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Lately I have been debating what my next upgrade step will be for my HT setup, and I have had good input from you guys with my questions so far...

So, I have heard (predominantly from this board) that Outlaw Audio makes some quality products, and I was looking for some feedback.

I originally was looking at purchasing a receiver for $1000-$1500 to replace my Sony. Through much research, I had decided on an Onkyo -801 (MUCH better value than the -901 I originally considered). BTW I have Polk RM7600 speakers.

So Outlaw is selling a "B-Stock" 950 Pre/Pro with a new 7100 amp for $1498. Is this really gonna knock my socks off over the Onkyo - or am I better off waiting and sticking with my Onkyo. My primary concern is that this is an "small" brand.

Thanks as always for your input.

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I think you will hear a very significant difference between the Outlaw separates over the Onkyo (although Onkyo and Polk sound great together). In general, most "audiophiles" consider separates to be vastly superior to a simple A/V receiver. Outlaw is special in that they make their separates as afordable as many receivers. Although I have never dealt with Outlaw directly, I have heard many great things about them on this forum and from others in the audio world. Do not discredit them because they are small. The company apparently started when a few product designers and engineers got together at a trade show and decided they wanted the opportunity to produce quality products without "corporate interferance". Read their website...it gives great background info on the company. Outlaw offers an awesome return policy, so if you do decide to buy, you can rest assured that if you don't like it, you will get your money back. They will even pay for return shipping!!!

So if your "primary concern is that this is a small brand"...I would definately give Outlaw a shot...what have you got to lose? If you buy the Onkyo from a place like Circuit City (which also has a no questions asked return policy), you could even demo both side by side in your home and pick which one you like better. This is indeed an enviable position to be in as most do not have this opportunity.
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