Question about crossover settings


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Is there a general rule-of-thumb when it comes to setting the proper crossover setting between the main speakers and the sub?

example...I heard that if your crossover setting for your main speakers was, say, 60Hz that the sub should be set to 10Hz abover that (70Hz)

Is this true? do you set the sub at the same frequency? or just above?...or at max?

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That's a good place to start. Your speakers output will gradually start to taper off as you go down further in frequency. the trick is to set the sub's crossover to start filling in the loss of volume where your speakers are giving up. If the crossover is set too high, you'll have too much bass output where the sub and speakers overlap. If you try this little trick and find things are too thick or boomy, start to lower the crossover frequency. Try to get a balance that makes it seem that all the bass energy in the room is coming from your main speakers.
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