Correct Grounding for Digital Cable with an Amp


I have an Acurus A150 amplifier hooked up to a home theater system. When the amp is running in a music only environment, it is fine. As soon as cable TV is added, a loud hum is introduced in the system. Acurus makes a filter called a "Ground Loop Isolation" Box that cures the problem. However, this filter does not work with digital cable (which I recently upgraded to). Does anyone have any suugestions on how to fix this problem. Thanks

Try reversing the AC leads on your home theater amp. Reverse the leads on the digital cable box. Try the same thing with your TV & VCR. If you are connecting any of these components to a NON-polarized AC outlet, a "hum" may occour. Also if the coax cable is not properly grounded this also may cause a problem. If unsure if cable properly grounded, call your cable company.

rw - thats what the ground loop isolator is there to solve.

John - are you using the Tributary product? Its just slightly short of the necessary bandwidth required for digital cable.

I am going to try to use this:

It supposedly runs to 1300 Mhz as opposed to up to 1000.

Here is a cheap isolation transformer. You are right, cable us usually the cause of A/V hum because they use different grounds in their system with UPSs and lightning grounding to protect THEIR stuff.

rw1302, be carefull reversing the lugs on power cords. Some old receivers, TVs and lamps use the chassis as a common ground and you can get a good shock under the wrong circumstances. For non polarized plugs, drag your fingernail across the wires. The one with the ridges is the large lug.

Hope this helps.
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