VERY slight distortion in surround speakers


This is a newbie question but I have a Onkyo 670 system that has been fantastic. All the speakers work and they all sound great in 5.1, DTS, ect. I have noticed that when an audio source from the tv with only the center channel or a old movie, tv show, ect. is playing that their is a very slight distotion in the surround speakers. I always use pro logic II. I only notice this with my ear to the speakers. It is not noticable unless you put your ears to the speakers. I was just wondering if this was normal? It happens on my other home theater as well. Again, the speakers work great. I was thinking maybe it was happening on non stereo audio but wasn't sure. Just curious as to what that is?

Thanks for any info you can give me...


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it is usually the source audio that has the distortion and translated through the receivers and speakers. TV broadcasts, even digital are not exactly immaculate.

My cable box audio is going to my tv and then to my receiver through RCA cables. I also have the cable box hooked directly to my receiver via optical (toslink). Would it change if I hooked my cable audio rca cables directly to my receiver? I also found something on my cable box audio setting that changed the outlet from TV to advanced and compression and finally to advanced matrix? It had no effect on the problem I was talking about. I appreciate your input very much.
Thanks and maybe you know about my question above.

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