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I wonder if anyone have TANNOY D-50, what do you think about them?

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Hi Dereko,

Tannoy's are great loudspeakers. Especially ones with their patented Dual Concentric Drivers.

We are Tannoy Distributors for India and I particularly own Tannoy D50 / Profile 635 since last 10 years. They are one of the best speakers made by Tannoy in a lower price segment.

Key Factors are :

1. Single 8" Dual Concentric Driver - Point Source driver (Physically Time and Phase aligned HF and LF drive units). HF have a horn loading via waveguide (aka Tulip Waveguide by Tannoy). HF is metal dome with ferrow fluid, LF is polypropylene cone.

2. Good quality Trapezoidal Cabinet - Eliminate internal reflections

3. Front baffle with rounded edges - Get rid of driver - cabinet diffraction problems.

4. Extensive Crossover - First Order crossover with High quality components epoxied in the bottom of the cabinet eliminating vibrations from driver.

5. Front Ported (Subjective) - Easy to place these speakers in a small room closer to walls.

Sound :

The Tannoy D50 uses exactly the same driver used in Tannoy System 800/800A series Studio Monitors

They image like crazy and potray a huge soundstage. HF & LF integration is top notch even in near field (only DC's can do this).

Treble is smooth. Bass is neither shallow nor boomy, Its just right and taut. Midrange is very involving without any peaks or dips. D50's are really a musical loudspeaker which you can listen to hours without any fatigue. Do use spikes with them and sounds good with the grilles off.

Dual Concentric's are a reactive load so you need to partner them with a good quality amplifier, a high current minimum 50 Watts per channel though I will recommend 100W / ch.

There are absolutely no phase errors being a (time aligned) single driver. In a multiple driver loudspeakers there are lot of driver integration problems so the manufacturer have to use complex high slope crossover modules to align the drivers and to achieve smooth response, these complex circuits induce crossover distortion and eat up amplifier power.

Where as in Tannoy's Dual Concentric Speakers there is no need for this because both HF & LF drivers are time aligned and in phase physically to each other. So Tannoy's have shallow slopes first order and second order crossovers to just match the HF and LF drivers.

Sorry for being too technical but these are truly the merits of Tannoy Dual Concentrics. Even if you see Tannoy's prestige range they all are single driver loudspeakers.

I have auditioned almost all Tannoy Loudspeakers and the best sounding Tannoy's are single driver Dual Concentric ones.

Getting back to the D50's they are rare to find these days. Do you own them or you are getting them from somewhere. If you are thinking of buying them go for it.

Where are you located ? US or Europe. What Source and Amplification do you have.

You can get in touch with me @ jasdeep@tannoyindia.com for more details or discussions.


Jasdeep Brar

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