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i have a Marantz SR4300, does any user of this receiver know what is the crossover of this receiver? is it 80hz or 100hz?

and i have a subwoofer with high and low level, is it possible to connected both at once, so that when i listen to music, i enable the "Source Direct" function, and then the subwoofer high level kicks in, and in the movie, when the LFE mode active, it will automatically disable the subwoofer built in crossover, is this workable?

i want to know whether it is workable, because i myself running a pair of biwire for my front speaker, and if i want to try this method, i need to get myself two pair of single wire, and i worry that after i spent the money, only found out that this method can't work anyhow...

anyone here care to enlighten me up? and actually how loud can i turn my receiver up to, it is just because sometimes the movie's sound seems to be a bit on the low side, example like the "Matrix Revolution", is it ok for me to turn it up? it can turn all the way to +18db, if i turn it up to -10 or even 0db is it ok for the receiver?

i hope users of Marantz SR4300 can lend their helping hand to me and help me to solve the problems bugging me all the while, thanks and best regards

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anyone here care to enlighten me up.?.on the connection of the subwoofer.?.and the crossover of marantz sr4300?
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