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Want sub for movies and rap music. Room's 20 w x 30 l x 20 h. I read in threads here, that it is better to go with specialized sub makers such as Hsu, SVS but they sell on the internet only and I can't listen to them at a store.

I am looking to spend no more than $1000 on a new sub. Some makes I am considering are:
Velodyne / Hsu / SVS /Klipsch / Rel Q150E / Grotto / Dynamo.

Are there any better ones?


I heard Klipsch RSW 12. The drivers are powerful and the bass is quite tight. I saw the i robot movie clip. 1399$ list is high for me.
Still looking....

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The AVR1070, HSU subwoofer and Ventriloquist arrived today. I hooked them up. First impressions on Ventriloquist- Not good for me or my wife. Bought it as a part of the subwoofer package, because it seemed good for a home theater system.

Not impressed with the HSU VTF3 MK2 either. Has a lot of power, but no sharpness. Rattled many things in my house, but that's not what I am looking for. I will try it for another week and then send it back if it does not sound any better.

Help me with other suggestions in combination with Martin Logan Ascent-i. Grotto? Dynamo? Velodyne? Budget about $1000.


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Try listening to the Velodyne's DSP 12B. It is roughly 500$ CAD, so close to "Tom's" price; I suggest keeping it in "Jazz mode" for whatever listening application you have. Just a personal preference, but for my ears, that setting sounds great no matter if I am watching movies or listening to music of any type.

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A friend of mine just got his SVS 20-39PC+ the other day and we spent the day setting it up. WOW that was the best sub for the price. $825 Cant go wrong with the SVS.

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for the OP's 12,000 cubic foot room and $1K budget, I'd get a pair of the Mirage S12 subs from for $400 shipped apiece.

Nothing like having 2 subs to even out the bass, especially for music.

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I'd listen to the Axiom EP-500. Or a Rocket UFW-12. I believe Paradign has a 15 inch servo sub that may also meet your criteria but I have only read up on that one.

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You have a very large room with very high ceilings. I would recommend buying 2 subwoofers to balance and fill the area. Getting 2 Outlaw Audio (LFM-1 at $579 or 2 for $999), 2 SVS, or 2 HSU's (VTF-3 Mk2-$699)that fit your budget would be good. Of course, you could try one subwoofer and hear if it is adequate for your purposes. But in a large room with tall ceilings having 2 self-powered subwoofers should improve performance.

Then again, I agree with the above recommendation of the Axiom EP-500. It is a great subwoofer at $1150 and if I was getting a single subwoofer in this price range--this would be it.

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Hard to beat SVS for price and quality and of course killer bass and LFE.

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I use a StereoIntegrity mag 12 in my HT and I love it. I would highly reccomend looking into it. Great sq and gets as loud as I want it to. I have it hooked up to a 1000watt dayton plate amp and it really is a beast.

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The one thing people always forget about subs:
make sure you have a handle on noise complaints.

Velodyne is boss in the sub market
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