Yamaha receiver & klipsch speakers?


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im setting up a room to watch dvd movies only (i have separate room for music listening). thinking of getting yamaha rxv1500 receiver with klipsch speakers (RF25(2),RC25,RS25(2),RW10 sub). my room is 15'x18' & 11' high. i can get it all for $1865 plus ship. does anyone have any suggestions, advice, comments, etc about this combination? will the combo be too bright? if so, any alternatives that would still keep me in price range of under $2000 for receiver & speakers? thanks, i appreciate any and all advice.

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bob you will have to find another receiver if you want to keep the klipsch speakers. your best bet is to get the Pioneer Elite VSX-54tx or a Marantz SR-7500 receiver. i would say h/k, but i had terrible luck with them, but h/k will also mate with klipsch. however if you are set with the yamaha and klipsch setup, i would buy and power amp and do a pre/pro setup.

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I would say the Marantz SR7400/SR7500 are the best choices for Kilpsch.

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You need to listen for yourself. I have Klipsch Ref with Yamaha and to me it sounds great. I replaced a denon with the Yamaha too.

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The newer Yamaha's do not suffer from the brightness problems of the past and the efficiency of the Klipsch helps make up for the Yamaha's rather weak multichannel power output so it's not a terrible combination as in the past but still not as good as possible. The Elite 52 or 54, The Marantz 5400 or 7400[or new 5500,7500] and the H/K are much warmer and fuller sounding than the thin Yamaha's and thus a better match with Klipsch. Klipsch are very bright and can be fatiquing if not paired with a warm receiver. Check out dynaco.com for very low prices on the Elite's which are the warmest receivers of the bunch. BTW, I generally like the new Yamaha's but not with Klipsch so my comments are not an anti Yamaha statement.

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I've tried auditioning those klipsch spkrs with Yamaha 1400, Denon 3805 and HK 430 both for movies and music. My choices are as follows; Movies:
Yamaha, Denon and HK
HK, Yamaha and Denon
Overall, I'd say Yamaha for me.
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