Any comments on the HK 2005 Digital


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I have been reading about the HK 2005 digital receiver. Does anyone own one, or have any opinions? I have looked at a lot of receivers, but there is nothing comparable. My other consideration is the Yamaha 2500.

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I'm shopping for a receiver and are considering both the HK 2005 and Yamaha RX-V2500, too, plus some others. I found a few threads with HK DPR 2005 owners over at -- try doing a search there for DPR 2005.

Most of the people who have the DPR 2005 seem very pleased with it, but at least one guy who tested it said it didn't sound so good to him. Could be he got a bad one?

Here's my list so far:

Yamaha RX-V2500
Denon 3805
Pioneer Elite 54tx
Pioneer Elite 56txi
Harman Kardon DPR 2005
Harman Kardon AVR 635
Harman Kardon 7300
Onkyo NR901

I'm leaning towards the Harman Kardon DPR 2005 or AVR 635. The Onkyo NR901 seemed a bit pricey given it doesn't really have any special features besides Nettune (audio via Ethernet from PC MP3 files). The HK 7300 Faroudja upconversion/scaling to 480p seemed like it isn't really necessary for us since the odds are that mostly we'll just be listening to music or watching DVDs or an occasional VHS tape (don't even have cable TV) and DVD players and televisions often do some kind of upconversion or scaling already. The DPR 2005 digital amp seems neat -- no fan (at least I didn't see one), runs cooler, smaller package that doesn't look like a monster, people who have them on AVSforum seem to love the -- but it like the HK 7300 is missing the auto-EQ that the Yamaha, Denon, and Pioneer have. The Pioneer 56txi has 1394 and USB connectors which seems like it could be useful for newer DVD players for DVD-A and SACD, but it and the Yamaha and Denon all seem to have lesser amp power to the HK and Onkyo equipment. The HK AVR 365 seems kind of in the power range of the Denon 3805 (i.e., less than the DPR 2005 and AVR 7300), but supposedly it has better auto-EQ than any of the others. But there are those threads going around on HK equipment bugs with sound dropping out when content mode changes (not clear if this was ever fixed), buzzing in the right speaker on the DPR 2005 if 4/6 ohm speakers are used (supposedly fixed by a firmware upgrade), and so forth. Plus the HKs seem to be dependent upon using a connection to a TV for some funcionality (to do full setup, for instance), whereas some of the other units look like they don't need it.
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