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I have a Yamaha 1400 and NH2 9.1 speaker set. When I listen to CDs and change from Multichannel (meaning analog unprocessed pure stereo) to using a surround mode like DLPII I lose a lot of the bass.

I have set up my Yamaha 1400 using the receiver's automatic setup process and it set the cut-off frequency for bass to the THX recommended 80Hz. The bass response after set up works great for movies but sound weak when I change to CDS. To compensate I manually changed the option of routing lower frequencies to the subwoofer and front speakers (towers). Still, when I listen to direct stereo, I get much more bass than when I use a dolby or DSP sound processor.

I like the way the Surround processing opens up the soundstage but I am annoyed that I lose some of the bass.

Any suggestions????


RXV 1400
NHT speaker setup:
ST4 front towers
SC2 center channel
SB3 surrounds and back surrounds
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The problem is that in direct mode you bypass all the receiver processing and therefore are getting no signal for the subwoofer.

Running the subwoofer from the receiver's left/right pre-out jacks into the filtered left/right jacks of the subwoofer is the easiest solution. Then set the sub to "None" and the fronts to "large." With the subs X-over set to 80Hz you will now get great bass response in all formats, especially in Dolby Digital/DTS where the floorstanders and the sub both play everything including the LFE track.

Another option is to purchase something like the outlaw audio ICBM which is designed to be a crossover system between the player and the receiver. I'd try the first set-up first though I've been very impressed since I did it a couple of weeks ago.

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If you want 2channel stereo with the sub, you want to select 'straight effect'. That way, your sub will still get the low frequency signals.

If you select "pure direct", everything goes to the front 2 speakers, and nothing else.

Hope that helps.


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Does that still use the analog connection or is it a DSP off the digital connection.

If it indeed processes through the analog connection that's a great feature, but if it's a DSP off the digital connection you will lose some sound quality depending on what CD player you're using.
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