Help with Seperates!!!


Im trying to get the best bang for the buck. I want the most power for less money. I went to the Outlaw Audio site and found a Model 950 pre-pro, Model 755 amp combo for $1998, However I also saw that you could get the Model 1050 6.1 A/V receiver with pre-outs for $500, then get the 755 amp for the power for $1800 total. Wouldnt it be smarter to get the A/V receiver/ amp combo versus the pre-pro/amp combo and save $200, or would I be missing something by not getting the pre-pro? Pre-pro or A/V receiver, Im clueless!!! I also saw with the package discount I could get 5 M200 monoblocks and the Model 950 pre-pro for $1923.

Not at all. The 950 pre-amp has a far better feature set and chipset. Besides, the receiver doesn't have Dolby Pro Logic II--which would kill it for me.

I would agree with G-Man. You would be hard pressed to get anywhere near the quality of the 950 pre/pro for less money anywhere (such as buying a receiver).

I cannot comment on the M200 monoblocks as I haven't heard them. However, the price is attractive and they have a lot of power.
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