Any chance an Elite VSX-43TX (6 ohms or 8 - 16 ohms selectable) using 8 ohm setting could drive a 4 ohm Rocket center speaker?


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I have a VSX-43TX that is hooked up to five 8 ohm speakers.
The receiver's impedance is set to 8 - 16 ohms by default. It can be set to 6 ohms. I assume that would affect ALL hooked up speakers right?

Is there any chance the Elite (set to default 8 - 16 ohm setting) could drive a 4 ohm (Rocket RSC200) center, while all the other speakers hooked up to it are 8 ohms?
I assume the answer is no, but I wanted to check with the experts here at ecoustics.

What about a 6 ohm center?

Thanks for any feedback!

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I think a 4 ohm center channel might overload your center channel amp leading to failure even on the 6 ohm setting. It depends how aggresive you play your dvd's and the efficiency of the center speaker also.

It should mean all channels at 6 ohm etc...

Why don't you stick with an 8 ohm center to match the rest? There are plenty deals on 8 ohm centers out there.

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I will stick to 8 ohms then Jeff.
Thanks for the feedback.

To answer your question:
I just thought that on the off chance that I could use a 4 ohm center, the Rocket (found online for $400) would be a great value.

Then again there is the voice matching issue...

I am going to call Infinity (was on hold yesterday and had to get work done, so I couldn't wait) to see if an IL36C might be voice-matched
to my Overture 2s.
The Infinity CC-3 center (discontinued so only available used) is the official match, but I would prefer an Infinity IL36C center, which is a 3-way with bigger drivers and better sound quality (NEW) for only about $130 more + extra shipping due to heavier weight.

There was a used Paradigm CC-270 center which was snapped up for $135 yesterday.
I hesitated (due to voice matching concerns) and then had a meeting. When I came back it had been snapped up anyway.

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I would like to know is pioneer capable to handle at the same time 6 ohm's and 8 ohm's speakers without any consequences-for example front at 6 and rear at 8 ohm's. I am asking this because in my manual says that receiver is capable to handle speakers from 6 ohm's but they strongly suggest 8 ohm's-but they don't explain why.Thanx for any answer!

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The Pioneer will easily handle any 6 or 8 ohm speakers, and can easily power them at the same time.

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Thanks G.DawG.I am thinking to buy Acoustic Research Helios F15.I have great offer since AR is working no longer, but only thing which is keeping me away from buying these baby's is fact that they are 6 ohm's and I have pioneer which, according to manual, prefers 8 ohm's. I wouldn't like to throw away money so I asked this question. If anyone else has any other experience with this matter I would appreciate to hear it.
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