Pioneer VSX-1014 amp comparison w/VSX-2012


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Looking for some help. I have read gobs of threads on the 1014 and several on its comparison to the 1012/2012. I do however want to share some thought on amplification and ask a question. First, I am comparing these side by side as I purchased both a few days back. I hooked the 1014 up first and found myself very impressed. It is a wonderful reveiver. Hooking up the 2012 revealed similar sound with a slightly stronger midrange (barely stronger). What I really want to share is that the internal amps seem to differ greatly. The 2012 has a larger and heavier power supply and the 2012 has 63volt capacitors of 44000uf. The 1014 has two 71volt capacitors of 30000uf. The 2012, being the 03 model seems to have A.D.E. MOS FET but doesnt advertise it on the reviever itself as the 1014 dios (the 1014 says A.D.E. MOSFET in several places). Not being an amplification guru, I thought I would see if anyone out there would share their thoughts.

1. Do the 2003 pioneers actually have the same MOSFET technology as the 2004 (the 1014)?
2. Why is the 1014 rated at 110watts vs. 100watts of the 2012 when the 2012 has what appears to be a larger more capable amplification section?
3. I personally rate these unit neck and neck, the 1014 has a few additional features (IIx & Vid up conversio) that I personally wont use in the near future. Is it better to go with the beefier amplification unit, or does that matter?

Thanks for your advice.

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I also had both these units in my home to compare them as well. I had noticed the 1012 being rated for 600w power consumption and the 1014 at 480w. I personnally feel the 1012 is built identically to the elite vsx-45. I had a hard time picking between the two and I went with the 1014 for the video up conversion and the Dolby IIx, however I believe the 1012 to be better built by far. See this link.
The 1012 does have mosfet technology. The other thing I found weird was that the 1012 is heavier consumps more power but is rated lower in output and the fact that the 1012 goes for about $100 more US than the 1014. All of the other models the price goes up as the model goes up, ??.

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Heavier amp usually equates to a better amp all other things being equal. Not always true of course as things are rarely equal. I went with the 1014 partly because of the video upconversion. The answer to #3 is that if those features the 1014 provides over the 2012 are not something you need now or in the future then personally I would go with the 2012. If you think you would like those additional features now or in the near future go with the 1014.

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Thanks very much for your advice. I use DVI for DVD and DISH Network HD so I dont need any component connections at all. Also, I dont know that I have, or will in the next couple years, the room to add two more channels to my 5.1 as my sofa is already against the back wall of the room. Does PL II give you some ability to listen to 7.1 as IIx does or is it only IIx that can do that?

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Dolby PL IIx gives two seperate channels of sound to the two rear speakers for a total of 7 independant channels, II sends the same signal to both rear speakers giving a total of 6 channels of sound on 7 speakers.

The pioneer 1012 weighs in at a hefty 41 lbs. The extra weight of that power supply means you're amp may not have to work as hard to meet you're needs. Kind of like driving an eight cylinder versus an six. The 1014 should be more than enough unless you want to shake the rafters. Best Buy is all out of the 1012's.
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