Starter want help!!!


I am looking for good music system, not home theatre system.......under $1200. I want to know which speaker is best for listening rock, blues type of music, I prefer good crisp trible.
thank u very much...

Try B&W DM 603S2 or Paradigm Monitor 7.

If you want your treble CRISP, try Klipsch, JBL, Infinity, or Paradigm. Those brands of speakers are also efficient enough to work with the kinds of receivers or integrated amps that'll work with your budget.

Take a look at axiom, I'm personally interested in their speakers right now.

you can also try the klh 15 inch four way if you like the highs and the base will definitely rumble and they are cheap the reason i know is i have a pair for music and movies

Darrell Brand
all these people can mention different brands of speakers.The truth be told, each of us prefer different speakers based on the sound our ears hear. I personnally like the paradigm speaker line. However many of my friends say that they like the sound from klipsch speakers better.
What really matters is that you personally listen to the speakers with your receiver to see for yourself what you like... It is afterall, your money and your ears...

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