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Hi All

i bought a new Onkyo SR701. The problem im facing is below:

it has got three sets of audio/video connector each with in and out. e.g. Video1 has video for 'in' and 'out' and likewise for Video2 and so forth

I have connected my DVD player to DVD 'in' and satellite receiver to Video1 'in'. Both are composite cables.

Now when I use composite cable to connect Video3 'out' to TV, it works, but if I use Svideo for the same connetion I dont get video. Same thing with Video2 'out' as well.

There is a monitor (composite and SVideo) connector also that i tried. I get picture using both cables, but the quality is degraded.

Anybody knows how TV is supposed to be connected to the receiver, thru monitor 'out' or videox 'out' and also do I need to configure something in receiver? Your help is greatly appreciated


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I am not familiar with your specific unit, but I do know that you should use the monitor out in order to connect the receiver to the tv. Just using the "out" of either video 1, video 2, etc. will only send video signals of whatever is connected to that input only. For example...if you have the satellite connected to "video 1" and use the "video 1 out" to go to the will only be able to see the satellite on the tv...not any of the other devices (like DVD or VCR). I assume that all of these "video outs" on your receiver only need to be used if you want to use the receiver to do some tape dubbing or something like that.

In not run video devices through the reciever if you don't have you are seeing, it will only degrade your picture. From reading other current threads, it seems that this problem is common to many different brands.

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generally, If I am understanding this correctly, if you are using one input on the tv, it will only take in one type of signal, either s-video or component or composite. Let's say on the TV's video 1 in, you have 3 kinds of inputs, composite, s-video and component, you can only use one type, not all three.

How many inputs do you have on your TV? Does it have s-video inputs, component, or composite? Let me know, I have encountered this receiver before and set it up. Give us some specifics.

here is a general set-up
dvd player (using composite cables)--->Onkyo receiver (video 1 in)

satellite receiver (again using composite cable)---> Onkyo receiver (video 2 in)

Onkyo receiver (composite video cable) MONITOR OUT ---> TV Monitor in or Video in

if you have an s-video going in to video 3 of the receiver and then s-video going out, this has to go into a separate s-video input of the TV. Video 2 or video 3.

I don't think that this Onkyo receiver does an upconversion so you have to use composite cables to hook it to the tv.


thanks a lot Johnny, Berny for your time. Here is the information you asked for

My TV has the following video inputs:

1 S Video input
2 Composite inputs
1 component input

You are right only one input works at a time if i use at least S Video or component. i dont want to connect satellite receiver and DVD directly to TV as I want to use s-video/component video cable for signal delivery to TV, if it provides better resolution (at least I wanna try it out).
I read up on the following site that Onkyo SR701 does upconversion from composite to S Video, but not from composite/S Video to component. SSID=1106133d1fb441f068b909f93a5c16a1


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Anonymous: I'm just shocked that the SR701 doesn't do upconversion from composite/s-video to component. Wow. I can't believe it. I looked up the NR801 and the NR901. Only the higher end NR901 has the upconversion.

Alas, it's just another feature, but I was shocked (am shocked) that none of the higher priced THX Select (certified) receivers have it.

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yeah, i just found out my kenwood 7070a doesn't do it. the yamaha 5650 it replaced did it, and that reciever was cheaper. oh well, there are way more pros than cons about this reciever over the yamahammer.

ive never seen a reciever do a composite-component, or even s-video -component, does that even exist?

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duhz: yeah, there are few that do it. My AVR 525 doesn't do it either. I just thought they all would/should/could.

abe shane
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hi ; if anyone can help me here i would really appreciate it.

i got a panasonic home theatre and want to connect it with the TV and the satelite receiver.

i connected the Video out from the Reciever to the TV and the S-Video from the TV to the DVD but i am always missing the picture

my TV got a S-Video and a Video IN. do i need to buy any extra unit ... ?

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Abe, see Johnny's post above.
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