Speakers made in china


I was shocked to find mission ,jamo,wharfedale etc. speakers that is flooding Asian market that cost 70% lower than its price compared to speakers made in UK,USA,DENMARK etc.I find their sound thin with no body.Is it the materials used,or craftsmanship? I auditioned an Advent speaker made 1980's and is quality sound kick the a brand new Jamo model E430.Someday 90% of the speakers and amps will be made in china or asia(malaysia,thailand).

What is your point?
Are you saying that a company that chooses to have its products made in asia are making a bad choice and that the products asians turn out are low quality??? Are UK, USA and Danish products better in quality just because its made in those places? That is such a stupid and uneducated remark worthy of a member of the KKK.
It is mostly because of cheaper labor and cheaper prices on materials, not necessarily poor craftsmanship. A lot of these companies have quality controls in place to make sure that standards are met and that the end product is manufactured according to the company's specifications.
It's all about making a better profit and a better price so that some stupid schmoe like yourself can afford name brand products!
What's the matter? did some asian guy steal your job because he worked harder than you... think of it this way, now you have more time to stay in your double wide so you can screw your sister some more!
ya racist schmuck!

Hey Julius- lay off, I did not see him say I hate gooks anywhere. I think that most consumers will buy just about anything and find out how bad it is after the fact. The point is that some countries should be banned from making electronics because of super low quality, and possible fire danger. I have no problem with China making a plastic spatula or a wax candle, because they could do it for cheaper, however they should not even attempt to touch electronics. That is what America, Canada, Parts of Europe, and Japan are for.

Mr. Pist

You are way off the line here.

Take out any electronics, be it computers or audio/video gears, you will find MOST of the IC's or PCB's are from Asia, mostly from Taiwan. Do you know how many US high tech companies have outsourced their IT to Asia (India) and foundry to Taiwan/China? to give you some examples, Intel(yes, that Intel. you can't get more hi tech than that) has a huge manufacturing facility in Shanghai. Motorola has been making IC's in Beijing China since late 80's!

What do you mean "they should not even attempt to touch electronis" ?

An electrical engineer from Silicon Valley

Why don't you lay off, Mr. Pist! The term (gook) is not acceptable anywhere!!! This is not the klan forum so please refrain from using such racially charged derogatory remarks. Your ignorant remarks at trying to defend your fellow ignorant is way off.
Your abhorrent remark that China, or any other Asian country for that matter, "should not even attempt to touch electronics", shows your lack of education and ignorance.
I wouldn't even attempt to show you the error of your ways, for you lack the capacity or gray matter for such an understanding.


I acctually agree with Mr. Pist China does make crappy products with bad quality. You know I was so tired of Chinese products, tired returning them allthe time, tired of them breaking. So that I no longer buy stuff that is made is China. I specifically look at the label and if it says made in China I don't buy it. And nothing will change my mind, not you or anyone can convince me otherwise. I'm not wating any more of my money.

I'm sure that that computer you are using has 100% US parts. Wait no, in fact, I bet that at least 90% of the parts in your computer are from an Asian country. Just because somthing is made in Asia does not make it a bad product. Yes, the labor is cheap, but it can be because of unregulated work standards. Besides, just because someone is paid more doesn't mean they will work harder.
There are a LOT of products that come from Asia that will last as long, if not longer than something made in the US. In my house, one of our TV's just broke(CRT gave out). It was a Sony. Let me also add that that TV was bought in 1984, and was under very heavy use for most of its life.

I truely think its a shame that you think that just because somthing is made in China that it must be inferior to somthing made in the US.


you just don't get it do you? I'm speaking from experience. I'm telling you that everything I've bought before that was made in China is crap. That is why I don't buy products made in China anymore. Not because it's made in China but becasue everything I bought that was made in China was crap. Get it?

No, I dont get it. Just because somthing comes from China does not make it a bad product. For an example, I picked up some things on my desk and checked where they were from:

Logitech cordless Mouse and Keyboard - China
Mouse is 4 years old, Keyboard is 2

Playstation 2 - China
2 years old

Cell Phone(Motorola V60i) - China
6mo. Old

Sony CD walkman - Malaysa
4yr old

HP Photosmart 912 Digital Camera - Philippines
2yr old

Yamaha NX-E100 Bookshelf speaker - Taiwan
3 year old

All of these work jsut like they did on the first day I got them(well, keyboard was repainted black).

Kaffine, I see it's either you are not a very intelligent or you are Chinese or both. I think both ;) The matter is closed and I do not wanna discuss this matter any further. You just absolutely don’t get. You don’t see what I’m saying.

Hey Kaffine- Sony is from Japan, they are excellent with electronics. And Cain go piss up a rope, and try not to take everything so literal. I was responding to julius's lame assumption about cesar being a racist for saying what he did. I was also under the assumption that this thread was about the quality of speakers and not computer parts, maybe you missed that. Anyways CA, Cain, and Kaffine you tards need to quit twisting what people say for argument sake.

John A.


...makes the case for mainland Far East production of audio products. "Company Profile" is interesting and relevant to this thread; just turn off the sound.

Sony has been manufacturing outside Japan for a long time; a lot of their audio is made in China, has been for years.

Just from the point of view of balance and who is qualified to work with electrons, I lived for a while in two quite different parts of the US. The domestic electrical supplies scared me. Switching on an electric toothbrush would dim the lights. Nothing was separately fused, so if your toothbrush blew, it took out everything else in the house. Following the blackout over parts of the North East and Canada in the summer, I forgot to suggest they find and fix my toothbrush. Sorry if the problem recurs as a result. On the other hand, the Bell telephone system I remember subscribing to in 1980 was far superior to anything in Europe, even today. I have never been to China, but I note they once made fairly durable walls, and have now come in a late third with manned spaceflight. Not bad, especially when you consider who was second.

There are cost/benefit assumptions behind everything that is made, bought and sold. Different people have different priorities, that's all.

Please remember, too, that America was an unpredicted spin-off from the search for a trade route from Europe to the Far East. While Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain probably did not need "home theatre" (they had the real sort), it was unequalled quality and value for money of other imported goods, some of it very hi-tech (for the time), coming in small quantities overland, that put in the capital for voyages of exploration. The rest is History. Ridley Scott's "1492" is a great movie and I recommend it; shame it bombed.

My two pesatas, now some fraction of a Euro.

Donkey Kong

Hi guys,Im sorry if I made remark thats may offend you.Im not saying that all products thats made in China or any other Asian country is inferior not certainly its people but what Im saying is certain products that was made in China deteriorated like Jamo and wharfedale,but some products like yamaha amp made in Malaysia and speaker(KEF) made in the Philippines are outstanding, that is why I was soliciting your reviews. Again my apologies and hope would clarify and end this matter.
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