Kenwood 6070 auto THX EX does this mean THX EX is active.


ken daniel
I've been wanting to ask this for awhile now so here goes.
when the THX EX [orange indicator] lights up
does this mean THX EX is active.
i put on auto THX EX but it seems like nothing happens just stays on the screen in blue that its just [DOLBY DIGITAL]. but [DTS ES DISCRETE]AND [DOLBY D EX] will show on screen in blue
shouldn't it show up something like this on screen
[THX EX DISCRETE]or something in blue that it is in THX EX mode. i was at my local electronics
store witch is ultimate electronics and they
had a pioneer witch model i don't know but when
in THX EX mode it had actually said [THX EX DIS]
im just curious .any feed back would be great to hear thanks in advance

Well i like to know my self .... anybody ?

I'm not an expert, so I will refer to this link:

According to that page, THX-EX is equivalent to Dolby Digital EX, so that's probably why the receiver just says Dolby Digital EX in blue. The orange THX EX indicator is probably just there so you know THX EX is active.

Gatisimo : thanks
for the response
oh and congrats on that price match .
ive paid a total of $560.00
a 4 year plan included for my vr-6070 kenwood
at best buy price matched with Circuit City
had it for $530.00 and best buy gives an addional
10% for any price matching that they do

Carl van
Hi, I have a couple of questions.

1. I have a 6.1 set-up, with a center surround speaker. When I watch a DTS-ES movie, such as Gladiator, my 6070 correctly displayers the "DTS-ES Discrete" header. However, when I throw in a Dolby-Digital EX" movie in there (such as Phantom Menace), my receiver only displays "Dolby Digital". I have to manually select "Dolby D EX", even though I have Full Auto selected, and I chose "Dolby Digital EX" in the sound set-up of the DVD. Does anyone else have this problem?

2. I have the Bose Acoustimass 16 speaker system. These come with those little reflective speaker cubes. In the manual for them, it says to select "Large" whenever a receiver asks for speaker size. I don't know why that doesn't seem right to me. It says in the Kenwood manual that my powered subwoofer won't be used in this case. Should I just use Nml/HTX then?

3. I have a Dolby Digital DirecTV receiver. Sometimes when watching a movie on HBO, the movie will be marked as having Dolby Digital audio, and my receiver will say "Dolby Digital", but only the front left and right speakers are lit up. Is this ok?

Thanks for the help!

hey carl van,

question 1
i was wondering about the question myself. i found this at

Newer Dolby Digital Surround EX soundtracks contain a digital flag which can automatically activate the EX decoding in a receiver or preamp/processor. For titles released prior to late 2001, however, you need to turn on the EX decoding manually.

the link is:

so i guess for episode 1 u have to turn it ex on yourself since it was made in 99. even for monster's inc, i have to turn it on manually even though that was released late 2001 (sept)

question 2:
ok this question is complicated. it depends on how u have your subwoofer wired. if u have it hooked up through the coax jacks, then select small. this way the lfe will go to the sub and the midrange and high will go to the speakers. if u have it wired so that the front speakers are hooked up through your sub, then set it to large. this is so that all the sound goes to the sub. when it gets to the sub, the low pass filter filters out the low freq sounds into the sub, and lets the midrange and high pass to the speakers.

question 3:
dunno about that one.. i would try pro-logic 2.

hope i was helpful


On question 3: Yes, it is ok. The term "Dolby Digital" commonly means 5.1 channels, but it can also refer to the encoding form for the signal, leaving the number of channels unspecified. When it refers to the encoding, there can be only two channels or even just one. Lots of HBO programs are DD 2.0 -- Dolby Digital 2 channel. When it's DD 5.1, there's a screen at the beginning that says 5.1 explicitly.


Mike Red
The Vr-6070 will never show THX EX on the blue display, it would say DOLBY D EX and the THX EX icon should light up. Try the Minority Report DVD for example and the VR-6070 will auto detect DD EX.

Im not sure if anyone has come across this or not. On the 6070 you have to connect you high Def connection to video 3 comming from your cabelbox (only has coaxal digital output), but your digital(for sound) connection for video 3 is only an optical connection. I need to assign video 3 a coaxal digital connection. Can anyone help.

Greg Lee
Gabriel: By "high Def connection", do you mean a component video connection carrying a 1080i signal? The 6070 doesn't have enough bandwidth to switch a 1080i signal, so you can expect to lose picture resolution if you pass this signal through the receiver. Can't you connect directly to the TV? Anyway, no, you can't assign Video3 a coaxial digital audio connection.
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