Wharfedale Diamond 8 Series (8.1, 8.4, 8 Center) vs Infinty Primus HCS brand


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Aloha to all...this is my FIRST post...so go easy on me...

I have recently purchased an A/V reciever..the YAMAHA RX-V 540...and was looking for a good 5.1 setup...but with 2 good front main speakers for STEREO music purposes...(Especially CLASSICAL music)

What do you guys think of the quality of the Wharfedale Diamond 8 Series ??

I auditioned them and I kind of liked them...but I am no expert...What is the word on this BRAND on these forums...

The components:

1- Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 pair for FRONTs ( or Diamond 8.4 pair for $100 more....he he..)
2- Diamond 8 center
3- Diamond DFS Bi-Pole surrounds (or Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 pair for rears on stands)
4- Wharfedale Powercube 8A for a SUB...or 10A for $75 more

All for ~ $650

In the same price range I can get an Infinity Primus HSC set

http://international.infinitysystems.com/homeaudio/products/category/primushcs_s eries.asp?language=ENGLISH

Or JBL HSC 178 set...($100 cheaper)

http://international.jbl.com/home/products/product_detail.asp?ProdId=SCS178/230& SerId=SCS&language=ENGLISH

Any thoughts??

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I have the Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 fronts, Diamond center, and Diamond 8.1 surrounds. They are undoubtedly a great speaker set up especially at the price. I also listen to classical a considerable amount and love these speakers for them. They not only perform well with this type of music but with pop, rock, and techno as these are my other genres. The only drawbacks I see are the grills being flimsy but the speakers look better without them. These speakers at 86db (Diamond 8.3) efficiency do need a bit more power than others but I don't have a problem with it using my Kenwood Sovereign VR5700.

All in all I don't feel you could make a better choice in speakers at this price for ht/music. The Diamond 8.4's are rated at 88 db so they are slightly more efficient and I would expect them to perform better with music than the 8.3's. If you can find What Hi-Fi Magazine in your area then I would suggest picking up a copy of the October issue, they gave the 8.3's 5 of 5 stars in review and they also auditioned the new Diamond 9.1's that are due out in stores in a few weeks, they received 5 of 5 stars as well. Good luck in your purchase and I think you will be pleasantly suprised and satisfied with these speakers.

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With a nice powerful amplifier combined with a decent pre-pro, these Wharfedales will really sing. If the receiver you have does not have ample power supplies, you may be disappointed.
A much better choice than the Primus(nice, but it just doesn't perform well on the mids and vocals seem strained, with a lousy muddy subwoofer or the JBL, very disappointing...sounds muffled with a great subwoofer, though)
Others will disagree and you may find yourself liking the Primus as a lot of folks do, but this is a preference best left to the buyer. Listen and listen well.

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Thanks for the info...

What about the sub?? are you using a Wharfedale Powercube sub...or another brand??

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and u say u use the 8.1s as surrounds....how do u have them placed...??

On bookshelves..or stands??

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For subs... usually you'll find the companies that make great speakers... don't make good subwoofers...

I bought a complete Polk setup and while I'm completely happy with the sub (PSW404), I still feel I could have done better for the same price. It's great for Home Theatre, but could be a little punchier and precise for music. Plus when I purchased it I thought 380 watts was going to be too much... but now wish I had gone 1000+

Look at SV Subs at www.svsubwoofers.com. Also Velodynes are great and you can usually audition those to find out what a great sub should sound like.

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Osama...I don't use the Wharfedale subs, I actually have an old Energy ES8 sub (not that good). I plan on upgrading my sub in the near future. I am looking into the svs, hsu, outlaw, and psb. The Wharfedale sub would be better than nothing, but if you can afford it I would certainly step up to a better sub.

I have my 8.1's on floorstands, the fact that speakers like these are called "bookshelf" speakers is unfortunate as speakers do not tend to sound good in a bookshelf.

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Have any of you brothers and sisters listened to both Diamond 8.3 and 8.4? Why only 8.3 got good reviews and I can't find anything about 8.4?

In my opinion (just based on the prices of them) 8.4 can't be as good as 8.3 (the quality of used components) because 8.4 costs only a 25 dollars more but have 2 kevlar drivers instead of 1.

What is your view on that matter? I whould appreciate if you would like to comment.

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I have not heard the Diamond 8.4s, I own the 8.3s and can attest to the fact that these speakers really shine. The 8.4s are a bit more efficient at 88 db versus the 8.3s at 86 db, they will also handle a lower frequency. The increased efficiency, extra driver, and lower frequency range will ultimately add more volume and will do so more easily than the 8.3s. As far as sound, I would imagine the 8.4s will sound similar but with more of it or slightly better than the 8.3s. Either way they are a steal of a bargain. Enjoy!

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The Wharfedales 8.3 are quite a bargain for its price. I believe the 8.4 were released at a later date, after the earlier diamond 8 lines garnered raving reviews, perhaps being the reason there r just a few reviews cf the 8.3 and below.
Furthermore, more drivers doesn't mean better quality sound as the strain will come in at the crossover design. problems usually arise at the integration part of the highs/mids/bass the more drivers incorporated. The sound character though shouldn't run far between these 2 models as the drivers and build are so similar. Can't comment though on the Xover used inside both. Try listening for urself and buy the one u have a feel for.

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hi! i'm also looking at buying wharfedale 8 series for my first stereo/ht setup but i would like to pair it with a marantz sr4500. will these work? are they a good match? tnx.

i've heard the wharfedales with yamaha and it's ok. i've heard the marantz with mordaunt(sub/sat) and it's nice (but a bit bright)
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