Subwoofer Expert! Best subwoofer under or about $1000.


I'm looking for a subwoofer under $1000. Any suggestions? It would be nice to give a short list for me. I actually was impressed with Sunfire and velodyne subs. I don't know why REL sub is so expensive in US. Any comment on these subs? Or what would you rank them?
1. Carver Knight Shadow
2. Sunfire True Sub MKIV (a bit over budget)
3. Sunfire True Sub Junior
4. Velodyne SPL-1000
5. Pinacle BabyBoomer
6. DefTech Super Cube II
7. Paradigm 12
8. HSU VTF-2
Thanks in advance.

Take a look at the Cerwin Vega HT-S15. I have one in my stereo system and it is more than outstanding. I bought it for 400 because I love to haggle and I don't think I could get a better sub for more money. One word of warning though is this thing has power. I have mine set on 1/4 of the amp power and my sub pre-out set to -4 and it still rattles stuff off of my shelves.
I use this mainly for music, and I have had many systems in my vehicles and have never had a home subwoofer because none of them ever had the accuracy or impact that I crave. When I put in a movie things get a little out of hand. But, it is nice to jump at a gunshot and realize that, that is your stereo.
Just my $.02

That huge list and nothing from SVS???!!!

Exactly. With out a doubt SVS are the best bang for the buck, not to mention powerful and tight!

How big is your room?. Do you want the sub for music or HT? Or both?

I will short the list to:

1. SVS
2. Velodyne
3. HSU VTF-2 (if you are willing to change configurations between music and HT, i.e. tunning plug)

It looks like you are looking for small and tight but pretty powerfull based on the list that you have going. The Velodyne has been king for years and with good reason but I have the SPL1000 in the same room with the Klipsch RSW10 and the klipsch kicks the SPL1000 in the nuts for sheer power. Depth is close and the Velo has it for tightness. The Klipch lists $200 less but is slightly bigger to. Good Luck.

I would shorten the list to

1. SVS
2. Build your own.
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