Receivers with bass and treble knobs?


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Hi all,

This may seem like a strange question, but can anyone recommend newer receivers that have bass and treble knobs? I'm upgrading from a Sony STR-GX800ES, and I'm sick to death of trying to tweak soundfields to get the sound I want. I don't mind if a receiver *has* soundfields, I just also want to be able to quickly change overall bass/treble with simple knobs.

I want to stay under $800. I like the H/K AVR 330, but it doesn't have the capability to upconvert video inputs, which I would also really like to have. I've looked at the Yamaha RX-V1400/2400, Denon AVR-3803, and Marantz SR7400 . They all seem nice, but if there's something similar with bass/treble knobs I'd like to check it out.


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Now I'm a bit confused about whether the H/K AVR 330 can upconvert. I just read this post: where Chris mentioned that the AVR 325 *can* convert S-video to Component. Can anyone confirm whether the AVR 330 can or cannot convert S-video to Component? Based on the manual, I'd say it can't: "The AVR 330 will accept either standard composite, S-Video or Y/Pr/Pb component video signals. However, it will not convert any of these signals do a different format."

Also - anyone know if the AVR 330 has "assignable" inputs?

Thank you.

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That quote from the manual could imply that composite to S-video is possible, yet Chris says not and how he got around it, and that S to component works. He should know, he has one!

I'll know in about a week! :-)

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Get the RXV-1400. It has all the features you'll like in a receiver. I own one and currently satisfied with its performance. Prior buying the receiver, I've auditioned NAD, HK, Marantz, Rotel, DENON, and Pioneer Elite. I choose Yamaha over the rest bec. of its features and cost. But try it for yourself.
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