unless you live in Montana! Check it out...I returned my 630 to wait it out...seems worth the extra hundred. Also, state of the art Texas Instruments surround processor.

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cool, i am waiting for the 635 or 435 and wondered when it was coming. I saw the price on Vanns and Montana has no sales tax so it should not matter if you live there.

I bought a refurbed HK AVR25 about 8 yrs ago and it still works great, but I want a new one. The 25 will move to another room.
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