Subwoofer Cutout - due to subs or amp?


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Hello, I think I have may already answered my own question through testing my system, but I thought I'd run it by you guys anyway:
When I'm running my subwoofers, at high bass levels they cut out. No distortion, just a choppy cut out while the frequency is played, then they come back in.
When I bridged *one* subwoofer, this cutout happened less (i.e. only at higher volumes).
Does this mean that this cutting out is the fault of the amp? I'm running a 350-bridged kenwood amp and two 400w pioneer 10" subs.
Is the best solution here to get a second amp for the second sub, upgrade the amp, or upgrade the subs? Where is the problem? One more thing: I've also switched my system into a new car, and am running at speaker-level inputs from the OEM head unit. When *not* bridged, the cutting out is worse in this vehicle than it was in the last, which had an aftermarket head unit and was connected through RCA cables (it still cut out at times in that car, but not at such low levels.) Could the head unit then also contribute to the problem?
Sorry for the mass of questions.
Thanks guys :-)

Erik S
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Crap I thought I was in the car audio forum. I don't know how to move this thread, unfortunately.
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