Different brand center channel. Bad idea?


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I'm new to HT but have done a ton of research. My system will be high-end. I have started with Energy Veritas fronts and surrounds. My dilemna is that as much as I loved the Veritas line, I felt the CC was too bright and ringy for my taste.

I'm considering going with a different brand for the CC. Currently, I'm considering BIC America (great bang for the buck), Axiom, PSB Image and possibly Thiel (pricey!). Is this necessarily a no no? If not, any suggestions?

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the most important speakers are the front three. they ideally need to be all timbre matched. if they aren't then there will be issues such as something that is supposed to move across the front of the soundstage you may notice a difference in the sound as it cross the center channel, so i have read from other more knowledgable posters. i am sure other people can give more elaborate answers.

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It is best to have all of your speakers timbre matched. Same brand, same series. Most important are the the front 3. Most dialogue comes from the center, but is not contained therein. Also as the last person said there is the issue of sound moving from side to side. But even forgetting that you should not be having the sound issue from your center. It should be using the same drivers as the rest of your speakers and hence sound at least very similar. Sounds like a setup problem.

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If you absolutely hate the Veritas CC, then try the Ascend Acoustics (ascendacoustics.com) 340 center...it's big, but amazingly detailed without any brightness at all. Voices come out really clear, natural and uncolored. I like it so much I even use surround sound on vocal-dominated music rather than stereo.


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If you found a center channel speaker you like better, by all means.........buy the one that sounds the best.

Sacrificing quality for the sake of 'matching' defeats the purpose of good sound.

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Christopher Lee and Arthur Kyle have the right idea.
Unfortunatly if you don't like the center that is suppose to match them
then that is a major concern and I would try others from Energy to see if
I could get a match that I like the sound of or you will probably have a very
tough time getting a true match.

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Thanks, that's helpful.

No, I didn't hate the veritas at all. For the most part the sound was excellent. Just a little bright for my taste. It may have been from sitting too close to the CC when I was given a demo.

I'm considering a Sunfire receiver which has a warmer, tube-like sound. It's possible that would lead to a big difference.

Has anyone tried the above alternatives?
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