HELP....Denon 2803 or Yamaha 1400 with Energy C7 / Encore setup?


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I've been driving myself nuts the last week trying to finalize my decision, and was hoping to get some suggestions to help me decide.

This is my first surround sound setup, and plan to use it 50/50 for music and home theater. I have decided on Energy speakers, using C7 fronts, Encore 1 centre, and Take 2.2 rears. My thought is to initially go without a sub, since the C7's should have enough bass punch. An alternate would be to go with the smaller C3's and use a sub. I have narrowed down my choice for the receiver to the Denon 2803 or Yamaha 1400. The room is fairly large at 28 x 18. Any advice and comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Energy is a good choice - I would hear different receivers before buying though. Onkyo 800 and above, and NAD. These 2 do music well to - noe of the few surround receivers that do.

Since you are going to be listenging music considerably with these good speakers, you need a receiver that does music well too.

You can search the NAD sight for a dealer near you. They sound fuller and more musical.

Onkyo is not a full sounding, but has a smooth rich upscale sound. They both were well received by hifi magazines. The inkyo 800 won the receiver of the year award for under 1k unit in a hifi magazine.

I like the C7 better than c3, though c3 and a sub is ok too. C7 and one of the above receivers should sound good.

I would get some quality cables for them - Ixos 6003 speaker cable is affordable and good. (

You should end up with a sweet sounding system...

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I have the whole encore setup with woofer with 1804 denon. I love the speakers but the Denon has more of a muffled sound. I want crisp sound, I watch mainly movies. I'am going to Yamaha
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