Need Advice: HT A/V Receiver & Speakers on $2000 budget?


Hi there!!

Building my first HT system and need some advice. I'm a movie and music fan so I'll be using this system for both equally! My budget is around $2000 (of course the cheaper the better!) and I thought of splitting it up 50-50 between receiver and speakers. My room is medium size so I don't need a lot of power.

I've done some research and for receivers and this is what I've found:
Harman Kardon: AVR 630.
Yamaha: RXV750 or RXV1500 (I can get a good price on them!)
Denon: AVR2803 or AV3805
Onkyo: TX-SR702
Marantz: SR6400 or SR7400
NAD: T753 or T533
Cambridge Audio: Azur 540R

As far as speakers, I haven't been able to do much research just yet but a friend recommended me Def Tech ProCinema series. I'm looking at something on the small size... I also know Bose makes great speakers... ???

So, any advice??? Any toher receivers I should consider? Any on my list I should disregard? Any favourites??? What about speakers??

Thanks everybody in advance!

Take care!

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First of all Bose does not make great speakers and do not even go there. You should be spending more like $500 on a receiver and $1500 on speakers. In my area this is what I would look at, of course you have other options where you live.
Option 1 would be the Yamaha 1400 or 1500 and I would buy it mail order as you can get them for under $600. To match the Yamaha I would look at Paradigm speakers, primarly the Monitor and Performance lines and they make so many good, inexpensive models it's easy to mix and match. Look at the Titans, Mini- Monitors and Monitor 5 and whatever else fits your space and budget.
Option 2 would be a Marantz 5400 receiver from at $449 and Monitor Audio Bronze series speakers. Check out their website to find a dealer near you if possible. The Def Tech's you mentioned would work well with the Marantz and so would any of Polk's speakers. There are others in that price range that I am sure other posters can tell you about, I am just mentioning what is in my immediate area. For the money the 5400 is very hard to beat and kills many much more expensive units from other manufacturers. Good luck.
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