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Hello, I just got a new receiver. And I am looking to get a DVD player. What should I look for in a DVD player to take advantage of the dolby/dts decoding that my receiver has?

I'm assuming a DVD player with coaxial digital output for the sound.

About the picture quality, I'm unsure how to handle that. Do I get a DVD player with S-Video output and hook that to the S-Video input of my receiver.... and then hook a S-Video out from my receiver into the S-Video in of the TV?

Is this the connection? Thanks!

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What is your budget? Will you be using it mostly for movies or will you also be listening to music with this setup?
For movies, a digtal coax cable will work as long as your receiver can decode dolby and DTS. Most new dvd players can also decode both, so you may want to see which of the two sounds better (has better DACs - digital to audio conversion). If using your dvd player to decode you'll need a pair of cables from analog out (R and L)of your dvd to analog in (R and L) on the receiver.

Unless you are connecting multiple S-video sources to your TV, there's no good reason to go through your receiver. One S-video from your dvd player directly to your TV is fine.

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I am probably planning on using this receiver for 65% music / 35% movies. Yes, my receiver can decode dolby / dts. DVD will be my only S-Video source. I was just looking at cheap DVD players (under $100). Will the sound quality be lesser from a cheaper DVD player? (Note: my receiver will decode the dolby/dts)

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If you're set on a "cheap" DVD player, let me suggest something, the Pioneer 563A, they get fairly high ratings at their price point. These have recently been discontinued and can be found relatively cheap. The MSRP is around US$250 and while at Circuit City Friday I saw 2 open box specials for US$109. I actually picked up a reconditioned unit last Spring for $US99.
The benefit of this player is its ability to play both DVD-A's and SACD discs. If you're unfamiliar with these formats, check out
including the archived threads there. DVD-A's and SACD's are high resolution discs usually containing both stereo and multi-channel tracks. Let me say that I feel DVD-A's and SACD's represent the greatest improvement in sound in decades. If you don't have multi-channel capability yet, consider it for the future. In the mean time, these discs will play a high resolution stereo signal. The sound is nothing short of amazing.
You can spend a lot more, hundreds maybe even thousands, but for someone just starting out, if the budget is limited, I'd recommend this player as a way to break into this new format. The money you save can go towards new discs.

One thing on this player, if you get it, make sure they have the firmware updated first. Its a simple update but they may have to send it out to be done. Without it certain DVD-A discs won't play - Steely Dan's Gaucho being one. I had mine done and Gaucho sounds phenomenal.

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hello. I just bought a HK AVR 230 to go with my Bose Acoustimass 16 and will utilise component and digital / optical cabling for best results. The receiver manual says that to use the on screen menus from the receiver to set up and configure my system from the on screen display, I need to have s-video or video output connection to the TV from the receiver to be able to see these screens on the TV. I always thought that you could use composite, component or s-video but not a combination?....Am I missing something here?
Hope someone can help.

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nh, those h/k receivers don't display the OSD on the component output, so you need at least one S-video or plain RCA connection to the TV monitor to see it.
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