NAD T773 or NAD T743+NAD


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hi, looking for NAD home cinema electronic. Got these choices:

NAD T773
or NAD T743 couples with NAD T973 amp.

which one should i go? I got full 7.1 NHT speakers

or other better suggestion?


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The T773 has a better processor and just sounds better regardless of the amp you put on the T743. Get the T773 and if you want to upgrade put a 2 channel power amp on the T773. Gives you super power on the front 2 and sufficient reserve for the rest.

nad or
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thanks. any good suggestion for power amp? NAD? Axiom?

heard Mcintosh is cool, but too pricey.

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I have to agree with Art, the T773 is a phenomenal unit. I have one myself. As far as amps go you may want too look at the NAD S250. Had one of those with my previous setup(56TXi/NAD S250). Depending on your budget checkout They seem to have NAD deals all the time.


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NAD matches its own power amp well. I'm using a Hafler 9505 (250 x 2 into 8 or 375 x 2 into 4) which I picked up used in pristine condition. It REALLY works well with my NAD gear. Almost (almost but not really that close) gives it a tube like quality. Mac is good but very pricey.
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