Sony STR-DE897 + Onkyo SKS-HT240


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Hi, Guys.
Lots of info on a lot of receivers.
Does anybody have any opinion on the Sony STR-DE897 ?
I'm considering buying the Onkyo SKS HT-240 speakers. Any opinion on matching the DE-897 receiver with this speaker set ?


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I generally shy away from the sony STR-DE series. Unless they have changed them substantially in the past year or so they are woefully underpowered. You will get no where near the 100 watts per channel, when watching movies. You probably will get it in 2 channel stereo but with all channels driven in HT, you would be lucky to get 25 wpc, and it distorts when driven hard. Additionally, the sony's treble seems ver bright and harsh to me.

For the money they are asking for the sony, you might consider a pioneer 814 or Onkyo 602 receiver.

Good luck

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shan is right on every thing he stated there i bought a Sony STR-DE995, mids smird, highs gives you a headach after 1 hour and half of listening to the system no were near the stated power rating per chanel, bass a what bass even with EQ maxed out there is none. thats my expirence with this receiver hope it narrows down your search
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