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Firstly I have been out and about listening to lots of different systems, and so far the best system (so far as what i would like it to do, which is clear sound as well as being able to produce heavy bass for the times when i just want to head bang) would have to be the athena AS-F1 and a Yamaha amp either the AX-396 or RX396.

My budget is AROUND (within couple hundred) AUD$1000. To give you an idea of approx exchange rates etc, the speakers I can get for AUD$600 (on special from AUD$1000) the AX-396 is worth AUD$600 and the RX-396 is worth AUD$500

The best system I've hard as far as musical clarity goes has to be the Paradigm focus series of bookshelf speakers (AUD$650) with a NAD amp (dont know exactly what kind but it was worth AUD$600) although I could not get the 'pumping bass' if i ever wanted it, also they didn't seem to go as loud, but since i will be using them in a VERY small space ie my bedroom then that doesn't really matter.

Oh BTW i am NOT looking for a home entertainment package. CDs only have 2 channels (stereo) so why do i need 5 speakers?

If ANYONE can give me some advice on speakers or speaker/amp combination that i might like to look at (preferably staying around my budgeted area) then please append

Thanx lots

NOTE: AUD$ = australian dollars (just incase you didn't know)

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Back here in our audio retail outlet based on the information and room parameters that you gave the hottest selling gear setup are the ff:

Option A : ARCAM DIVA 85 ($1,200.00)

Option B : ROTEL RA-02

Option C : ROTEL 971 MK.2 ( $150.00)
MISSION M74 ( $250.00 )

Please check you local dealer prices and ask for a demo.

Good Luck!
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