Those who have tried many speakers


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How did you afford to buy so many speakers and other components, I am assuming most guys have spent most of their money on the first set of system and speakers and may replace some components afterwards. Buteach replacement are likely to cost more. Di dyou keep old ones or sell them out?

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I think most people have had various sets of speakers and components for decades, and have gradually evolved their systems into what they have today. I doubt that the majority buys their entire system with a single check on a shopping spree.

I feel a little that way though......

Over a 3 month period, I've replaced my TV, HT/Receiver, DVD player, added back speakers, and upgraded to HD-Satellite, and upgraded my wiring and my cabling. LOL....

It was a snowball effect and the ball kept rolling faster and getting bigger!!

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Registered: Jan-05 too i need to replace my aging sansui baffles and sony bookshel..cant make up my mind what to buy is it mission m73i or JBL E60 or Wharfedale 8.3 diamond...tsk im going crazy man am just starting to be hi-fi. Pls any insight is highly appreciated. I am using HK AVR 135

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I became a Saturday 'lad' (I'm 40 so I rather like the appelation of lad at this stage in my life) at a specialist HiFi retailer. This has given me the opportunity to play extensively with miles more kit than the ordinary punter ever has a chance of getting a listen to. That said, since I'm 'only' a Saturday lad (8 years on), I work in the real world so this gives me a rather different perspective on the industry than the full-time dealer who lives and breathes it all day every day.

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