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have cerwin vega psx153 speakers 1000 watt peak power,and cerw. vega dx9 400 watt speakers,running all 4 speakers.I Jjust bought a Qsc Plx3402power amp which puts out 700 watts at 8ohms stereo,and like 2100 or more watts at 8 ohms bridged,what would i need to go with this amp to make it work correctly,this is just for my home stereo..I would appreciate any help i can get...

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bridging an amp means that left and right outs are combined into just one mono channel. you build a bridge between the two channels. that isn't what you want to do.

i'm guessing that your amp is a stereo unit, and QSC should be rated into 4 ohms. THAT'S the spec you should be worried about, what your amp can put out at 4 ohms as you'll need to hook 2 speakers up to each channel which will cut your impedence in half.

this would be a really bad idea on most japanese recievers, but QSC is a heavy duty "pro sound" brand and should be able to do 4 ohms.

if you're using the setup in a home stereo setup, you're going to need a preamp to handle the switching needed for all of your sources, tape, CD, DVD, VCR etc. and if you have a turntable, you'll need a preamp with a phono preamp onboard as you can't use turntables with line inputs.

the preamp you get will depend on your input needs and your budget. pyramid and a couple other companies make cheap preamps in the $100 or less range. at the other end of the spectrum, home preamps can sell for 10s of thousands of dollars.

if you're going the preamp route, you'll also need a tuner if you want radio, but buying seperates can get expensive. you might get more bang for your buck if you buy a cheap used reciever or preamp/tuner unit like those made by NAD and that feature preamp outs unlike most cheaper recivers. then, you could even power the 2nd pair of speakers off of the reciever which won't have the same power as your amp.

if you're looking for a really cheap solution, there are DJ mixers which are really just specialized preamps out there for under $50.

it's tough to help you as you're only talking about your power amp and speakers and not how you want to use them.

i could say get a CD player that features a volume control if CDs are all you'll be listening to.

you'll need to be more specific regarding
what souces (CD player etc) will you be using or needing?
how important is sound quality?
how much you want to spend?
are you looking for surround sound?

the SIMPLE answer is that you'll need some sort of preamp to switch your sources and control your volume. the power ratings aren't as important as the other questions are.
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