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I having some issues with my new NAD 743 receiver and wanted to see if anyone can offer advice or maybe diagnose the problem. I'm actually on my second one and it exhibits the same problem as the first. My current setup as is the following: I have Comcast digital cable that is fed directly into my Tivo. The audio feed is sent via the analog outs, and the video is the S-Video out. From Tivo, my audio out has two outputs. One is sent directly into the NAD 743 via analog out and the second output is sent to my TV which is a Sony 32" flat screen model KV-32FS210 via analog out. I did this so I could watch TV without the receiver should conditions warrant it. For video I have the S-Video out running into the Sony TV. Additionally, I have the NAD 513 DVD/CD player. I run component video cables out directly to the Sony TV and run the digital out directly to the NAD 743. I also have X-Box, which sends the component video directly to the TV, and the audio via the optical digital cable to the receiver. My problem is the following. While I watch TV or DVDs I'll get static pops that sound like they are coming from the right channel (occasionally it sounds like both channels). This occurs randomly, sometimes I get them every 10 minutes, other times I can go an hour or so without them. There is a slight possibility its coming from the TV, but I'm 95% sure the sound is coming from the speakers (PSB 5Ts) The speakers are about 2 ft away from the TV on both sides. In addition, about 50% of the times I'll get a visible white line across the TV in combination with the popping sound. Let me state there are no video connections to the TV from the receiver (I disconnected the one once I had my setting straight). The pops vary in volume, sometimes soft, but mostly rather loud and noticeable. I'll also get the same problem while playing x-box. While watching TV, if I pause Tivo, I have also experienced the pop coming from the speakers, even though no sound is being played. Some of the trouble shooting I did was to switch the speakers to opposite channels to see if that is an issue. I still get the popping sound coming from the right side. I tried switching the cables from left channel to right and still got the same popping sound mostly from the right side. I've tried another test where I would only have speaker connected to the receiver and watched TV via one channel. When I did this with the right channel, I got the static pop. I then disconnected the right channel and hooked up the left channel only. After watching for 30 minutes, I got a similar static pop in the left channel. The only time I've seem to eliminate the pops is if I play a CD in the NAD 513 with the TV turned off. I've only done this test for about 30 minutes, but it seemed to work then. If I turn the TV I get the problem. I called a few service centers for the TV to see if they thought that was a problem, but they told me it had to be the receiver. If I watch TV from the coaxial cable directly, I do not get any pops or lines across the TV, same goes if I run the DVD player with analog ins on the TV, it works perfect. Lastly, I've tried three basic surge protectors. I believe they were from GE, Tripp Lite and another brand that is escaping me at the moment. I'm really hoping to stick with NAD as the sound is great, but if I can't get it to play correctly it's not worth a dime to me. I actually bought the NAD 743 locally because I was afraid of the issues with the 752 and didn't want to buy it online and have to ship it back. I bought it in Arlington VA and the dealer hasn't been the most helpful. I've called a couple times and left messages, but never get a call back. The only time I got help was when I showed up with the first unit and they replaced it for me. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds to me like you definately have some sort of interferance happening between your receiver and your TV. I say this since you said the receiver works fine when playing CD and the TV has no lines in it when the receiver is turned off. mention no "popping" sounds coming from the surround speakers...which I assume are far away from the TV. By themselves...both work fine...but together is where the problems are. I am by no means an expert on this, and I am sure others will be able to give you a more specific diagnosis...but I am quite certain that some sort if interferance is happening. This interferance can be caused by anything from improperly shielded speakers or interconnect cables to power issues. Unfortunately, the only way you will ever be able to be certain of where the problem lies is to isolate the receiver away from the TV. If you have time over the weekend, try hooking up just the receiver, DVD player, and front speakers in an area away from the TV. If the problem is gone...I think you have found your problem.

Finally, if you say you are having problems with your NAD dealer, I encourage you to contact NAD directly. I have been fortunate and have never had to do it myself, but many others on this forum have repeatedly told of the great customer service that NAD has. Good luck!

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just an update, I'm now believe its the TV that is giving the popping sound. I tested the speakers again, with only one connected at a time while watching TV. The pops still come from the side of the TV of the speaker that is plugged in. IE, when i test to hear the popping noise on the right speaker, it the pop comes from the right side of the TV, when i plug in the left speaker, the pop comes from the left side of the TV, only its not as loud. With that being said, I'm believing its a speaker vs TV issue. I actually measured my speakers to TV distance and its one ft on the left and 20 inches on the right. To me, I would figure that since the speaker on the left is closer, it would cause a louder static pop, but its almost always the right side of the TV that is causing the noise. Unfortunately I can't really set up my speakers much wider due to room constraints. Is there any particular distance I should have my speakers from my TV? Is there any kind of device I could use to prevent this from happening. I thought the speakers were magnetically shielded or something to that extent, or could it be a faulty speaker (although i have rotated them and gotten the same result).
As for my NAD customer support, I have been less than fortunate, I've called many times and left messages with technicians and never get returned calls. Maybe its because it would be an international call (canada to the US). I'm going to call again tomorrow and try PSB support, but I believe its all the same people since they are owned by Lenbrook. Any advice is appreciated.
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