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Strangest thing happened today (for me at least). I was at the gas station and two twenty-something yr old gentlemen in a minivan asked if I wanted to buy a pair of speakers on the cheap. They claimed they were in mid-delivery going to meet their boss and the manufacturer had given them excess inventory. Rather then give the extra speakers to their boss (whom I gathered they didn't care for much), they wanted to sell them to me and make a small profit. Both speakers were bagged and in sealed boxes and had the warranty cards inside. After they showed me the invoice, I bought them for $200. I don't know anything about speakers, but they seem nice. They are Digital Pro Audio Slim-Line Towers. The box says, "DPA SLT 2.8, 2-Way Bass Reflex System, Titanium Coated Dome Tweeters with Dampening Fluid, Dual 8" Polypropylene Coated Woofers with Rubber Surround Edge, Minimum Power 10 watts, Impedance: 8 ohms, 250 Watts Program, Crossover Network, Sensitivity 91 dB 1W / 1M, 5-Way Gold Binding Posts, Rear-Turned Ported Enclosure, Frequency Range 35-20 KHz, Low Resonance Dampening Insulation, Reverse Dust Caps, Digital Ready." I have no idea what any of this means, except maybe digital ready. Also, there were no instructions or wiring when I opened the boxes. Is this normal? I would test them out, but I don't know how to hook them up or what I need to buy. There are two holes in the back of each speaker, one red & one black. Anyway, thanks for reading all of this. Any input would be greatly appreciated, including what I need to buy to get them working. I hope they aren't hot.

Eric (Walnut Creek, Ca)

Unfortunately this is a scam!

Read this report about the white van scam.

Regarding your speaker setup question, these speakers can be hooked up like any ordinary speaker by connecting speaker wire from your receiver/amp to your speakers. For each speaker connect red(+) on the receiver to red on the speaker, and black(-) on the receiver/amp to black on the speaker. The top diagram in this link should help:

i hate to be the bearer of bad news,but, there was an article in home theater magazine about this type of scheme not long ago !it has been going on all over the 48 continous states. these guy's do this for a living. the story they told you was just that a story, to induce to buy them. they were purchased by these guys for a fraction of what you paid for them!probably 40.00-60.00 for the pair. they are very cheap speakers,made in china,most likely with the cheapest drivers(speakers)made! the speakers that were purchased by the magazine,from 2 guys in a white van were made with 3/8's" plywood,they did not even have a crossover in them(electronics to supply the correct frequencies to the drivers)........GREED GOT YOU BUDDY!!!!!!!!.......dt-audio 03/24/02

Slim Shady
Pssst...Eric, interested in buying a bridge from Brooklyn???

What would you guys say to a pair of Dahlton 1500TI speakers for $200?

They look just like on the website.. home audio magazine the guy had said they were worth 1700...

Well there you go, it's a small world. I live in Australia and was pinged by this same "scam" about 9 years ago!!!

I put "scam" in commas because I guess I knew things were too good to be true. Still, they were BIG mothers and I thought "what the heck". They are LOUD and reasonably descent sounding but, as mentioned above (I haven't bothered pulling them apart) may not have crossovers and no doubt have crap quality speakers.

Yes, it's buyer beware. They'll never replace my lovely JBL's.....

Yeah i just got hit by these guys today at about 4pm in isla vista,ca near santa barbara. After looking at the website at where the speakers were listed at 1195 I figured I was making out. Upon a further google search on the speakers i found this board and got real sad. Everything listed on the scam alert page happened to me. I opened them up and they seem pretty flimsy. I guess sometimes it'll cost you 280 bucks to learn a good lesson.

I was just right now hit by this scame in Orange County, CA.... I feel humiliated, I bought 2 DPA SLT 2.8 Speakers for 250 bux. I feel so stupid after reading all of these posts.

....dam..i got hit san jose, ca..this is a biatch...aroudn 1:45 pm ...i want to see those guys agian..and knock them out....sigh..i knew it was too goood to be true


Just got screwed by the same guys in Pacifica...serves me right...

DOH. just got screwed in Washington.. CRAP MAN.. Do they at least work?? I found the same post doing a search.. I at least got the dudes liscense plate will that help?

John Lennon
If you guys ready the article thouroughly then you would know that you legally have a 3 day warrantee on them from the manufacturer. I would take advantage of it.

I would assume a license plate will help, heh if its valid.

Me too I got hit a while ago by the two white guys on the van too.. I paid 250 for it . I hooked up the speakers to my amplifier and the speakers are like suck!. My sony 100 watt woofer make better base than that pro digital audio. Suck I feel dumb right now reading this post. That money was suppose to pay off my credit card bills but then I thought it was a good deal and bought it. I'm really Sad and Mad. The next time I see those guys I will get their license plate and call the cops on them cuz I saw them again at the place where I bought it a while ago. I bet I will see them again. =(

I live in Southern California and these guys are smooth talkers. They get the stuff in your car and then you feel obligated, it happened to me yesterday, and $300 later I have two worthless towers and a 3.1 system that is a little more that wooden boxes. This has to be some kind of orginized, international effort because in doing reserch I have seen that they also dso this in Europe. I want to find these guys and knife their tires and get my money back, i was planning on making out on E-bay and got them on a cash advance on my credit card. Man i'm an idiot!

I've read numerous postings about people buying speakers from vans and some even admit that "The speakers work great" but because of whatever need these people have... They continually post rediculous questions to further validate their own fear of not getting the absolute "Most" bang for their buck and heavin forbid circuit city miss out on a would be speaker sale! As much as that part annoys me, the part that actually upsets me, is that I read answers like "you got scammed" for almost all of the questions posted. People, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that speakers essentially use the same generic technology they always have. its a cone that moves air to deliver sound. Whether its Polk, or Bose, or DPA doesnt really matter right? If it says KLH and it sounds great for half the money you expected to pay... ummmm buy it! If it says Polk and doesnt sound as good as you think it should sound for the price theyre asking... Dont buy it. If we want to compare speaker quality thats fine. Best Buy carries a pair of Sony Towers that go for an absurd amount of money and any day of the week I'll put MY DPA SLT 2.8's up against em! And win!!!! I'll be the first to admit, there is bound to be a bad product sold out of a van, off a truck or out of a department store... But pick your battles and by all means use your head! If the speakers seem to be made well, and the guy in the "white van" shows you they work. Why not buy em? If its made crappy and youre unsure, pass on it! The only guys that are getting "scammed" are the guys that are missing out on great deals because they read postings from people who probably never heard the speakers in the first place. Here's what I know... Stay away from "Audiophile" the boxes are very light and they commonly use cheaper materials. Paper cones usually deliver great, true sound but arent as dependable over the years. Acoustic Monitors arent horrible but I wouldnt seek them out! My brother in law is happy with both pairs he bought (8 years apart)He did however have to replace a driver in the old pair just this last year. My DPA SLT 2.8's rock and sound better than the Jensens I spent twice the money on (at sears)!


Patty L. Charlton
hello--I got nailed by two jerks in wells, maine, but i'm from n.h. should have known better, but man are they smooth. i paid $130 for just one speaker....they offered to go to my atm with me but i dont have one, thank god....they wanted more, but thats all they got. and learn....the hard way. hopefully they will get caught....the sooner the better. have a nice day!!

Patty L. Charlton.... Exactly what do you mean "get caught"??? There doing business. The speakers are legitimately purchased and the only laws that are "maybe" being broken is one: Do they have a solicitors permit? and two: Do they have a business license? They didnt steal from you and they probably lied to you less than circuit city salesman who made $250 commission on an outdated bigscreen... The only reason you "got nailed" is because they were better at selling than you were at "sayin NO"... You are allowed to say NO. And for the record, I've never given $130 to ANY "jerks" in my lifetime! I think this is a clear cut case of nice guys who sold you a speaker and now "buyers remorse" makes you too bitter to admit that you bought something you didnt need! Maybe if you would have bought 2 of them like an intelligent person would have done you could atleast sell them on e-bay... And yes, an intelligent person would buy 2 of them, not only because they work better in pairs, but because its a good product! Good luck getting rid of one speaker.

Dirk Diggler
I bought two Dahlton 1500 speakers in a Rockford, IL Radio Shack parking lot from two white guys in a van with "Kelfi Distributors" graphics on it for $240. I'm a chump because I wouldn't have bought these things otherwise, but I plugged them in and I think they sound good.

Eric dotson
I see everyones posts about getting suckered but I paid $425 for the same DPA speakers, "2.8" and I love them!!!! I would have paid more if I could have but thats all I had on me! The guy even gave me a CD with surround sound FX on it to test my system. My home theater system was never quite right! I got suckered at the Arden way best buy in sacramento. The salesman convinced me that the "Sony home theater in a box" would be all I would ever need!!! It sounded fine as long as I didnt want to hear the movie loud! But the little bookshelf sized speakers sucked at high volume! The first time I turned it on after hooking up the DPA speakers, it sounded like a different system entirely! Those two towers made my system sound awesome! My neighbor said she wanted the same speakers if I could ever track that guy down! He offered me his number, but I was in a hurry! I should have taken it!!!! I would be sending him business right now!! I still cant believe that crappy little DVD/reciever sounds sooo good hooked up to those speakers! I guess its all in the speakers!!!!

John Foreson
Like everyone else I was approached by two guys in a van selling some speakers.
I told them that I already have some sony home theater towers and that I did not need them.
One guy said that he would hook them up against my sony speakers and if his did not beat mine he would give them to me, but if his beat mine I would have to give him $300.00.
I felt confident that my speakers were better so I told them to follow me to my house.
We listened to his(dpa 2.8 slim line towers) first and they sounded pretty good then we listened to mine and he was supprised that my sony's with two 6 inch woofers had more bass than his that have two 8 inch woofers.
Then he figured out that I had my powered sub running when we listened to my speakers and it was turned off when we listened to his.
So we hooked up one of his and one of mine and I now own a pair of dpa 2.8 slim line towers for $300.00.
Hopefully I can sell my sony's for a least half what I paid for them ($500.00)


Sheryl Emmons
I dont know much about speakers or electronics, but I decided to buy my husband a new set of tall speakers for the living room. It was going to be his main christmas present and I spent $499.00 each on a name brand. I've never spent a thousand dollars on any other christmas gift for anyone in my life! So I was very angry when he came home two days before christmas with a pair of speakers that looked almost exactly like the ones I bought him. He told me he paid $350 for the pair from two guys in a van and I was outraged! I ripped open the wrapping paper on the speakers I bought him and showed him how stupid he was for buying himself a present that close to christmas! He felt bad and offered to call the guys that sold them to him and see if he could cut his losses. I told him that is was too late for that and hopefully he didnt get suckered. He opened the DPA 2.8 speakers and hooked them up to our radio and I was more than impressed. In my opinion, they sounded better than everything I had heard in the electronics store that week! We've since taken the speakers I bought back to the store because they didnt compare in sound quality nor did they feel like they were made as well. So to all the people who wrote in and said they got scammed... I can tell you first hand, you have no reason to be a whiner! I'm just glad I had a receipt!!

This is too funny.. I can't believe I'm reading all these posts about 2 dudes in a white van selling speakers.. those bastids approached me today on my lunch break in a burger king parking lot and blah blah.. they got $200 outta me but I'm not that pissed.. they are new, look good and the sound quality is decent so.. i'll get over it. They were very convincing though.. had me fooled with magazing ad and slip. ah well, later

There here in Big Bear Lake CA,
They got $200 out of me. We need to get the word out this is not right. I don't need them.Dose eneyone want them? May be I should put them in a van and go pawn them on someone.No that would be wrong.My be I can get my money back.That is a if the police can find them.

Well me too, I had just returen a drill i got for x-mass at home depot in Freehold NJ, and low an behold the white van, slips ads, magz and all. There guys even has a van with a home stero company. Now that i read this i am bummed, but they do sound better than what i have, and for 200 bucks i guess i can't cry. but i am.

yeah i got some today and paid a bit much but i called the phone number on the reciept i got and they said that they'll take them back, i dunno how true that is, but i am going to fax my reciept asap, and see what happens if not i guess i am going to use them. I knew something was up when the dudes were in the van laughing, but it was too late.

also when i called to have them refunded the guy said that they were 1500 dollar speakers, cuase i asked how much they actually cost. since i got them today i have some time to work though this refund stuff i'll call tomorrow and see what the real deal is. I wonder if i get 1500 back if that is how much i should have paid. i was the last post also

"There here in Big Bear Lake CA,
They got $200 out of me. We need to get the word out this is not right. I don't need them.Dose eneyone want them? May be I should put them in a van and go pawn them on someone.No that would be wrong.My be I can get my money back.That is a if the police can find them."

Silly question... If you didnt need them... why didnt you say no? Did they reach into your pocket when you werent looking, steal the money and leave a set of speakers with a "gotcha" note in your car? I do hate it when that happens...

M. Baker
Wow, I guess these guys are pretty busy! This page is all I could find when I looked for "DPA slt 2.8" I had no idea that this was so widespread! I saw two guys selling something out of a van... I watched them sell to two different people so I had to ask them... I got their attention and they laughed and said "this is different". They told me that the other two guys had paid $400 a set! I had $200 on me and they asked me if I had anything to throw in on the deal as trade. I was just about to leave and the one guy hooked up a single speaker to the stereo in the van! It sounded so good I didnt want to walk away from a good deal! I'm no expert, but speakers are made to be heard and it sounded good! Maybe I'll just shave the logo off like I did with my truck... I'll call them custom speakers and the status freaks can kiss my butt hahahaha. I'm happy, I paid $200 cash and I gave them my chrome fire extinguisher! I'm happy with them, the only reason I went online was to see if I could order stands for them... Even my wife admitted that they sounded good. BRAVO!!!!!

S. Cason
Oh my god My heart sank when I saw all the comments about these speakers. I thought I got scammed! I took the advice of a few people that posted and I listened to them for a long time before I made my decision! I listened to a lot of different music and movies and the verdict is, THEY SOUND GOOD! Really! I paid $600 total for a set of "Digital Audio" surround sound speakers and a set of "Digital Pro Audio" slt 2.8 tower speakers. Maybe I paid too much... I offered $500 and they asked me if I could swing $750! It was too steep and I pulled $600 out of my ATM and they accepted.

dj ReZ
Alright, you all got me. I just bought a pair about a half an hour ago. I'm 21 and I'm all into music. I have 2 12" Woofers hooked up to 1500 Watt Power amp. I know what good quality speakers sound like. I paid $240 US for a pair of these "DPA SLT 2.8" speakers. As a matter of fact I'm listening to them right now on my computer. If you guys want to use these speakers for their best potential (which is what you should really do), DO NOT hook them up to a powerful amp. Instead go for medium power good quality type of setting (more for playing MP3s). I've got to say that I hate all scammers and if I ever see anyone of those people I'll make sure that they get what they deserve!! As for you, don't be sad, use them wisely!!!!

They made their way north to Canada. Vancouver BC to be exact. Smart con but I will have to beat the F**k out of them If I ever see them again.

Evan H.
They got me at San Mateo College. But I guess I was the only one that shorted them. I made the deal at $200 and when I went to the ATM I only ended up giving them $182 and a pocket knife. If you two white guys are reading this, I just got to tell you that the skinny white guy was doing a horrible job selling the speakers. You almost made me decide not to buy the speakers just cause you were so fu_king annoying. That dumb a_s was just talking out of his a_s. He yells and cuss at his customer and said "these speakers are the fu_king sh_t!!!!!" He was just getting really annoying. But for the other guy, keep up the good job. You'll get some where without that dumb a_s side kick of yours.

I just ran into these guys for the third time in as many Cities. All three times they drove away rather quickly when I asked to see a proper sellers permit. MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is not a legal operation and what they are selling is CRAP. One of the things that you purchase when you buy speakers is a service contract. This is only good if you buy from a legitimate organization. I'm sorry if you purchased these because you will have no luck in getting these products serviced if sometiong goes wrong. There is also the question of the integrity of the sellers-If they are willing to do what they are saying (ie, screwing their boss), do you think they are actually telling you the truth? Sorry guys there is no free lunch. Please call the police if you see these gentlemen and let others know what is going on here.

M. W.
Cedarburg, Wisconsin.
I had a good friend of mine call me today to do a little background research on on dahlton loudspeakers and found this page. I could not beleive it, it was the exact same scam they were dealing. blah,blah,blah.... don't want to take these back to my boss... These are as good as any bose or kliptsch package. Well, needless to say I told these guys to pound sand and they left. Thanks Jon Lucas, Good coments on the legitimate place to buy. That sold it for me.

I'm so pissed off right now that I don't even know where to start. I live in Norwalk, Ca. and I just bought these slt 2.8 speakers off some guys outside a B of A. Don't I feel like the idiot. As the old saying goes...If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Man I feel stupid.

Alhambra, CA
I just bought these speakers about an hour ago. The speakers don't really sound that bad. But like what the dj said, don't pump up the bass too much or you will watch it blow up.

Long Beach, Ca - DPA SLT 2.8

Same pathetic result. Three guys, late twenties. Driver spoke 95% of the time, passengers handed him implements: magazine article showing 1200.00 pricetag, sales receipt from boss's store. They were driving a late model Xterra, midnight blue. They headed south on PCH towards Seal Beach after sale. I paid 200.00 after the "beer money" tale. They wanted 350.00 for the pair. Does anyone know if the speakers can be traced via the serial numbers on the speakers themselves? I bet these guys buy in bulk and sell a good deal of them. Maybe anyone who was duped in Long Beach, Seal Beach area recently can email me w/serial numbers and we can put something together. My brother is in law enforcement in Orange County and I bet if I could get a license plate from this blue, nissan, xterra, we could get the ball rolling on stiff penalties and fines; probably petty misdemeanors but good for starting a record on somebody. email me for tips on xterra.

SAN JOSE lookout
alright. first and foremost. who wants to open a CAN OF WHOOP A*SS on these damn scammers. whoever in SAN JOSE, CA knows anything about this and got hit up then AIM(aol instant message) "DrgnTypeS" or "hiimdaviddd" lets jack their car and take their money. Seriously... we're talkin about PAY BACk. they think they slick with they sales talk. i got hit up around 2 pm. i got their license plate. they drive in a TAnnish light brown GMC suv.

Bill P. Sacramento Ca.
I was at the bank when I was asked if I wanted some new speakers. Needing new speakers for my
home theater system I decided to take a look.
I told them I wanted to hear them first so they followed me to my house.
After listening to them (DPA 2.8 towers) I decided that I wanted to buy the last four that they had. They said they would do it for $1000.00.
After talking them down to $700.00 we went to the bank.Where I gave them the money and they gave me the other set of speakers, We left the first pair hooked up at my house. I then went to Circuit City to buy a new center channel. While there I asked the sales person if he had ever heard of Digital Pro Audio, he said no and asked why. I told him what happened and he said that, the sold speakers sold out of vans were no good. I told him that I thought they sounded good and he asked if I wanted to hear good speakers. I agreed and we went into a sound room where he played a pair of polk audio speakers that had two 6" woofers and a tweeter in them that sold for $279.00 each. I told him that the ones I bought sounded better, and he said no way. I told him I had a pair with me if he would like to hear them. He said bring one in and lets hook it up. After hooking it up he played the same DVD we listened to the first time.
He kept adjusting the balance back and forth, after about 5 minutes he said he was wrong and if I did only pay $175.00 each I got a good deal.
I don't know about everyone else but I am happy.

Hey I bought speakers from these guys for 350 in Regina Saskatchewan yesterday. They had a white van and Alberta plates on it. they said they were going to edmonton next but I bet they are still in regina or on there way to saskatoon or swiftcurrent. They were in Regina at 1:30 pm on January 20, I think there must be a few different sets of guys because one guy said california on the same day. They gotta be conected to the same company somehow to get these speakers. Someone on here thats handy with a computer should be able to find where they are getting these things and eventually find out who is getting these speakers. Its all on the internet isn't it?

the anti-scammer
I called the regina city police today because I asked them(the guys in the white van) if they had permits and the quickly drove off. I figured they were hot. But after reading this sight I found out that this scam was real big. I wonder where they get the speakers? I never got the plate # but it was an alberta plate, and two twenty something guys with okley sunglasses that were probabley hot too. I hope they get busted after seeing this web sight.

I been hit. mayday. any body wanna buy the 2003 sl-3810, you can have um cheap, 200 a pair,obo. basically what they're worth but without serial #.

Jared Subway
I just bought a pair of Dahlton KV 2500 ti speakers out of a van in Brooklyn for $400. Same exact story. Haven't hooked them up yet.

San Diego
they got me! Blue xterra with the same punk kids. Man if i saw them again i'd hang them by the balls. they said that they're going up north tomorrow. Watch out!

Well what do you know, I bought four (yes four!) Acoustic Studio Monitors, Series 3311 from two guys in a van. Im a sucker for a deal but I got them to deliver to my house so I could check them for quality. I have to say they are ace! That was about eight years ago, two are still boxed in the loft the others are giving the neigbours hell! I dont have a clue if they are quality or not, thats why I came to this site to find out some history of the brand. Anyone got any idea's? Oh, I live in the UK, so the scam is all over!

Personally, I don't see why everyone is angry at these so-called "scammers." They are doing the same thing that many retail stores, internet sites, and TV shopping channels do. They hype their product with lines like "It's retail value is $1000 but it's on special for $200!." or "These are the last in our invenetory!" or "We got a special discount offer from out supplier."

The only thing that they might possibly be guilty of is selling without a local permit. But, unless any claims were made as to the product, I don't see this as any type of fraudlulent activity. If they make claims such as "these are as good as any Bose, or Klipsch or (whatever) system" the buyer should know that such claims - like any other claims in the audio industry - are purely subjective.

I can't imagine anyone who would buy items "off the street" without having the suspicion that either A) the item is of low quality B) the item is stolen. I'm not saying that I would never buy anything in this type of situation, because I have. It's just that I do so knowing full well that I may be getting a bargain, or, quite possibly, I may be getting screwed. And, if I buy, I am willing to take that risk.

I think that the only people who are victims here, are people who are victims of their own greed. C'mon people, take responsibility for you own choices, ok?


These guys got me today in a blue X-Terra. Very convincing. Be careful.

These guys sold me DPA speakers for $160 after claiming that they are worth $2400. They told me that they were from Dana POint, CA and there was a warehouse mistake. I really want to see those guys again so that I could shove these speakers right where they belong

Same white Guys in white mini van sold two Digital Pro Audio Slim-Line Tower speakers for 250. said they were stolen. in northern california near redwood city. keep ur eyes open.

yeah, just happened to me in IV, ca. very praticed story and really good at getting you to spend more money. they did know what good speakers were though (mentioned some audiophile speakers that he had at his house), so I just assumed i'd never heard of this brand before (don't pay attention to people who spew buzzwords at you, they probably know less that you do). I had a feeling that i was just going to blow ~200 bucks... and i did (which is why they're now being given as a gift to a person i know doesn't care about perfect sound reproduction).
but what do you actually get for you money? well, the slt 2.8 do have a crossover. (i dont have a function generator and i'm too lazy to make some mp3 that goes from 20hz to 20khz to determine the frequency it crosses at) Crossovers are kinda annoying to make. All the connectors are cheap, but they'll work (DON"T TOUCH THEM). the internal wiring seems too small... but it'll probably work fine unless you're trying to play a lot of loud basey music. Then you lose. These things have weak base. 35hz.. BS, maybe at if you keep your head 2 inches from the speaker...
as for the box quality.. well it's the normal particle board crap, with a bare minimum of insulation in it. but, it's worth 100 bucks to just get these speakers for the boxes and then modify them from there to make your own nice speaker system. as for the woofers and tweeter... yeah, it's essentially the same thing as a 40$ pair of woofer/tweeter from circuit city. Those, by the way, still sound good (just no base). Unless you've heard a really nice audio system by someone who knows what they're doing, you probably won't even know the difference (and keep it that way! ignorance is bliss, and your new slt 2.8 will sound great to you)

if you bought these speakers to make your party "jump"... well, you lose. go get the cheapest subwoofer you can with the highest power rating. Then you can vibrate your house off the foundation.

They're in Idaho now to. Got me for 300! Haven't hooked them up but hopefully they sound ok.

those fucks just got my roomate lets beat them cocksnifers up. Peace out


Just Say NO
I just don't understand you folks. Purchasing is a 2 way deal. No one forced you to make this purchase. Are you so easily influenced by 2 guys selling stuff from their van? Can't say "No, not interested" and walk away?? You say the speakers play "GREAT". You paid less than the asking price. So what exactly is your gripe?
What do you expect buying merchandise out of the back of a truck!!!! Come on-kick yourselves not the guys in the van! That famous old quote still holds true. "There's a sucker born every minute"!!

got the dpa towers and they sound crisp. paid 280 for the set and I love them. obviously they are not polk or bose, but they sound amazing being pushed by my denon amp. I have a sub and I love the sound. I felt stupid for believing the two idiots in the van, yet I probably would buy them again at the same price. I tested them with my car stereo before I bought them to make sure they worked. Bottom line they look good, they sound great and I can always sell them on ebay and make almost all my money back. If you got the dpa towers-don't feel so bad.

Well Chooch, I agree with everything you said, except for the last statement. I have been watching people try to sell these thing on ebay for quite some time and they almost never get a bid. If they do, the highest they will go for, is $50-$60. You can do a search and see for yourself. It is amusing, however, to see people list this speaker at the alledged MSRP. But, the bottom line is, if you are happy with it and believe it is worth what you paid, than it was a good transaction.

Charlotte, NC here! Got some about 1 year ago. They are in my living room as I type. I've used them for over a year now on my Sony Receiver and I'm happy with them. My wife bit$hed about them at first, now she loves them. They sound great. Whether crossovers or not, if you stick your ear to the tweeter, ouch! Tight highs. I paid $200 for the pair of towers (slt x.x?). Two guys in a white blazer; they gave me the story about the boss they didn't like and "hidden inventory". Even got their email addresses, their names were Pete and Matt. Scammed? Sort of, but for $200, I got a decent set of speakers for my CableBox and TV.

Are these speakers worth $300 or not?

Well everyone, they're in Isla Vista, CA again.
Two mid-20 year olds in a new, white ford explorer. Driver was probably faking an australian accent. Anyway, the only people that see this site are most likely people that have been nailed already. I bought mine for 300 however, and sold them for 1500 so if you think you're gonna end up in sales, here's your chance to prove yourself.

I'm speechless!!! Where do I start? Why is everyone acting/assuming this is the work of the same two "punks"? Give me a break! This scam is being worked all over the WORLD for many many years. Thousands of "punks" are doing this everywhere. You wouldn't believe the quality of speakers one could purchase for the cash you're shelling/shelled out. I'm certain that most of you have never even heard anything beyond Circuit City speakers therefore you have nothing to compare them to. Some of you are even duped into thinking Bose is quality stuff but that's a different story in itself. I put these up against entry level B&W bookshelf speakers any day of the week. For $200 or so you could get a pair of Klipsch KG4.2 or 5.2's that'll absolutly KILL those particle board wastes of money. If you want some speakers look on eBay for quality stuff in your area and pick them up yourself. Do a bit of research on Do SOMETHING besides making irrational purchases. Remember...if it sounds too good...blah blah blah. Do your homework and stop complaining.

Well they got me today in bakersfield ca Same story it was overstock had to sell them before the boss found out they needed beer money.Anyways the speakers sound pretty good. They were in a black minivan no logos on it 3 guys in there 20s. They are very smooth talkers at least the one guy was the other guys just said how good of a deal they are Bla bla bla

Hey, I got scammed by these same people in Isla Vista, CA aroung January 28th, 2003 or so. They were driving a White Ford Explorer and the one guy had an "Australian" accent. It was the same deal with the over-stock. The speakers they were selling were "Digital Pro Audios" if any one else has been caught by this recently in the Isla Vista/Santa Barbara area let me know when and where.

K. Rookwood
I got hit up in the sam's club parking lot by a young guy in an suv. Mid 20's, Polite, and was straight up with me. He said "excuse me, want a pair of the best speakers I've ever heard?" and he hooked em up to his car stereo amp right there in the parking lot and turned every head within about 150 yards. I said "Let me guess, you got overshipped" and to that, he replied, "why wait for small miracles... My company buys 50 sets at a time and we sell em all over the place!" It was the first time one of these guys didnt take me for a fool and try to convince me that he just got lucky with free speakers from the gods! I respected him for it! He didnt realize that I was on my motorcycle that day so after we agreed on price I broke the news to him that he had to deliver them! He had no problem with that at all and he even carried one of them into the house for me. I ended up buying a Digital Audio 5.1 surround sound that I Love!!!!!!!(400.00) and a set of beautiful Digital Pro Audio towers that put my old Pioneers to shame!(150.00each) After my experience with the "speakers", and the "speaker guy", I really dont understand why so many grown men are whining! Maybe I'm one of the few people that has enough respect from my wife that I didnt get yelled at for making an unauthorized purchase without her! Everyone knows the speakers sound great! It has to come down to the fact that your mom or your keeper got angry, otherwise you'd be more than satisfied with your purchase! I am!

you got poo__ped on
My friend got hit in Santa Barbara CA....po__oop...

i got hit in isla vista. they sound good but how long will they last and what were they realy bought for ??? i am not too mad because they sound allright but i dont know. White ford explorer.

James Wurst
As I was leaving the gas station two men in their 20s approached me and said the worked for Sound F/X in Longwoo, Fl; they continued, the just can upon some stero equipment that their boss doesn't know about. "Come take a look, we need to get rid of this stuff before going back to the shop", they said. I offered them $700 for two speakers and a home mmdia system. Thank god I didn't have the cash on me; I told them that I lived a few minutes away and if the followed me to my house I would get the cash. I noted the type of speakers they were selling so I could find out how much they were worth, online. As they waited outside I came across this site and you all save me--THANKS! I ran them off, call the police, and wrote this message. Thanks again.

I too just purchased what I thought was a great deal....... I`m new at this but to tell you the truth I really don`t know if I got ripped off or not... I just bought 2 Dahlton KV2500 ti speakers
for only $100.00 bran new in boxes clearly marked.
my question to any one with electronic knowledge is how do I know if there real or not real never owning a true stereo system in my life ????

I just paid $200.00 for those same type of Dahlton KV2500ti speakers took them home hooked them up and just sound terrific ..... I`m stoked here in west plm beach FL. (ps these were purchased on the street in down town west palm bch ......

To the guy that wants to know if they are real... Can you see, hear, touch, and smell them? If I were to make a set of homebrew speakers and slap a "SONY" label on them, could anyone on the message board tell me if they were authentic? NO! Ofcourse not! Not without seeing them! Furthermore, after hearing them... If I thought the homebrew speakers sounded good. I would be happy! I would even go so far as to leave the "SONY" label on them because I DONT CARE if the speakers are authentic... If they look good in my house, appear to be well made and they sound so good that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that sony, bose, or pioneer had nothing to do with the product... I'm freakin elated!
To everyone else... I think 99% of all speakers today are over marketed and under engineered! If a guy in a van can sell me some speakers like the ones my dad still brags about then I want them damnit! Another thing! To all the guys that say "I never heard of that brand"... I sell cars for a living and yesterday, a punk kid told me he didnt want the viper I was showing him because he had never heard of mods it had! I didnt mind at all, I know the Hennessy is a well done vehicle! Buy the product if you like it! Be a man and dont complain if you paid more than the other guy. Most importantly, exercise your god given right to say NO more than your internet given opportunity to whine about your inability to say NO! All youre doing is elaborating on how small you are! Nobody wants to read about your level of discontent with yourself because of the choices you make in life.

Okay, got me too.............

mine didn't even come with cables!

anyone know what I need to hook it up?

I got a 3.1 system & can't see where on the back I'm supposed to connect the center channel?

This scam has been going on for years. My roommate in college got hit by these guys back in 1995!

Santa Cruz
Got busted for 4 in Santa Cruz, they sound good though... Black tinted van, 2 dudes.

Wade C.
A guy in a van sold me a pair of Digital 2.8 slt speakers today in Bremerton Washington. I was feeling guilty because I thought they were ill gotten. After reading these messages I feel better about the speakers not being stolen. They sound pretty good and I needed speakers anyway because my daughter punched in the cones on my other speakers. I spent $200.00 for a pair. I just hope they work after a couple of years or months or days. If not I'll just consider it tuition for a lesson learned in life. If they do still work, great. I'm never going to buy anything out of a parking lot again, Too unnerving!

I picked up 2 dpa slt for $200 total about 6 months ago and am still psyched - Got them out of a van in Boston - They pump, the sound is crisp, and they look sharp - matter of fact, a week later I went back to the same parking lot to pick up a CD - saw 2 different guys in a van pushing speakers and came to find out they had surround sound too - I picked that up for cheap money and it rocks too - scam or not, these speakers sound 100x better than my 400 watt Pioneer surround system! Would I buy them again? Absolutely! Everyone of my friends that has heard them - wants them. By the way, these guys had overstock and wanted money to drop at the gentlemens club.

Some people!!! Why does everyone think this is a scam? It's not a scam anymore than Best Buy charging up the a** for products they paid 1/3 the price for. The speakers aren't stolen. They may be crap but they aren't stolen crap. If you believe these guys then live with it. quit yer whining!!!!! If you are happy with them, then shaddup and enjoy and quit looking for excuses to complain. Bottom line is these are street salesmen and they do a good job of selling their product.

Oh and to add one more thing to add to my last post, who the hell in their right mind would invite 2 guys in a van to come in their house to hook up speakers??????? No wonder you're so easily sold!!!!! I would NEVER invite anyone I didnt' know into my house to look at my audio/video setup!!!! That's an invitation to have it disappear within a few months! idiots.....

What kind of "audio/video setup" do you think this guy has? I mean he purchased white-van speakers for Christ's sake! A JVC receiver from 1992 and a Goldstar 27" TV from Walmart...hahaha. Also what's the comment about slapping a Sony emblem on it blah blah blah. Are you actually serious about believing that Sony makes good speakers? I'm still convinced almost none of you guys know how GOOD speakers are supposed to sound. I'll spend my $200 on a used pair of Klipsch KG series speakers any day. SUCKAS. Yeah they sound great man give me another Schlitz or Bud Light.

Van Man
The only "scam" I see is... When the people who are dying to buy merchandise (that they believe is ill-gotten) tell us: They dont have a bank account, they dont have more than $100, They dont have a credit card, and then after a half hour of negotiation they agree to $200 lousy dollars for a pair and suddenly they want the whole vanload at that price! Now they have $1600.00, some is on the credit card they didnt have, some is in the wallet that they swore only had $100 in it! And what do ya know? Some more money is in the account that previously wasnt an option! If I wasnt afraid of what I might find, I'd ask to see what was under their bed too! Money grubbin, bottom feeding, filth of the earth! Damn gypsy cult! Then they have the nerve to ask for a receipt! Write your own damn receipt and take it to hell with you! Gypsy bastage!

I'm beginning to believe that Eric Jenkins and 'James' are involved in the scam mafia! Be really honest......are the speakers really good quality guys? Come on! I'm not a speakers expert and I heard them last night and they sounded liked S**T!!! Be realistic!!

Someone I know purchased some yesterday.

Little do the scammers know is that we are onto them! I know alot of people who are keeping a eye out for them....even some investigators!

Why in the hell do you think I am involved???!!! I'm totally saying how they SUCK and I'm also showing my quite obvious admiration for Klipsch speakers. Are you confused Anonymous#28? My point is that you can gey much higher quality speakers used for $200 or so bucks. People are acting like $200 is nothing but in all actuality that can buy some NICE speakers. My setup includes: Counterpoint SA-3 heavily modified preamp, Rega Planar 3 turntable with a Super Elys cartridge, AMC CD8b cd player, Outlaw 1050 A/V receiver for home theater, Klipsch KG 4.2 main speakers, Klipsch, KG 2.5 center, Klipsch KG 2.2 surrounds & Klipsch KV-3 rear center. I'd hardly call that white-van material.

I too was stuck in the dook shoot but to my surprise!!!( once i got these babys to my friends house and found out within 45min. this was a scam and proceeded back up to the grocery store where i received my jackass reward) We get back to the house and was highly impressed with the clarity and sound of the speakers. Im an electronic and audio guru. Although Im telling my self this is too good to be real dont do it that little greedy devil on my shoulder said em.....well if nobody ask Im telling them there worth 1700.00 and if they dont see this page then its a secret between us jackass!!!Oh yeah I almost forgot .....put Dallas texas on the hit list too

They're in Delaware!
Two young men pulled up in a van, leaned out the window and asked if I wanted to buy some speakers. One guy did almost all the talking. I thought this was a good deal for 2 Dahlton KV 2500ti speakers, for $250. He wanted $600 for both. I know they are not top quality, but they seem to be worth the little I paid for them. They sound better then what I had. Now that I've checked on this I guess I'm another victim of the WHITE VAN SCAM. They were in Stanton, Delaware, at the Home Depot parking lot on 2-20-03, about 5:30 PM. They showed me the laminated pamphlet and the magazine, both showing a 1,795 price. They also had a delivery slip showing 18 pairs of speakers but the were loaded up wrong, got 22 pairs by mistake. I did need new speakers though, which is why I listened to the sales pitch. They said they were going to a topless bar that night and wanted another 20 for beer money, which I refused.

Satisfied Man
Add Woodland, WA to the list. Was on my way home from work, stopped by the bank to deposit check and the white Chivy Astro van pulled up while I was unlocking my truck. He rolled his window down, politely asked if I was interested in some home stereo speakers. I told him, "Yes actually I am. I just bought a new receiver." He asked what kind. I told him a Sherwood RD-6090R. He said he had some good soundin' speakers for it. He pulled in a parking spot, hopped out and started in on his schpeal.

Showed he a pair of the DPA SLT 2.8s and said they got overshipped. Said all his boss wanted was $75.00 a piece for em. Showed me a cutsheet of them marked at $1200 a piece. Told him I ain't never heard of the brand before and asked if they were an off brand of someone. He said nope, own company built right here in the USA! He said he followed a guy up from Vancouver that paid him $800 for a set and his brother also bought a set for $650!

He asked me if I wanted them. Reluctant of buying stolen goods and knowing he acted like he was looking to get some $ for his next crank/crack fix, I said, "Sure, would you take $100." He asked if I could pay out anymore. I said nope, gotta pay rent. He said, "Yeah, I'll sell them to you for $100. You're getting a deal but I guess I made enough money off the other guys."(At this point is when I knew they weren't no $1200/ea speakers.)

I brought them home, hooked them up and I'm happy with my buy. I ain't ever bought anything out of a van, but I can't say I wouldn't do it again.

Some say, "One man's junk, another man's treasure...." I think I just took the man's junk.

I couldn't replace the quality(as low as some may think it is) for the amount I paid.

Susan Martin
I'm trying to find out what speakers to get for surround sound & music (Zepplin, Roxy Music,hard rock). Which would the "experts" on this board choose?
Bose A16 speakers & subwoofer plus center speaker
4 B&W LM1 speakers, 1 VM1 center, & Definitive PS-100tl subwoofer

Hooked up to Kenwood VR6070 or Denon 3802 (haven't decided which one)

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Susan Martin,

I am by no means an expert... But I do know this: I wouldnt buy Bose speakers for music unless the only two instruments I like to hear were the bass drum and the triangle... Bose is a great product in terms of dependability... But I dont believe Bose delivers the "lifelike" sound that they market themselves as having! I would piece together a system personally. I'm using (believe it or not) Two older Jensens for my fronts (3way 15" 4" 1") and a 6 piece "Digital Audio 5.1(II)" (sub, center, 4 satelites) the passive sub is powered by the left and right rear channels and from there I have all four satelites hooked to my subs output (passthru). All this is powered by a 100w X 5 Phillips Receiver that was a wal-mart demo! Best $80.00 I ever spent! Everyone who has heard it has been very impressed and I spent less than $500.00 for everything!
My advice...
Visit the sound room at your local retailer. Compare with your own ears! Just center channels. Just Front Speakers, Just Rears, And Just Subs!
(Special advice... Buy some polyfiber fill and line the inside of your sub! it helps a lot!!!!)
Don't waste your money on that kenwood either! Buy the Denon!!! If youre aching to spend big bucks... I imagine I can part with my Jensens...

Okay, Heres the deal... In the adult world that a few of you are trying to adhere to, there are salesman and consumers. Most of the posts are obviously from consumers! (The salesman are too busy spending all that money theyre making... No time to post) Now in this world I speak of, there are "options" one of these options is the option to decline. Like what your credit card says to you... you know! For some reason, these salesman have the power to completely remove all traces of a consumers manhood leaving the said consumer unable to say anything but "will you take $100" at that point these incredilble salesman apparently do something even more amazing than that manhood trick youre all soooo fond of... (after all you brag about how it happened to you) They actually FORCE these poor consumers to spend more than their $100 limit (set by spouse). At some point between the parking lot and home, it hits these people... "My wife is going to kill me!" So in desperation they begin to plot revenge against the salesman in hopes that the spouse will aid in the revenge efforts (women love revenge)instead of turning all focus on their husbands inability to turn down something shiny and new! So guys... We understand! Keep the revenge flowing! Its part of your right as a victim of the incredible speaker conspiracy! Sincerely though... I can just admit when I do something stupid! I'm human! How about you guys admit that you loved the speakers right up until you read these posts, instead of attacking someone (whom you liked an hour ago)simply because the internet told you to! I'm sure if you look hard enough, the internet will also tell you "NO WHINING"!
and btw... Anonymous#28, Eric and I are the ringleaders of this whole operation!!!! Nothin gets by you sparky!!!!!

Duped ?, maybe?, 300.00 4 mine.lawrenceville nj,feb 27,2003. not bad speakers 4 the cash.and the beer money, i dont think so.

jimmy weller
will i maybe got sucker in but i went ahead an got a pair of speakers from them. hook them up to my surrounding home interment center now it really sound great.

Holy crap,today the same thing happened to me, withe the same two 20 year old guys. But I thought something was fishy about it so I didn't buy them. Glad I didn't now.

Today I sold a set for twice what I paid!!! I was stoked! The guy who bought them didnt whine at all! He was so happy when I hooked them up to his stereo! They sounded great! I then complimented him on his home, it was a very nice house! He told me that he had spent more than it was worth because he really liked the house... I quickly explained to him that I knew of an internet message board where he could whine and cry about the price he paid even though he really liked the house and people would encourage the childish behavior in a near cult like fashion! I told him how others would share their experiences too and how it would be one big Martyr-circle jerk. We then laughed at other groups like the ones who thought the power rangers were making kids beat each other up, and my personal favorite, those fools who think MP3's are killing the music industry!

White Van - Dito, $250 Dallas, Texas; KV 2500 vi

Joe Donut
I can't believe these guys actually get away with this sh##. I only blame myself, when something seems to good to be true it probably is. I was hit while vacuuming my car. The one guy approached me, and directed my attention to their white van with some kind of business letters on the side of it. The second guy was inside the van tying down some other speakers. They posed as the guys who travel to install the speakers in homes and theatres. They said they had two extra speakers that did not need for the drop-off or inventory. They said it was "shady" but they could sell them and have their "drinking" money on top of their 8.50/hr. I informed them I didn't have the money right now. They said "where can you go to get $600. I replied "I don't have that kind of money." The one guy kept talking to me very nonchalantly while the other guy continued to tie down the other speakers. He finally said what kind of money are you willing to pay. I denied his offers until he pointed out that these speakers sell for over $1500 a piece. I guess i then was thinking I could double my money by selling them. The document he showed me was an advertisement in "Home Entertainment and looked completly legit." I paused to think about for about half a minute and i said i could give him $250 at the most. They then asked if I drink beer, "YES" and asked to chip in another 50 bucks for their drinkin habits, etc. So $300 was the offer i the table, and for some reason I took it.
They followed me to the MAC machine, one rode with me and the other guy drove the van. The guys were both blonde and relatively clean shaven and they were both real relaxed about the whole situation, these guys were not pushy at all, maybe the best salesmen I have been subject to.
The speakers are Dahlton 2500 ti's. For the money I paid, I can say it was a relatively good deal, but my intent was to sell them, so the moment I look on the internet for reason and documentation of prices.......I found out I was "scammed." I'm a little frustrated with myself for the action, I'm just hoping to recoup the money I paid for them. I noticed that these speakers do have great highs, but the woofer on the side is a 2-way and plays mids and highs through it. The bass is okay, but does not even compare to my JBL Northridge Series that I paid $700 for. My first attempt to sell them was at a pawn shop where i was offered $200, because the did not deal in the "high end" stuff. I think if I find the right guy, I could make my money back.
These guys should try selling cars, they are better than any salesman i have ever talked to.

I was at the drive through of a Wendy's fast food restaurant preparing to order my food when the white van pulled up to my left side and stopped. He was hollering something , so I rolled the window down. He smiled and said " I know this is really strange, but would you be interested in some home speakers? You know....towers, surround sound. I said " I already know about the scam!" {One of my co-workers was subjected to this also. He was smart enough to investigate and did not buy}. At that point,they became pissed off at me and said this is not a scam,they were cursing at me or their misfortune to have not landed a sucker! They then drove off. I know they use fast food places looking for suckers, as they immediately went to another fast food place down the street. I know the speakers are big and in boxes, but the guts of the speakers are probably out of a transister radio! I called the cops on them and the dispatcher said she would send a patrol car to the area to look for these rip off artists! This location is a northwest suburb of Milwaukee, Wis. I believe these people come from Chicago. It was a late model white cargo van with no advertising on it.

Guess what today 03/08/03 Happened in Santa Cruz, CA but guess what stupid guy gave me his cell number in case i found buyers for the rest of them, so After got home did some research on the speakers found out it was a scam, called him told him i had some more buyers, met up with him, took some homies with him and got my 280 bucks back, and told him to get the fuk out and never come back cuz i got pics of his car and licesnes plate. And ill fuk him up if i see him again, So if you see a Green Ford Explore 2002 or 03 with the license plate 5ALV367 thats him

Guess what today 03/08/03 Happened in Santa Cruz, CA but guess what stupid fuk gave me his cell number in case i found buyers for the rest of them, so After got home did some research on the speakers found out it was a scam, called him told him i had some more buyers, met up with him, took some homies with me and got my 280 bucks back, and told him to get the fuk out and never come back cuz i got pics of his car and licesnes plate. And ill fuk him up if i see him again, So if you see a Green Ford Explore 2002 or 03 with the license plate 5ALV367 thats him

Speaker Man
To the guy who posted, "Little do the scammers know is that we are onto them!

This has been going on since 1980, so you are not the first to be "onto to us" GET A LIFE!!

To pete, you are not the first to get a plate number and it hasn't stopped us yet.

What I am trying to say is that you need to quit whining a get on with your life.
You can't stop it because it is not illegal.
All you can do is take what you learned and use it when another situation comes along.

One more thing pete if you do catch this guy I would think twice before you "fuk him up" , because I would hate for your next post to be,
"I caught him, fuked him up and now not only am I out the money I paid for the speakers but the guy won them back in the law suit".
Deal with the fact that he can sell better that you can say no.

To every one who bought DPA 2.8 speakers, if you paid $350.00 or less you did ok. there are alot of "brand name" speakers that cost more and don't compare.

To everyone else, I am not familiar with Dalhton so I can't say how well or how bad you did, but I do know that the most important parts of a speaker are the crossover and the enclosure.
You can make just about any driver sound good when you match it with a good crossover and a quality enclosure and most of these "scam speakers" are in good enclosures.

So do a little research, install a good crossover and enjoy your speakers.(DPA 2.8's already have both a good crossover and enclosure.)

I bought a pair of Digital Audio SL-3810's today in Westminster, CO. The guys caught me coming out of Home Depot and after the 'overstocked, mad at boss spiel' we started talking price. I paid $280 for the pair and turned down his request for my Bolle sunglasses and beer money. A friend and I were approached a few years ago and paid $250 for a pair of speakers that sounded great when we hooked them up so I figured it's not such a bad deal. The guys were smooth and weren't jerks. If you're interested in name brands and labels then I wouldn't recommend buying these speakers but if you're looking for something that looks good and sounds decent, go for it. I just wish I could have talked them down to $200 like a lot of other people.

Hey guys, I'm starting a web site called "" all of you should visit.

albuquerque, NM
white ford escape

withe van and two guys, in Zug (Switzerland)
Dahlton KV 2500 ti

Joshua M.
If your so confident in the quality of the speakers that you're peddling on the street, why don't you open a little store and sell your goods legally? If you think that they're well built and have sturdy components, why aren't there any real warranties? And why don't the 'salesman' (I use the term loosely) be upfront with the people they're pitching to? Because I think one day, you're gonna try and scam the wrong person and you are gonna get fu**ed up. And if you could succeed in a.) identifying the person and b.) prosecuting them successfully for assault, I would be very impressed.

Hey, doesn't exist. I looked.

Speaker Man
Hey Joshua M.

I have been doing this for 12 years. So I have seen or heard just about everything that has to do with this business.
I have had people prosecuted, not for f*king me
but for robbery.
Bye the way these speakers do sell in stores and quite well. They sell under the names Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Onkio, Panisonic, etc.
If you new a little more about the Audio Industry you would understand that, very few companies build thier own speakers. Most of them have other (smaller) companies build them. Most of the speakers on the market have similar componenets just with a different name.
As for opening a store and selling these speakers out of it. I would do that if it wasn't for cattle people (followers) such as yourself, that would walk into my store and say " I read about these brands on the internet and they suck" other then that I think they would sell just fine.

Ev N
I was driving out of a shopping center when a guy in a blue SUV stuck his head out the window and asked if I would look at some speakers and said to pull in the parking lot. I did and he presented two Dahlton KV 2500 ti. He tried to get me to put out 400 a piece. He said that they worked for SoundFX and had an order for 2 pairs but had received 3. They too wanted to get rid of the extra pair before they met with their boss, in twenty minutes. Seeing that they were in a jam I said the most I could offer was 300 bucks for the two of them. He seemed dissapointed and said thanks anyway. So I said fine and got in my car. Then the second guy got out and said that his partner didn't understand that they needed to get rid of them. So he said that 300 would do. We put the speakers in my car and we drove to Wal*Mart. I took out 300 bucks and drove home with the speakers. I had a friend check them out by looking and he said that they were good. Well, i started feeling that this was too good to be true so i went to the police station to see if they might have been reported stolen. They weren't, so i am waiting another week to find out. Then i found this site and it looks like i either got had or i got a good deal. I have to say, that if their story be ture, i took part in a dishonest deal, and i'll look to make restitution if possible. Whatever the outcome is, I have learned my lesson. I will not buy anything under pressure.

These guys are in Corona, Ca. now and trying to sell Digital Audio 5.1 Home Theater speakers from the back of their Silver Chevy Astro Van. They wanted $500.00 for the five. They said they where delivering speakers (had five other boxes in the back) and one customer changed their order. Their boss told them to sell them to whoever they could for whatever they could get. They even showed me a magazine that advertised these or $1000. I called a friend of mine from my cell phone who installs home theater systems as a business. He told me right away that it was a scam and not to buy them. He said they are cheep speakers. I was going to call the Police to have them check them out for no license, but they split before I could call.

Look out Southern California. These guys are out to get you.


These guys are scammers? Anyone who bought these speakers are under the impression that they are buying stolen goods, you people are just as bad as the people selling. I shelled out $350 for 2 and they work fine in fact if anyone knows how to get some more e-mail me. What kind of a dishonest moron buys "stolen" speakers and then gets upset because of what they read on the internet. If they work why complain?

WARNING BEAWARE i buy two speakers off the street a guy with white van and the brand was digital pro audio slt2.8 the speakers where fake brand because there ar no stores in united states that sells digital pro audio speakers none no value LOOK OUT DENVER,CO


Joshua M.
I think that alot of the people who post on this site, myself included, are mostly upset because they falsely believed that they were buying very valuable, brand name speakers. If you were to open a store and sold the speakers legitimately, you would be able to do away with a lot of the bad reputation that these speakers have because people feel better about purchases that are made honestly and fairly. I have no interest in who produces what brands of speakers or where. Department and electronics stores everywhere sell many different name brands that are lacking in quality and few products live up to the claims of their manufacturers, but people still purchase these products because they feel better knowing they paid the same price as the next guy in line with the same item, and that if they do recieve a defective product, they can exchange it. If you had any REAL business sense though, you would have realized this 11 years ago.

Speaker Man
You know what Joshua M., you're right and I'm an idiot. To all of you 'cattle people', I am sorry that you got scammed because that's exactly what happened to you. I was only looking to make a quick buck and I failed to recognize that there are decent, honest, human beings out there who assume too much when they think that not everyone out there is lazy, profit-driven and criminal.

I know that 5.1 means that there can be 5 separate speakers and a sub. My question is, can I hook up the SL-3810 tower speakers to a 5.1 receiver, and if yes, is there a certain way to do it? Also, if the bass on this particular tower is inadequate, can I simply replace the sub with another? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, as I'm sure the packaging is about as honest as the the guy that sold me the speakers, anyone know the actual wattage of the SL-3810, and possible recommend what type of receiver I should look for. Don't know all that much about home audio I'm afraid. Thanks.

Speaker Man

I am glad to see that the truth has come out and it is not the product but the method that people are unhappy with.

To the "IDIOT" that posted the last message using my name. I never sold a set of speakers to an honest man, because an "honest" man would not buy
speakers out of a van.

Hi. I also was fooled into buying a "Digital Audio 2002 DA 5.1 Pro Series II" System. Also by two white guys in a SUV and also talked of having to get back to the company and having to sell off the remaining ones and also talked of beer money at the end. Anyhow, the warranty reads the address

Consumer Warranty Division
P.O. Box 9480
Ontario, CA 91762-9480

I found a Dogg Digital that looked like the exact duplicate. I called them and turns out that the products are only Dogg Digital if it has the emblem on it. Anyhow, this happened in Riverside, CA. USA at the corner of Chicago and University AVE. on March 11, 2003 at around 5:30pm for those of you interested. Anyhow, I am trying to get more information about similar case. Especially if it's the same product. So Please email me at:
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hey Speaker Man,
First off if these speakers really are exactly the same as Panasonics, Onkyos, Kenwoods or any other middle of the road electronics company, tell me which of these brands offer speakers with a MSRP of $1200.00? That's what these "salespeople" claim the Pro Audio SLT 2.8's cost. I got the sales pitch today and wasn't stupid enough to buy into this scheme, but just out of curiousity checked into the speakers online....and I found this site. If these speakers really are any good open up a store to sell them in, offer a warranty. I guarantee you that people won't bash a good product. There is no Pro Audio conspiracy going on in the US. There are at least 3 Audio/Video magazines that regularly review less known brand merchandise and help the average Joe find quality merchandise at a bargain price. Somehow they haven't found anything worthy to pass on to their readers with your GREAT Pro Audio SLT 2.8's. As for future customers, have at these crooks. I know the buyer should beware and that if it is too good to be true then it probably is, but these jerks are saying the speakers are worth 1200.00. Not true. The unscrupulous jerks are BSing people into buying crap and making a quick buck. I love the "vigilantism" of some of the posters here! How the guys selling the speakers gave their cell phone numbers to them and if they knew anyone that wanted another pair of speakers to call them back. Then when the buyer found out that he was taken for a ride he called them back and roughed them up to get his hard earned money back. If the speaker sellers don't want to play fair, well hell, we shouldn't either. WHOOP their as*es! Get your money back. And if you see anyone else trying to pass this electronic crap off as quality merchandise, dont hit up the ATM, don't try to get their license number for a police report. Hell, take advantage of them like they are trying to do to you. Take those damn speakers from them without giving them a cent. Take 'em home and try them out for yourself. I don't know everything about speakers, but I do know one thing. FREE SPEAKERS ALWAYS SOUND GOOD! So people selling crap speakers out of the back of cars, you better start working with 4 or 5 man sales teams instead of your usual 2 man team. That's how many guys it going to take to stop people from taking your speakers off your hands at a REAL bargain price. FREE! Look out! Here we come!

I was hit today, and the only reason i regret it so far is because those punks in the van lied to us. Every one hates to be lied to, I think. Every one in this room knew the possibility of the speakers being stolen. Just learn the code of the street. "He who jacks, gets jacked." All I have to say is this, Matt (van man??) I will kick your a$$ so bad, if I ever see you again, got it? You a$$ wipe? I will personally hunt your a$$ down. I would of probably have bought the damn speakers from you if you would have just tried them for me. Bottom line, watch out.

Well, at first, I admit that I should have known better and was very stupid to believe the guys. It is really my fault for being so dumb. But, my friend just admitted that while I went to get cash, he was threatened by the two guys not to say anything to me. "Don't tell him sh*t, or something bad will happen." I admit that I should have listened to my common sense and it was my dumb fault. But what I really have a problem with here now is that my friend was threatened and he couldn't tell me until afterwards. So ok, I got tricked and hustled fair and square, but when you threaten someone, that is a whole different story, and very very wrong.

Speaker Man
Hey Jim,

As far as I know "vigilantism" is not a word, but we get the idea. As for kicking our a$@es and taking our speakers. You might feel that it is ok to do so, but I doubt the local police force will agree. You see I might get a misdemeanor ticket for not having a solicitors permit for that city, which I will gladly sign as I watch the local police force take you away on felony assault and battery charges along with felony theft.
That is of course if you win the fight.

To Jeffery,
Unless these guys held a gun to your friends head (which I doubt they did) he should have said something. Maybe he's not that good of a friend after all.

To everyone here,
Take a good look at yourself, because if you people weren't so greedy my job wouldn't be so easy. All I do is feed off of your greed.
Even if the story (pitch) was true, did you ever stop and think? What about the company that sent to many? or the distributor that over loaded the van?
NO YOU DIDN'T, because you didn't care about that. All you cared about was what was in it for you?
You see, I have run into these kind of people (truely honest people) they believed everything I said to them. The difference between them and you is the fact they thought about the "company" that was "losing money" and no matter what I said they would not buy because it was not right.
So get off your high horse and own what is yours

No they didn't force a gun to his head. But a threat doesn't always come with a gun. Just sayin, "...or else sh*t will happen" is enough to be counted as a threat. I don't know about legally, but under common sense. And if you saw how big the guy was, maybe you agree. I belive it is fair to count that as a threat. And until you know him, I don't think you are able to judge whether anyone is a good friend or not. You sound reasonable, and I agree with some of your statements. But when it comes to the kinds of statements my friend heard, I do not agree.

I bought a pair of Dahlton KV 2500 ti towers in Waco, Texas for $100.00. This guy came into the store that I work in. He hooked them up they sounded pretty good. They will work for what I am using them for. It at least looks like the price is coming down. For $100.00 I don't think I could have bought a better speaker.

Speaker Man
You are right Jeffery I should not have judged your friend.

Almighty Speaker Man,
Pretty amazing to me that you would be one to criticize someone's spelling or choice of words. I've been noticing your use of words such as "truely" and brand names such as "Onkio" and "Panisonic". All three of which are spelled incorrectly. As for the word "vigilantism"; I'm glad you could sound it out and get the point. Vigilantism IS a word, check any dictionary. Or, since you deceive people to make a living as a result of your lack of education and inability to make any sort of useful contribution to society, I doubt that you own a dictionary. In which case, you can go to
Your case for the legality of forceably taking speakers from your "salespeople" is incredibly weak. It's wrong for me to break the law to illegally TAKE speakers from you, but, you are saying it is alright for you to deceive people and break vendor license laws to get people to buy your trash speakers. I hope I do have another run in with these clowns selling speakers. I will take the speakers. Hell, I'll sit there while you call the police. There may be some misdemeanor charges filed against both parties. However, I think your real problem will be with the IRS. Or maybe not. I'm sure you have been filing your "income" from the sales of these speakers the last 12 years. RIIIIIGHT. I'm sure a lengthy audit of your tax filings for the last few years would be worth the trouble of reporting your $100 dollar speakers being stolen. Do us all a favor, make an honest living. Don't deceive people to make yourself a quick buck. One day you'll end up making your sales pitch to someone that has had enough of your type existing in this world and hopefully he will take it upon himself to solve the problem. You won't ever call the police, you know what you are doing is wrong. I can only hope people will take it upon themselves to make YOU pay.

Hey, how do you even get to work for these shady companies. I am just curious. It sounds like something from out of a movie. Like where do you send your resume to? Is it really secret? Is it only by word of mouth through friends or close connections? Also how do you guys travel all over the place? Or are there people all over the place that just work the same area? Doh!

A question for speakerman. Do you guys sell speakers that lesser-quality copies of real actual audio companies? Or are the products sold made by there own company?

Jim Dunn brought up an excellent point about the taxes. So Speaker Man, before you post another warning about prosecution to anyone who harms or steals from you and your associates, let me fill you in on what the consequences of this little tax thing are:
First, underreporting, omitting, or hiding assets or income is illegal. Here are a few of the laws I'm sure you can be tried under:
Title 26 USC s 7201 - this is tax evasion, 5 yrs. in prison and $250,000 fine + court costs (not cheap), and it is a felony.
Title 26 USC s 7202 - Failure to collect and pay over sales tax. Because you have no license to sell, you are not authorized to collect tax and therefore don't pay the appropriate city and state taxes. Also a felony, this is another 5 yrs. and $250,000 + cc.
Or maybe I had you pegged all wrong Speaker Man, maybe you have a real job and your taxes are deducted from your paycheck like they should be. This whole scam business is just some extra cash, right? Well that's tax fraud.
Title 26 USC s 7206-1 - Every time you've filed your taxes for the last 12 years and you didn't report you extra income qualifies you for 3 yrs. in prison and $250,000 in fines, + cc.
Just something for all you 'speaker men' out there to think about before you call the cops on a citizen who took the law into their own hands. It's disgusting to think that you actually believe you are afforded protection under the very laws that you break every day in a pathetic effort to earn a living. And as to you're prior claims of successful prosecution for robbery - you're full of sh*t.

vig·i·lan·te ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vj-lnt)
n. One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands. A member of a vigilance committee.
[Spanish, watchman, vigilante, from Latin vigilns, vigilant- present participle of vigilre, to be watchful, from vigil, watchful. See weg- in Indo-European Roots.]
vigi·lantism (-lntz-m) or vigi·lante·ism (-t-zm) n.

I guess this shows just how much Speaker Man knows, huh?

Speaker Man
Taxes paid in full. Have been audited by both state and federal organizations for income and sales tax and won. Very few people go to jail for tax evasion. The government will only use jail as a punishment if they can't collect thier money.

I stand corrected, guess I should have ran a spell checker. "cuz u no I kent reed"

As for deceiving people. Think of all the sales people there are in the world and all the different products or services they sale. Now how many of those people can you say don't use some sort of deception? Very few, and do you know why.
Because "buyers are liers". What I mean is, if I told someone the speakers cost me $150.00 and I will sell them to you for $300.00, most people would react with "all I can get is $150.00".
Even though they have the $300.00. Because they think they should not have to pay full price.
This kind of thing goes on in all types of sales.
Over the years I have sold Insurance, Cars, Building Materials and of course speakers.
Speakers is the cleanest of them all.
Sales is the basis for all business. Whether it is a product or a service there is some sort of sales involved. As I metioned earlier, there is some type of deception in all sales. So the next time you want to judge a sales person, just remember that most of the people in our country have a job because some "deceptive" sales person is out doing the "dirty work", so everyone else can sit behind a desk, run a machine, answer a phone, etc. All the while feeling that they are better than the sales people who are responsible for them even having a job.

Thanks for the update. After twelve years you can rest assured my bases are covered. As for my claim of successful prosecution. Go out, rob a speaker guy and find out for yourself.

What I meant was, most of the components in the speakers you buy on the streets, you can find those same components in a lot of the major brands.

Speakerman. So are you saying that the speakers bought on the street would last as long as name brand speakers?

Todd Johnson
Interesting website. Even though you all know why I found it. Just like everyone else I bought a set of speakers today. Digital Pro Audio 2.8 Slim Line Towers. Only paid $240.00 for both and so far I like them. Speaker Man I am a little pissed about the way I bought them but, I have to admit that you are right they do sound better than my Polk Audio PLK R30 Speakers that I bought at Circuit City for $350.00. The really bad part is that my wife is the one that found this website.
Time to buy some roses I guess.

Speaker Man
A speaker will only last as long as you allow it to. Meaning it does not matter who makes the speaker if you put 250 watts into a speaker that is rated for 150 watts peak it will blow.
Buy the way peak means 2 times actual running power.

Speaker Man
Glad you like them.

I got dinged yesterday for two SLT 2.8s at $140 fo both in Santa Cruz, CA. They are decent speakers... but not $1195 decent.

I am pissed that I was manipulated. I dont care how good the speakers sound... I was conned into doing something I wouldn't have done if I wasn't lied too.

But I admit, I am the dumb one. I should have just kept moving, but the guys hussled me into a parking lot. Smooth talkers.

My question is this... who runs this whole operationg. Obviously there are guidlines out somewhere for what they should say, cause I got the bad boss bit, the catalog, fake invoice, the beer money thing... all of it! So who organizes/trains these people? Where do they order? Is Digital Pro Audio the mastermind behind all this?

Hey speaker guys, is there any differences between the models that are sold out on the street? I bought Digtital Audio SL-3810 but I see a lot of postings about Digital Pro Audio SLT 2.8. Is there a difference and if so, which one is better? And what about the Dahltons, are they the same speakers too?

yeah, me too, cassidy. I got all the exact same lines you did. I am wondering the exact same thing. You think organized crime has anything to do with this?

I bought a pair of Dahlton KV 2500 spkrs yesterday and must say I was quite upset when I got home and found out I was scammed (or shall I say 'misled' for those of you who do not like the word 'scam' ). I guess the saying really is true, If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Anyways, anyone here ever get their money back? I called and left message at the phone number that was on my receipt and since then 2 guys have called me back. The first guy was supposedly the owner of the organization and the second call was from the actual guy who sold the spkrs to me. They both said that I have 3 days to meet with them to get my money back, oh yeah and they said 3 business days. They confirmed that I had until Tuesday next week to meet with them. I was particularly cautious about the 3day return policy because come Monday morning I didn't want to hear them say, "oh we're sorry but your 3 days are up, Sunday was your last day". So has anyone ever gone through the process of faxing a copy of the receipt and actually get their money back within a few days?

Please email me if you have any questions or need a pair of Dahlton spkrs!! =)

PS: The Dahlton spkrs sounded 'ok' BUT my existing Velodyne Center Stage spkrs and Velodyne HT-15 sub blows the Dahltons away!

I have had my DPA SLT 2.8's for over a year now and I love em'. For the money I paid I could not have gotten anything better. My friend has a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers and we both agree that they are of equal sound quality. Even though he paid much much more for his. So LISTEN you did not get scammed, sure they are not a brand name but they work great. I have to admit the operation these people are running sure is funny because I got them in a small town with about 5000 people in it go figure!

Speaker Man
Two different companies. In my opinion the DPA 2.8's are better than the DA-3810 even though the 3810's are a three-way speaker and the DPA's are a two-way speakers. As for the Dahltons I am not familiar with them. There are many different companies and models for me to choose from. After looking at them all (Dahltons excluded) I chose to sell the DPA's for the quality enclosure, crossover and decent drivers.

How did you get in the bussiness Speaker Man?

Speaker Man,
Are the specs, with regards to power handling, on the sides of the boxes real or b.s.?

Speaker Man
They are real 250 watts peak.

Made a phone call, bought speakers then sold them.

I know this...

Speaker Man, I am curious how this organization works. I say organization, because this operation is very organized. How else do the same speakers get sold using the same exact story? Obviously, someone is providing materials to train people to give a good story about the boss, the beer, etc.

I want to know how this works! Does DPA build the units using generic chinese parts, then send them to suppliers, then suppliers provide to the sellers? Who prints the fake catalog? How many "Speaker Men" exist in this world? Give us some details, Speaker Man, we are all very curious. I for one do not hold any grudges, I just want to learn how this all goes down.

ANY product that has to be sold with the help of FAKE and/or FALSIFIED literature is a SCAM! Sure these guys that sell out of a white van have good selling lines just as a local Best Buy salesmen would have good lines, BUT at least Best Buy won't be closed within a few days, at least Best Buy will stand by their products and give your money back if you're not satisfied, at least Best Buy sells REAL products that WORK. The reason I'm comparing a white van salesman to a legit business salesman is because the white van scammers play a game claiming that they really are legit. I realize that the whole idea of buying from a van is suspicious and a buyer/VICTIM probably should not expect to have options like a 'money back guarantee' because after all, this is a 'parking lot sale', a customer already thinks that the merchandise they're about to look at may be hot. Well in this case a customer could only be so lucky to come across merchandise that is stolen. The white van scammers are selling products that are much worse than something that is stolen. These scammers are selling products that are worse than the no-brand speakers you'd find at a pawn shop. Most of the guys in the white vans are claiming to be legit and working for a distributor in which you can obtain a warranty and return your merchandise. This is obviously a lie!! In a case like this I'd probably have more respect for a thief selling REAL stolen products like JBL's or something than to buy from a con-man who seeks his prey through organized scam techniques from state to state selling cheap particle board boxes with spkrs that even a pawn show wouldn't sell!! Nobody needs this B*U*L*L*S*H*I*T!! I've seen these white vans in the past with other VICTIMS and often wondered what they were trying to sell. Next time I see this happening I will stop and tell the would-be victim NOT to buy this crap and will beat the living S*H*I*T out of the scammer if he even thinks about arguing with me over losing his VICTIM!!!!!!


The same two guys got me. Only I gave them forty dollars and i told them they could follow me to my atm so we left and i took off on the free way. I havn't seen those two guys since.

anonymous coward:
For all those that bought "white van" speakers why not just go here if you want some cheap speakers, without the suspect nature of buying out of a van on the street: I don't know if the company or the speakers are any good but a 5 speaker system can be had for $199+shipping (MSRP $299) or if you only need a pair how about these for $150 (MSRP $219). I doubt most people would complain about the sound quality since they know that they are getting low cost speakers. I would guess the quality is probably on par with the "white van" speakers (if speakerman is to be believed), Panasonic, Onkyo, etc. They also do not claim any of their speakers are worth anywhere near $1000. The most expensive line is listed at $600 for a pair.

I went through the order process, didn't actually order, but their shipping was just under $60 for the 5 speaker system listed above. Doesn't seem out of line for approximately 65.lbs worth of speakers.

They also list the physical location of where customer service is located so if you lived in the area you might get a better feel for their legitimacy. And then there is always Google search.

Apparently the speakers are actually made by goldsky which seems to do OEM stuff mostly.

So "white van" vs Fluance? You make the call.

i was psst when i bought the damn speakers, but have to admit they sound awsome. I vowed to kick speaker man's @$$, but actually, i owe him an apology. I put the dpa slt 2.8 speakers against my brother's b&w's, and guess what, they won the day. My brother bought his for $900 a piece, and i bought mine for a $100 a piece. I feel like a made a wise choice. My question speaker man is, How is the home theatre system. I bought it also but have not tried it just dying to know. Also, I am sorry speakerman for saying all those harsh words against you. If i ever see you again, I will have to buy you some beers.

Hmm...Gilbert sounds a lil suspicious. A lil tooo suspicious, if you ask me, but I am also wondering how the home theatre system is... I have not yet tried it. I know it's not really Dogg Digital, but some imitation. I am wondering if the imitation sounds any good.

nah, bros,
I am not in league with the the damn con artists. All i'm saying is that my speakers sounded pretty good. Then again, my brother's receiver is a thx select. I tried a couple of movies, and am happy with the result. I don't know if a lot of the people in this room have tried their speakers or not, but you should. And to Speaker man, I Really was going to hunt your henchmen, but I am really happy my damn speakers worked at least. Please, anyone in here that bought the home theatre system, let us know how it works.

Patrick M.
Hey guys,

Well, I guess I was had as well. I was even more of an idiot and only purchased one. Well, I didn't purchase it, I did more of a trade for it. I have it hooked up right now, and honestly, I like the way the speakers sound. It actually adds good midbass with not a lot of highs, which is what I am very fond of.

This leads me to my next question: would any of you be willing to part with these speakers, possibly just one? I wouldn't be willing to pay much, but I would like another one to complete the set. Let me know and drop me an email at (remove the .nospam).

I know some of you out there would be willing to part with them, so please let me know!


Patrick M.
Speaker Man,

Just read your posts. I'm in the Bay Area and would like to buy another one. You got any more for sale? No, I'm not one of these people who want to threaten you or anything, I just want another one to add to my collection.

Also, I wouldn't mind knowing how to sell these as well. Contact me, my email is in my previous post. I'd like to talk with you about this.


Patrick M.
Okay, I finally read through every single entire post out there, and geez, everyone who is complaining about being scammed needs to seriously take a step back and get a reality check. When the guys approached me yesterday and showed me the color flyer, I already knew they weren't worth $1195. Why the hell would they sell me one speaker that is a little less than $1100 off the price? If you honestly think somebody out there is going to sell you BRAND NEW speakers for that cheap, you indeed need a reality check.

I'm living proof that I enjoy this speaker. I have been into different areas of audio my whole life. I used to compete for car audio competitions, and now I am currently a DJ. Before I even started thinking about competing, I just wanted to find a nice car stereo setup that was the most bang for the buck. I started to get into researching a lot about raw drivers and how to build my own speakers, and was totally against buying major manufacturer speakers just for the name. I have owned several pair of no name 12" raw driver subwoofers I paid $95 a piece for that blew most $300 - $400 12" subs out of the water (notice how I say MOST, not all). I enjoyed those subwoofers so much I recommended them to 6 other people, who have never heard any subwoofers like them. Every person who I have shown these subwoofers to are in total awe of how clean sounding they are, plus the price I paid for them. And the best part about these speakers are that some of the major car audio companies (as well as home audio, they were dual 4ohm voice coil speakers) use the exact same subwoofer, slap their name on them, and sell them for 3 times the amount they are worth.

The point of the above story was that Speaker Man is right about his statements regarding how major companies don't necessarily create their own speakers all of the time. They do indeed usually purchase from smaller vendors - that's how it works. This isn't the same for every company, but most of those speakers you see in the major outlet stores aren't made by who they say they are made by. Don't any of you know a lick about home theatre setups? Have any of you ever looked into creating your own enclosures with raw drivers? Probably not, but maybe you should take a peek into it. It will shed a lot of light into the ignorant world your lives revolve around.

Now, back to these speakers. The two guys who were in the vehicle that rolled up on me weren't the best of salesmen in the world. In fact, their intelligence wasn't that high either, but I was in the market for some speakers since the QLogic POS speakers I bought off of ebay for $60 plain suck. I'm not looking for anything that will blow the roof off my house, just something that I can watch movies with that sound clean. The only thing I regret right now is that I didn't purchase two of them when I had the opportunity. Now I'm stuck with one speaker I truly like, and two QLogics that I have to live with until I can find myself another dpa slt 2.8 to compliment the one I already have. Hell, now I'm looking for see if dpa has a subwoofer I can use with these as well.

To sum it all up, to the salespeople who so-called "scammed" you - just as others have said above - you could have said no. They just knew how to sell you on something you didn't need (aside from the few exceptions above, with the threats and all).

Patrick M.

This post is in no way a flame to ANYONE on this board, so please excuse my use of rather harsh words at some times. Sometimes that is the only way people will open their mind a little to the world that is around them. Peace out.


I just bought a pair of 2.8 DPA and I love them! I wanted to find the subwoofer to go along with them, so I tried to find it online, it brought me here! I've been laughing for 10 minutes at the people on here writing how crappy these speakers are. People, My brother works at magnolia hi fi in sacramento! He told me these speakers were the best speakers he's heard in years! I'm not going to say what I paid, because I'm not proud of that part after seeing what everyone else paid! I will say this though, for those of you who paid two or three hundred a set... I've never seen a set of speakers sold for that price that was worth $2400 and I'm sure you havent either. What were you thinking? Thats what you get for letting greed lead! I paid more and I'm happy. Maybe all of you just need better jobs so two hundred dollars lost doesnt ruin your whole decade!

Mike B
I bought a pair of Dahlton 2500's back in December. Paid $250 total. Did I feel like I was getting ripped? Hell no. Did I think that the guys in the van were crooks? Not really. Ever had someone come to your door selling magazines or candy or vacuum cleaners? This is pretty much the same thing folks. Think that the cute little girl with the pigtails is tied to the mob because she's carting her product around in a wagon? Do you demand to see her Girl Scout Accreditation? The entire deal is about open negotiation outside the confines of high overhead. Granted, most of these items have fixed prices, but to a certain extent, so do these guys. It's the bottomline price that they are willing to accept. Seller starts high, buyer offers low, they meet somewhere that they both can live with. I had already heard that you could buy speakers from guys in a van and knew the opening story. It's a sales tactic....big deal. Speakerman is right. Everytime you buy anything from anyone, there is some amount of sales tactic being used. My main concern was getting a decent product for the money. I've traveled all over the world from Bangkok to Nepal to Morrocco and everywhere you go it's about negotiation and agreement. If you don't know what you're buying and your gut tells you it's a bad deal...than walk away. The point is, just because you run into someone trying to give you a good deal on a product or service, it doesn't mean that they're out to screw you or that they're a con artist. Odds are, they're just trying to make a living like you or me. They don't want to go to jail anymore than you do. Use your common sense. You have to ask yourself if you're buying because you think that you're getting in on a deal that nobody else is getting, or if you're buying because you need new speakers and after sizing them up, they seem fairly decent.
So back to my speakers. I hooked them to my receiver, turned on a DVD...and smiled. Most of my audiophile friends have seen and heard them, (but not heard of them) and have told me to call them the next time I see the van guys.

Ok. Let's have some rebuttals from the other side now. The tides of war are changing folks. Come,let's get some from our side to put in some points and argue. Jim Dunn, Joshua, Justin? Let's return fire here.

anonymous coward:
Well here is a rebuttal, it IS a scam. Some definitions first. scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. fraud: intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right.

In this case the "white van" people are intentionally misrepresenting the product in terms of their value (the speakers are not worth $1200). And did they actually get extra speakers they are trying to unload? Are they truly disgruntled employees? Is that magazine that has been mentioned a real magazine? If none of the above is true then it is fraud. A scam. Seems pretty cut and dried to me. It is one thing and go sell stuff on the street but to purposely distort the truth, even lie, is another, and these people could be sued, even arrested for fraud.

You know it is kind of sick to try and equate the Girl scouts with the "white van" speaker people. Little kids trying to sell something where you know exactly what it is you are getting versus these guys purposely trying to deceive people in order to sell something. There are legit companies that don't try to deceive you that sell cheap speakers, Fluance above is one, KLH is another, Cambridge soundworks is another, RadioShack is another and RadioShack is everywhere so it is convenient much more convenient then waiting around hoping to get scammed by some guy in a van. You know I bought a cheap sub-sat set of KLH speakers about 7 years ago, $99, and they came with a 5 year warranty. Do the "white van" speakers actually have a warranty? People have mentioned a warranty card, but has anyone contacted the company on the warranty card to see if it is a real company that will service your product if something goes wrong?

Oh yeah. That's a good point. I forgot about that. The warranty card in the box doesn't really work. It has some bs address on it. That is a PO Box, so I dont even know who they are.

Ok yoyo and others who may take the side of 'Its a scam!' still including myself! It really drives me nuts to say this, but the guys who sold me the dahltons may not be so bad after all. Monday afternoon I paid a visit to the address that was on my receipt and got every penny of my money back. I was just so glad that the address was valid. I did however take a counterfeit money marker with me just to make sure the bills I got back were real. Even though I was very fortunate (lucky as hell!) to get my money back, I still feel the same about these b*astards who sell these crap speakers. White van guys, YOU ALL SUCK! TAKE YOUR DAMN SPEAKERS AND PUT EM WHERE THEY BELONG, UP YOUR AS*S!


Patrick, damn I'm just not sure what to say to you. All I know is that in the reality I live in a deal like this is called a 'scam'. If these guys want to run an honest deal, they could sell these spkrs for what they are and pitch them for their legit qualities, crap woofers, NO passive x-overs, particle board box, plastic backing around mids and highs (which by the way were not even entirely painted, I suppose they ran out of spray paint), and only God knows what the true power handling is but I know it's not 500 watts!!!! I basically just described my spkrs. Yes, one of my spkrs was not completely painted, one of my woofers sounded blown, oh and I guess the manufacturer forgot that these type of spkrs need a passive crossover, OOPS!!

For the guy above who said these crap spkrs can blow away B&W - You're smoken WAYYYY too much weed man. I think your bro who has the B&W's must have bought his spkrs from a white van also. B&W's are very expensive and are worth every penny! It should be a crime to even compare a dahlton or any other white van spkr to a B&W. Don't believe me? Go to your nearest home theater store and ask to hear the B&W's. Get ready for some serious THX certifiable, blood curdling, heart pumping, tingling skin, and a major hard-on when you hear these spkrs!!!! They are more pure than sound itself!

Hey, does anyone know what I can do with these speakers? Since they are still new and untested. Do you think the Pawn shop would take them? How much u think I could get for them at the pawn shop? Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Jeff, I tried taking mine to a pawn shop the day I got them. They offered me 100 bucks. Good luck man.



Well it seems to me that everyone was scammed, but only some got the shaft. Let me explain:

If you bought any Dogg Digital or Dahlton speakers, it seems that you got ripped. These are the cheapest of the van speakers. Bummer for you.

But if you got the DPA SLT 2.8s for less than a few hundred, I think you got a good deal. I have these speakers and love them. They hit SO hard. Great for hip hop and movies, which is exactly what I got them for.

I am also trying to track down these van guys to start buying the DPAs. I have friends who have heard them and will pay $220 a pair or even more.

And another note, B&W sucks. Bose sucks too.
You think that the white van people are scamming you? Try again! Bose and B&W overcharge for their products SO much more than the van husstlers ever would. Go ask any hi-fi community, I am confident they will agree that B&W and Bose are the most overpriced and decieptful manufacturers around. Bose continues to claim that they are advancing sound physics, when they arnt. And continue to sue magazine reviews that utter a bad word about them.

I have a Bose Wave Radio CD. "Fills your room with stereo sound!" My a$$... it has two 2" drivers 12"s apart. My room sounds like it has one tiny speaker in it. In my opinion, these people lie just as much as the van scammers.

San Diego, CA as of today (3/24/03). Not a white van, black GMC SUV of somesort. Already spreading the word

Patrick M
Justin -

500 watts? Where does it say that? I see 250 watts on the box.

Maybe I'm a little easier to please than others. When I find someone locally who has another one (or a pair) that they are willing to give up, I'll put it to the test. If I don't like the way they sound, I'll spend $12.50 on some dynamat to dampen the particle board, or I'll just build my own boxes from MDF. I'll build my own passive crossovers for 5 bucks. Sure, most people won't do any of this, nor know how to, but I'm very happy with the way the ONE speaker sounds, so I can't wait to see how two will sound. And I'm only running 50 watts to it with an Onkyo 5.1 receiver, which is well more than enough for my room. Don't think 50 watts per channel is anything? If you think you need 500 watts each speaker to push a small home theatre, the coporations that sell the crap you buy at Circuit City and Good Guys sure have your money where they want it.

Besides, I guarantee most the people who are ranting and raving about these speakers don't have a CLUE how to build their own passive crossovers, know that dampening any surface increases dB, or how to build their own ported boxes for these speakers if it has to come to that. I do guarantee one thing about these people - they are as happy with their purchase as I am.

Come on people, if you think ya got scammed, it's cuz you were greedy enough to think you could get anything from some total random stranger(s) for over 90% off. I knew what those dudes were up to the minute they yelled out their car window.

To all the people who got scammed - sorry guys (and gals, if any, but usually girls have more rational thinking that us dudes), but if ya got scammed and are pissed about a few measely Benjamins, maybe you should stop wasting all your lawnmowing money on shite ya don't need in the first place.


Of course, we are greedy. Everyone is greedy. It is human nature. Of course you want something for nothing. Everyone does. Greed is the driving force behind society. People want more, so they work more. The only thing wrong was we were dumb enough to believe we COULD get something for almost nothing. But don't believe greed is wrong, because the way society works, depends on people being greedy. We were greedy to be fooled into buying the speakers, the sellers and the company were greedy enough to lie and sell them. It's just a matter of who's smart enough and who's not, and who is scamming who.

Patrick M.
yoyo -


One Of Many
My turn, I haven't heard them yet so I'm going to go spend just as much as I did on these speakers at the Good Guys to get them running.Then I'll know if I got fucked....OR???????

N. CA.

I agree also yoyo.

Patrick, 500 watts is what was printed on the box. I know that wattage ratings are thrown around loosely amongst most speaker manufacturers. I also know that Onkyo is a damn good brand and that just because it is 50 watts a channel it has more current than most 100watt receivers. I love onkyo, harmon kardon, and of course lexicon which is in an arena of its own and may be the most expensive equipment on the market. As far as building passive x-overs, well you must have tons of time on your hands because if I had the desire to build spkrs for my living room I could easily pick up a couple x-overs for 10 bucks a piece that would do a hell of a nice job capping the signal to my subs. I actually still favor small spkrs with reasonably big sound. My sub bass is currently produced by a very nice 15in velodyne which was not so unreasonably priced and is currently adjusted to cap frequencies above 120hz. My mid bass is also produced very nicely with my velodyne center stage system which contains decent mids and highs and pick up the rest of the spectrum with livable limits. I've tested my mids and highs and lack seriously in the 120 -- 300hz range because of the size of the mids in these small spkrs. I know that there can be huge differences between small spkrs and large spkrs. This may be another reason that I let myself buy the dahltons. I thought that perhaps they could fill in where my smaller spkrs leave off. I think it may be physically impossible for a small spkr to ever reproduce sound as a large speaker is capable of. Bose sounds very nice for the size, but of course over priced and usually sold to upper class folks who often haven't a clue as to what good sound is, they just like expensive sh*t.

The dahltons I had could not even come close to the sound that I enjoy every night from my velodyne system. The dahltons are some of the poorest quality spkrs I've ever seen. If I had only paid 50 bucks for the dahltons I would have still be extremely disappointed. I am NOT stuck on brand names by any means. I could have accepted the dahltons even though they are not a brand name as long as they sounded good. The truth is, they sound like sh*t, it's as simple as that. I'm not just dogging these things anymore because they're sold as a part of a 'scam'. They sound like crap. Period


Joe Smith
Come back to Stroudsburg Douchebags...dare you to. I was looking for you yesterday and we'll be looking for you today. The mall and shopping center is on the way to and the way from work. Everyday We'll be there......come back Mutha Fucka!

Another Victim in San Diego, CA. I went to a Pawn Shop today to trade in some stereo equipment and I had some speakers (Sony) I was getting rid of. The guy behind the counter had told me no at first because some guy had just came in and try to sell him some speakers that he had just bought of some guy in a parking lot. So I had to bring in one of the speakers just to show him that they were really SONY Speakers.

Anyway, I feel so bad for the people that are getting scammed, it really sucks.

Oh, damn. i just bought KV 1500 ti from some guys in a green explorer in Fort Pierce, Florida for $100. the date was 3/27/03.

Scott Satx
They are now in the San Antonio/Austin Texas area. They scammed me for $280.00 for a pair of KV2500ti's. They were in a grey/silver van with T&M Industries marked on the side. One guy's name was Gilbert Garcia, dark hair, gotee, even checked his drivers license, name and picture matched (PA license, should have spooked me but didn't). Last I saw they were headed north on I35 toward Austin. Guess I paid a serious "stupid tax". 3/28/03

Scott Satx
Follow up to my last post. First thing I did when I got home was an internet search for the KV2500ti's. This BBS popped up and it sounded like I got scammed. Well, after listening to the speakers, in my opinion, they could be worth the money I paid for them, and therefore don't necessarily consider I got scammed. I'll probably put them in the game room for the kids. But the flyer stating 1795.00 per pair seems a stretch. Sales pitch and approach was the same as stated in many other postings, so I recommend anyone who comes across someone selling these speakers use caution. We all have our own tastes for sound quality, so don't believe what they tell you they are worth.

you guys need to know i work for this company they are not stolen the pay in on dahlton 2500ti is $245 we take losses sometimes to meet quota and hit bonuses just like every other job anyone who thinks they got ripped off got a hell of a speaker for 200 - 600 dollars and you got a 5 yr warranty with it in best buy or circut city there is barley a one yr warranty and you would have paid more for them before i did this i was an engineer at bose and we did the same thing i do here we made speakers that cost bose about 25-50 dollars in paper plastic paint and wires and jacked up the price to 2k to pay for corporate offices and private jets in this company there is no overhead except a warehouse and a van thats why they are sold cheaply those dahlton 2500 ti are as good as any other 600-1500 $ tower out there so email me if you think its a scam

Reid again if you want to sell your speakers espically dahltons email me because i willl buy them back and resell them if the price is right. by the way Gilbert Garcia is a good guy and a close friend if you dont like the selling tactics i'm sorry but we dont make millons of dollars we make alot off one guy and dump the rest for near our cost thats business folks you know that. by the way i'm in dallas.

Reid again my company is t&m Enterprises look on the reciept

To Reid Davis

Reid, the receipt I have for T&M Enterprises lists an Austin address and phone number. If I want to return these, can you give me a POC there?

I can't believe some of this crap you're posting about Bose, corporate costs, and private jets. If you're so confident that the dahltons can compete with the 'serious' mfg's then why don't you sell them to stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Frys, etc.. I'll tell ya why you don't. It's because they are WORTHLESS! Your only hope to sell them are out of a van by comparing them to high dollar theater speakers, showing bogus magazine articles, and running from city to city in hopes that the word hasn't gotten out that your product SUCKS. If your product is so good for a cheap price then do what everyone does and sell to the big stores. You should easily land a contract with Circuit City if your product is as described (although we know it's not). You have something against private jets and millions of dollars and a REAL office and not some van? hehe, I feel so sorry for you guys that sell this crap. Go get a real job.


I read the entire thread and I've come to the conclusion that: Dahltons suck and DPA 2.8 are ok. Is there anyone here who hates their Digital Pro Audio products. It seems to me that if you were lucky to get a good deal on them, then you got a decent speaker at a good price. The Dahltons, judging by the posts are not as good. Anyone care to add anything?

I just bought a pair of sl 3810 speakers about two hours ago. The guys were in Grass Valley California so they're makin it to the sticks...I haven't hooked the towers up yet, but honestly I'm not too worried. About 5 years ago I baught a pair of audio monitors 12"s out of a van and I'm still using them today and they sound great.
After reading these posts I feel like somepeople need to learn to laugh at being dooped. Considering I've used similar scam products and am happy with them I feel fine. I paid $300 for the pair...=]

Let me just say that I am amazed at the wide area that the "white van" has made its rounds to...and also by the amount of people that have been affected.

Obviously the way these guys are selling to people is sketchy, and makes most buyers feel that way too. And it sucks that the literature on the boxes makes people think they have just gotten a sweet bargain... BUT you are only scammed if you get something that is not worth the money you paid. Clearly everyone here paid various amounts of money, but when you look at what you can get for the same amount at Best Buy or wherever, it sorta makes you think...

My buddy got a pair of "Digital Audio SL 3810 towers" for $300. This was in Sacramento about a month ago. We hooked them up for the first time yesterday to his roommate's ADCom system/amp, and played one of the 3810's against an MB Quartz tower. The 3810 clearly sounded better, with more bass, and more transparent mids and highs.
I was impressed.

Even though it does suck that you can't find any documentation ANYWHERE except for the box, i don't think these were too bad of a deal.

Being ripped off is relative. If you feel more comfortable buying a pair of Polk speakers for twice the money, then i'm sure there are some folks on this board who wouldn't mind buying your white van specials from you.

buyer beware...but don't b*tch unless your new purchase doesn't perform like the box it came in says it will.

Chalk one more up for San Diego. This was 2 guys in a big black ford excursion with Florida plates. After paying $300, I got home and decided to look online and see if there were any specs or such - that's when I find all of you lovely people. So the one guy "Chris" who did all the talking looked like such a chump, I thought to myself, "wow...he must be a good con man if this is a scam" now I know. He was farily heavily pierced, and tattooed. Gave me the same line of bullshit as everybody else for the dpa sl3810 speakers.

So what I'm wondering is this must be going on simultaneously across north america right now. somebody has to be running these crews. The guy who sold me mine gave me his cell # - other people got license plate numbers, etc. Anyway, some people have alluded to the fact that there are ongoing investigations. If so, I have some information that I'd be happy to help out with.

Tomorrow I'm going to call the San Diego City attorney's office and the California Attorney general's office to see if they have had reports, and if anybody is under indictment (not that they would tell me, but...) This really stinks of organized crime - and I really believe that the majority of those posters here who give the line "you only have yourself to blame...they're great speakers...yada yada bullshit" are in collusion with these criminals. Yes, they are crminals - they are misrepresenting themselves with a fraud - they're grifters, plain and simple.

Please contact me at with any information on ongoing investigations.

Dammit I just bought some for 300 bucks the dpa sl-3810 supposedly worth 1600 each. God Damn those bastarrrds if I ever catch them anywhere near my FU**in city again i'm gonna give them a run for their money. I mean they better run cause I will get my money. These criminals will pay. I am judge jury and executioner. My justice will be upheld. FRAUD!!!!

Is there anything I can do about this. Who is the manufacturer arent they in any way at all responsible or liable for how these speakers are retailed at such a high price but reall arent worth SH**...

I cannot believe how many people are complaing about these guys, don't get me wrong I dont like getting ripped off and I wouldnt wish it on anyone else, but I think the old "buyer beware" phrase applies here. If you are suspicious about someone selling you speakers out of a van and you go ahead and do it anyway.....well, sorry buddy, but not only can you not really justify complaining about it, but had it coming to begin with!
I understand that these days EVERYONE wants the most bang for their buck out there but if you are too "excited" about the thought of premium speakers at an unbelievable price too really "think" before you buy, well then frankly, you got what you deserved.
I dont agree with the way these guys do business, it is misleading, but then again 3/4 of all the salesmens rants in audio/video stores are too.....
And not to step on anyones toes but if you dont even ask for a receipt to return them if youre not happy, well again, you had it coming anyways.

Instead of ranting and raving that you got scammed, THINK BEFORE YOU BUY PEOPLE!!!!

Hey, I purchased the KV2500ti and to tell you the truth, these babies bang! The guy insisted on $600.00 for them, but I said I wouldn't go over $300.00. So he toke that, made out a receipt and said that I owed him a drink for the purchase. At home these things boom harder and are clearer than my Infinity speakers. I don't know about the rest of these sob stories, I made out like a fat rat, baby! My speakers are heavy for being two skiiny towers. As for it being cheap plywood, I don't think so! The workmanship on my speakers are one of the best I have seen! I think I got a great deal on mine, sorry about you other guys!

i just got scammed in sacramento!!! i paid 200$ for a pair of Digital Audio SL-3810 for 200 dollars. they were 2 guys in their mid- 20's driving a white SUV that looked like a rental. they passed themselves off as couriers who accidentally were given some extra freight. they gave a pretty convincing story- i wish i looked more closely at the literature they showed me, maybe that would have tipped me off. they said that they were going to use the money i gave them to buy a hotel room so they could hide the other speakers. i had told them that i would show them where a nearby hotel was but they took off... i wish i had just jumped in my car and drove after them.

Hey did anybody buy a pair of 300W 'ACOUSTIC' professional loudspeakers (model 312)" from these guys? There's a pair for sale on eBay. There are some 'Dalhtons' there too for all you 'minimalist', particle board lovers. You can buy them now for 'only' $350!!! Better hurry up before some other sucker buys them and hooks them up on his Onkyo.
Thanks god for this website and Google, 'cause those Dahltons sure look tempting pictured on eBay.

I just bought a pair of dahlton loudspeakers kv1500ti from 3 guys about three hours ago. they gave me a recipt, address, phone number and everything. i havent tried hoohing them up yet but it sounds like a scam. they showed them to me in a magizine where they were being sold for 1500 dollars. they were asking 600. they said they were loaded up by accident and they were going to sell them for money to go to the topless bar tonight. i'm from waco tx. so if anyone gets another pair please contact me. i will let yall know if they sound any good and i will share the address and phone e-mail is later-

stealthy macgruder
they hit us in Santa Cruz today- same story same scam
SLT 2.8 tower
beware...they had a few pairs..they are now in a black van..
i feel like I am preaching to the choir. Too bad i didnt look up SLT 2.8 Slim tower scam on google before i paid 95.00 for a pair.
of course - i had never heard of them before- oh well.

Anyone who posts here beware! Do NOT leave a return email address unless its a hotmail account and you do not mind it being submitted to mailing lists! Some A**HOLE that read this message board apparently has been submitting email addresses (of those who were not posted as 'anonymous') to BULLSHI*T cheap speaker web sites among others. It's a damn shame that some idiot would do this but I can't say that I'm surprised. I hope the guy who is doing this is reading this post right now because I just want to say that I'm sorry you have to be a dic*kless as*shole who probably is selling these cheap crap speakers to make a crap living in a crap apartment and you were probably offended with all of my previous posts about your crappy worthless life and career as a scammer.

Those of you who just purchased the spkrs, try like hell to get your money back by calling the phone number on your receipt, if of course you were lucky enough to get one. I got every penny of my money back by being aggressive (not threatening) with multiple phone calls and made arrangements to return spkrs within only days. I was very fortunate and so can you folks if you just try like hell.

I can't believe some of you guys let strangers into your house. Wouldn't be surprised if they scope out your house to see if it worth robbing.

just got SCAMMED myself in Wilmington, Delaware. $250 for dahlton 2500 ti.
parking lot of a target superstore on naamans near 202; minding my own business, got the high pressure pitch about extra inventory "accidentally" loaded by the company. they didn't want to give the speakers to the electronics guys at their upcoming job because those guys would just take them and sell them.
they wanted the money for the "t!tty bar;" asking price was $600. they wanted an extra $20 at the end for beer. they had a home entertainment magazine with an ad in it for dahltons.

now, there seem to be several issues. am i happy with them? well, who knows. first, will they last? seems unlikely, as all evidence on this site (except from those who actually sell them, who are clearly not disinterested observers) suggests that the construction is shoddy. if i get stuck with them, i picture a future (a NEAR future) of shredded particle board and elmer's glue where my fab speakers once sat.
further, not being an expert, i don't know what great sound is like. so i might think these are ok, and be misled because for $250 i could probably get much better (albeit used) speakers.

was it a scam? of course. everthing was a fabrication. including the home entertainment magazine ad. i would beware, o ye speaker men. of all the things you do, that's probably the one that could land you some special time with large men behind bars. i doubt home entertainment takes to kindly to being used in this way. i'm off merrily to email their editor ian calcutt after this. everyone else should too. check out the home entertainment website.
the whole debate over whether this was a scam or not is a form of philisophical onanism (look it up, speakeasyman). i could try and go through it piece by piece, but it's unnecessary. this quacks like a duck. loudly.

finally, and most chillingly, i wonder where the profits go. ever see those commercials against drug use that focus on the fact that the innocent weed purchase underwrites murder, terrorism, etc? perhaps a bit dramatic, but in this case, with the obvious size and international coordination of the scam, i can easily imagine that all the ultimate greenbacks go to jihad. chinese construction? and where did iraq get weapons? conspiracy theories abound. the sales force wouldn't know. one of them even said that the speakers come in at $245. if so (and that's a big caveat), doubtless they're ripped off already.

so now to get my $ back. it's the mehaffey operation in pennsylvania. John Altopedi and Chris DiRenzo were the stage names of the pitch men, and the company is T&M enterprises/Kelfi Distributors.

Would everyone who insists on referring to the speaker men as an individual group please stop? I am tired of reading how 'they're now in Sacramento', or 'they've come to Texas'. There is obviously (as some of you have figured out, thank you) many, many people doing this all over the place and I was approached with a similar offer 4 years ago so it has been going on for a long time. I find it irritating how people comment on it as though it were some new threat brought off by a couple of conmen traveling the globe.

Now that you mentioned the scam with guys in a white van... I heard rumors that an old pot head friend of mine back in high school is now deep-in on selling speakers from a van. I guess hes part of this speaker cartel... thats just too funny (but also sad because he smokes other things besides pot now). Note todays lesson to be learned: this is what weed can do to some people... next thing you'll be on the streets selling cheap speakers from a white van! DON'T DO IT! As for me, I chose the other route and quit... and look where it brought me... I'm studying dentistry.

contacted Mehaffey at T&M Enterprise; he was a bit indignant that I (several times) called this a scam. In his words, if this was a scam, would I have him on the phone now? Answer--yes, if it were a well-organized quasi-legitimate one.

anyway, he said I can ship the speakers back to him COD by UPS. UPS does have this service, in which they essentially collect the full value(heh, whatever that means)prior to transfer of goods and remit it to you.

I'm going to make sure Mehaffey has the money in a money order or similar form (I don't think a company check will do). Let y'all know how it goes.

By the way, Anonymous of Monday at 05:24 PM--there is a they. Don't you think that the near identity of the scheme from case to case across the world suggests organization? There must be a central "office" with connections to manufacturer(s) (probably Chinese, and unrelated to the home office otherwise). They place orders and have them delivered to middlemen (like Mehaffey) who has teams do the selling with prewritten scripts.
Most likely each stage has no idea what goes on at the level above, like any good terrorist cell-planning system. Otherwise the tales told by these jerks would at least vary somewhat. Like the extra $20 for beer.

I have Dahltons. They sound alright but the sub in the side sounds like it's going to blow. Yeah it's a scam, but I knew it was too good to be true... I took a $200.00 gamble (I didn't give them money for beer) and I'm happy with my cheaply made knockoff. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to kill these guys.. but I can really only be upset with myself.

I brought a pair of speakers from the same two guys u were talking about for 200 and i gave him 20 dollars for beer......after hooking it up to my home system it sound to the polk audio i payed for 800.

I have also been "gotten". I bought the Dahlton KV 2500 ti. It happened in Waco, Texas. I have since tried to call the numbers on the receipt for the office in Austin and also the number for the office in Dallas. No answer. There is no way for me to contact the company. So even though the salesmen had said there was a warranty and a 3 day return policy, that was just a lie. Although the selling method was definitely unorthodox, bordering fraud (fake magazine artice, fake claims to value), I was only slightly angry. And that was mostly being mad at me. However, now, these so called salesmen have become criminals. I paid the money that I did for the speakers, the warranty, and the return policy which is written on the receipt. So when part of the product that I bought is not available, yes, that is fraud, that is illegal. And now, the Waco Police Department has a charge filed against a Gilbert Garcia with his liscense plate number. Also the Dallas Police Department and Austin Police Department have been informed of this website and this situation. I left a message on the answering machine at the Austin "T&M Enterprises" office and gave them one business day to contact me or else I would call the police. Well, doesn't seem like they gave me much of a choice. So please, one of these "Speaker Men" please justify how you can sell a product with a warranty and a return policy that don't exist, yet you tell the customer that they do. I'm not judging on the moral issue (that's not my place, but I'm sure you will be judged), but from a legal stand point, this is against at the very least a civil infraction.

B-Mac The Hussler
Everybody PAY ATTENTION!!!! I have finally found a number for one of the distributors, and this number actually works!!! CALL HIM AND TELL HIM YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Dogg Digital
2120 East Howell Ave., #601
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: (714) 978-0211
Alt. Phone: (714) 978-0212
Cell Phone: (714) 813-4530
Fax: (714) 978-0217
Contacts: Glenn L. Smith


Call the cell phone works.

Attenton Delaware peoples, after reading this I see that other people in Delaware have been sold on these cheap a*s*s speakers. A friend of mine just got ripped off for 300/pr in a shopping center at U of D and I was approached myself about 2 months ago on 202 by Tweeter. If anyone see's them, get there license plate number and find out any info you can. We are going to find them and cut off there junk and stick it in their lying mouths. Then, were going to take each shitty piece of equpiment and smash it in the street. They're such losers. So sad, but I'm sure there parents are proud.

Oh yeah, to all of you people saying this is not a scam. Your idiots. Granted, no one is FORCED to buy these, but they are lied to. A lot. And then the speakers can not even be returned. That is wrong and that is a scam.

fair oaks, ca (sacramento)

i was hit by these guys - white ford expedition, raiders plate covering the front. i saw the speakers, specs, and knew they weren't worth 2000.. they obviously weren't name brand (digital audio).. and i'm pretty knowledgable about speakers so i offered 200 firm. i walked away with them for 200, i kept asking questions to gather as much information as possible..

once they were gone, i took their back license plate down. texas plates, #P07-RKN. two males, as per the usual description.

after plugging them in, they're not horrible horrible speakers and i don't feel like i spent more than 50 than i should have. if you're approached by these guys, ask as many questions as possible - get them out of their element.

as far as the dogg digital number posted earlier, my contact with the company was phil and he was quick to inform me that they're not able to refund money - which is ok, seeing as i dont feel as if i got terribly terribly ripped off. if you paid more than 250 for the pair, then maybe you should. otherwise, just brush it off. it's not a huge loss compared to others.

Anyone think that this could be made more public by using local news stations? I wonder if news stations would air something like this as a warning to the public? Perhaps if enough of us call the station, email, or whatever they might just air a short story for folks to be on the lookout as they drive to and from work. Perhaps give the stations a url to this forum so that they can see for themselves that this is a legit problem. Just a thought.


If you have and warranty issues with your speakers contact information on the company is on this page.

Hope that helps

PT Barnum
Is it possible that there are so MANY victims of this scam??? I can't believe anyone would fall for this chit....And as a post said above that for 200 bucks he didn't feel he was totally ripped-off?? What do you think the cost was to make these POS speakers??? They are paying 2 guys in a van, and any associated overhead, plus the distributors are making $$$..My guess is these are worth less then 100 beans...Sorry suckers...

HEY GUYS I have some magic beans I can sell you for a one time special o 199.99. this is a deal of a life time. for another $20 I will add a two year waranty. ps. since when have sony speakers ever cost $500 a pair.

You wanna get into the business? Check the local paper's job listings. If you see "Drivers wanted, $500-750 weekly" or even "Like loud music? Rock and roll to the tune of $500-750 / wk" it's probably the speaker men. This type of ad tends to draw outgoing, young white males, who for this type of work are the ideal candidates.

Happened to me today but really don't think I got a bad deal for $200. Alot better speakers than the ones I got at BJ's for 100 plus tax. KV 2500 TI's

PS- The phone number on my receipt works.

Well, add me to the list of suckers. I was at Circuit City on Greenback Lane in Citrus Heights, California. The two guys, "Steve" and "Phillip" were driving a black Ford van. The offered me two Digital Pro Audio tower speakers. I thought I was cool by talking them down from $1,600.00 to only $950.00. I even gave them a $100.00 tip for the good deal to help them by some beer. What a sucker I am. The speakers are horrible. I hooked them up to my Onkyo 727 receiver which has 100 watts per channel (rms) and needless to say, the paper coned speakers detached from the foam surround that connects them to the speaker frame itself. I was playing AC/DC's song "For those about to rock" when the two of the woofers started to smoke. I only had the volume up 3/4 of the way. Oh, well. It's only money, right?

I paid $500 bucks for two cheap "Pro Digital Audio Tower speakers and 1 DPA 5.1 Speaker Surround. These dude in a RED BRONCO were begging for a tip for Weed and Beer but I refused. If i see these fools again..Im gonna kick their a s s.


They are in Dallas, Texas now. It kills me to know it was a scam. They were in a Green Ford Explorer with Florida plates.

Lol, count me in. I think I got ripped off by these steve person too, from Global Audio or something like that. This was in Sunnyvale, they were driving a white ford expedition. They took me for 250

Paid 100 bucks
seems to be the cheapest ive seen without reading all these post the blue extera actually pulled me over to sell me some and when I find that f_cking blue xtera again its gonna see my little "mini me" baseball bat all over it.

Speaker Man,

Do you have info on the California Distributed of these speakers?

Okay, call me obsessed, but I've been testing these speakers for a good portion of the night. I personally think, these speakers could have been decent.

On some recordings, it punches the bass fairly nice, and hits the highs.

For the highs, they do sound better than my old Jensen's, however, the quality of sound depends from recording to recording. If the source is of poor quality, these speakers will make it sound 10x as bad, especially the high's which makes it sound raspy and bright. On some of my Jazz recordings, these speakers either sounded okay to good, or I wish I had a shotgun to shoot them with.

For the mid's to low, it is pretty much the same case. Mid's can be pretty clear, but are usually drowned out by the highs and the lows.

At the same time the lows are more or less muddy and produces echo's due to the poor insulation and poor equalization. In some cases, where the lows hit the sweet spot of the speaker, it produces a nice punch, but most recordings that I have are not in the sweet spot.

If messing with speakers is your hobby, I think this speaker can sound good, if you want to make it a project speaker. You can rip it apart, add better insulation and crossovers, and spend some time messing with an equalizer. Of course if you have to do all this, it just shows how lazy the manufacturers are.

As for me, I'll be sticking with my vintage Sansui's which still sound incredible and start looking into getting some NHT ST4's. Sure the ST4's cost 10x as much, but I'm sure they'll sound 100x better. As for the SLT 2.8's, I think I'll donate mine to my local Goodwill, so someone less fortunate can get these speakers (for better or worse).

I was "scammed" in clinton nj outside the cracker barrel where I work. At first they offered me some 1500 dollar speakers for 500. I lied and said I only had 100 to spend so they brought out these KV 650 ti bookshelf loudspeakers that they'd give for 100 that were marked as 500. Their excuse was the same deal that they had extras, but this time they said that they were goin "ti_tie huntin tonight" and needed cash because "h00kers like cash." They also asked for my radar detector and head unit in my car to "sweeten the deal" im gonna see if that number works. I dont know if their good or not yet... But parents tell your kids because im only 18 and got conned out of a whopping $100.

Central NJ
I can only HOPE I too was NOT "Scammed"
I paid $200.00 for the Dahlton Sub in this Pic..

The seller, went with me into the store (ATM) and the teller said Hello to him and used the same name that he gave me..

Also... The next day on E-bay I found the other Dalton speakers that were in the Van for sale..
The seller was from the Next town over from where I bought mine..!

I will go home 2night and hook mine up to see if it works and test it all out.. I do have the sellers info from the Auction on E-mail and will HUNT the guys down. Either from the store's teller or the E-bay seller in saw..!

I SOOO don't want to go home and find out I was scammed.!!!!

Central, you probably paid a fair price for the sub. If the specs are accurate it should play ok and at least it's powered.some of these white van subs are passive and that just sucks! What is troubling is that the website you listed also lists a set called the AV 5.1 THX and the THX website doesn't list this company so I have an inquiry in to THX to find the status of those speakers. email me if you want to find out what I here back.

Jed Isom
What's up, yeah you can add one more idiot to the list of people that got duped by the scam. I got hit up in Provo, Utah of all places. They came upt to me while I was vacuuming the inside of my car out and did the whole schpeal. At least I only paid $220 for the pair. I feel sorry for you guys that paid more than that

Hey I have bought two digital audio speakers sl3810 for 200 bucks april 30 around 2pm in the parking lot at walmart in ft. hood texas the speakers sounded nice for the price but I can say I paided for what I got. the speakers are are not the best but for 200 it sure beat's my tv speakers the speakers are not worth anywhere near 1600 dollars my guess is about 100 to 150 dollars for the pair, if you paid more than that for the speakers than YOU GOT RIPPED. and if you think that you made out like a bandit than i'll sell you mine. go ahead and call me if you think i'm wrong for saying this, or if you wan't to buy my shitty speakers for 200 dollars. (254)371-7716 I live in Killeen Texas.

They got me for a pair of Digital Audio SL-3810 and a AudioFile Home Theater System. $400.00 for everything. Man, was I stupid. It was in a Sam's Club parking lot in Dalas, Texas.

Hey Guys,

I just responded to an add on craigs list about a guy in San Jose CA selling the same DPA Slim Line towers for about $200 bucks. He sent me some pics of the box and says he can deliver them to me. After reading this forum I know its a scam, but if anyone is interested in catching this guy, let me know and we can set up a delivery and get him before he scams someone else.

You can try it if you want but you won't be doing any good. You have no idea how big this is. There are several companies that do nothing else but sell in this fashion. To see how big this is visit

Your best bet would be to push the media and increase awareness. Good Luck all.

Two guys, white econoline, KV 2500 ti in a Home Depot parking lot north of Trenton, NJ. They started with an asking price of $600. Their whole act of trying to get rid of extra merchandise to have tit@y bar money was like some
sequence from a friday night "USA" B movie. I thought maybe I could lo-ball the guys until they left me alone and finally got tired of the whole act and gave the guys $200 for the pair. For those who are knowledgeable in speaker design and materials: Is there anything I can do to improve the quality of the KV 2500 ti? What can I do to reinforce the enclosure? What are the best accesories and optimum applications for the KV 2500 ti once they have been modified(if possible?).
Anyone with the knowledge to contribute would be greatly appreciated, including the speakermen of the world.

Gunther Molinari
Club eklipze at 1-866-eklipze will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have about our practices. Everything we do is completely legal. Maybe some of you might want a job!

I'm in Killeen, TX and I bought the Dahlton KV2500ti's (probably form the same 2 guys) and hooked them up to my Pioneer Elite reciever ($3,000.00 receiver). I had Bose 701's hooked up. I must admit, the KV2500ti's sound better than the Bose speakers. In fact, I moved the Bose speakers to the rear channel. I don't know how long they are suppose to last but they seem to be of good quality. Hell, they weigh 50lbs each. I'm only pissed that I paid $400.00 instead of $200.00 like everyone else. If I see those guys again I won't be pissed but I'll try to talk them outta $200.00. But I'm very happy with the way they sound.

In Fort Worth, TX. Yesterday morning I was stopped in a gas station by a white van. A woman & man in the early 20's sold me a pair of Dahlton KV 2500 ti for $250. Haven't hook them up yet so don't know how good they work or if they work at all. I just want my money back.

George Mess
IN NEPA (Scranton PA),
300 bills - KV 2500. I guess it was a scam but you get what you pay for. 300 dollar sounding speakers. Not bad-not good, average, a little murky sounding

Sounds like I took the bait long ago ...
Back in 1985(ish)I was confronted by a couple of guys (white or grey van) in Sacramento, Calif. They had the same line. but I picked up a couple of Acoustic Research studio monitors, 3-Way, ported, 150 watts, circuit breaker, adjustable crossover and poly cones for a 200 a pair. Since I lived close by I told them I wanted to try them first. They acually sounded good and now I'm still using them as rears for my HT and they still work well.
Now looking for a new Sub. Does anyone have input on the JBL PB12??

JAMES...just keep telling yourself you are not ripping people off. Its obvious you are a DPS saleman

Anthony Barber
Yeah, I got scammed too. I was at IN A Walmart parking lot and 2 guys approached me. They told me that the speakers were worth 1700.00 dollars and showed me the magazine for proof of the amount. They also said their boss gave them a double shipment by mistake and that they would sell me the speakers for 600.00 dollars. I told them I would give them 400.00 for them and now I am an owner of 2 kv2500 ti speakers as well as all you others that fell for this scam. They gave me the same story about the nudey bar and the beer. Speakers are really no different than my Tv speakers, just louder. I wonder how much they are really worth? By the way-- this happened in Wilkes-Barre PA four days ago.

Guys, like someone else has stated already, this is a wordwide scam, known for years. In Holland (Europe) it's called "Back Trunk Speaker Sell". The story is always the same: end of a dayjob, a bit of stock left, great discount that ends up to be 10x the real price. Speakers are branded with names that sound pretty familiar like the real thing.
Scam name for example: Linear Phase 8820 STUDIO MONITOR

I recently met up with the white van people and purchased a pair of the Digital Audio Pro Series SL3810 speakers and I think that they are great. Furthermore I kept in touch with the so called "whtie van culprits", and have recommended that my friends buy from them as well. These guys are great they are selling these speakers that are just as some of the name brand products and giving us a good deal on them. I came home the day I got them hooked them up to a new reciever and with some good monster wires and damn they sounded great, I have already had two noise complaints. I am a college student and couldn't afford to purchase a really nice entertainment system yet, but these guys came along and helped me out. In my opinion they are just a perfect example of our capitilistic system and how good it can be to us.

Got scammed today - Bakersfield, CA at 12:45PM, I supposedly got the guys cell # to call him tomorrow for some more goods. i doubt its real, i paid 90$ for one of the SLT or whatever, basts.

Geez, I can't believe some people buy into this scam, and then pass if off on their friends (like Noah) as if it were legit.

I mean you could get the AR HC6, a complete 5.1 system that has gotten very good reviews, for just $299. available here

Or how about a pair of speakers that have gotten not just good but rave reviews for $328, the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170. These would stomp the "white van" speakers into the ground for sound quality. Well maybe "...I have already had two noise complaints" Noah wouldn't think so since he seems to equate sound quality with high volume.

In re-reading Noah's post I can't help but get the feeling that he is one of the scammers trying to pass himself as a regular Joe.

I have heard it all too often Anon-Bakersfield. You paid a fair price though. These "Drive-by-dealers" pay about $50 apiece for the towers so you weren't really scammed. The speakers won't sound like reputable speaker manufacturers but don't sound as bad as a Classic "home theater in a box" unless you got the sattelite system. I sell home theater in bakersfield and have been asked about the Digital Audio speakers many times by people who have paid as much as $500 for the set, so don't feel bad.

about the scam.....

I work at Albertsons in North County - San Diego, CA.

some guys (it was in December of 2002), and damn... it might have been a white fan (think it was a white SUV) pulled up and asked me if I wanted to buy speakers... I told him that Albertsons policy was that I couldnt buy anything in the parking lot....

there are too many scams out there....

the guy drove around asking almost everyone in the lot (50+ people) and then drove away...

.....That isnt even a good scam.... its stupid...

Ok, so I just got suckered into buying the slim line digital pro audio's. I've accepted the fact that they will probably suck or whatever, but im wanna hook em up anyways. What do I need to do this?

b. smith
These guys hit me up aswell. They (3) pulled up to me in a navy blue van with some writing on it, said they had extra from a job and where told to sell it off. The magazine said $1799, and they offered them to me for $600. (I must look rich!) Luckly I passed! - Tyler, TX

Hmmm....... Now, I'm feeling like a sucker... I was approached by 2 guys in a late model Land Rover in the Manchester NH (New Hampshire) Harley Davidson dealership parking lot just as I was leaving. Told me the same "screwing the Boss" story and tried to sell them for $600 apiece. I gave $250 for 2 of them. One Identified himself as "Bjorn" and had an english or austrialian accent. His buddy didn't say much. Thought it was a good buy but we'll see. Havn't tried them out yet But hey, you live and you learn. Might just call the cops and alert them for good measure.

Youre stupid
I can't believe all you people bought speakers from some guys in a parking lot and have the nerve to complain about it. Especially the people who say the speakers sound good. If they sound good, what's you're problem?

With as many people that are on this board, I think I'm in the wrong business. These guys must make more money than any of you.

Hey let's call the cops because I bought something that I thought was stolen. I'm not sure if any of you know this but it's illegal to buy stolen property. If these guys really told you that they were "extras that they didn't tell the boss about" than you obviously knew/thought you were buying stolen property.

Scam or no scam you idiots are just as guilty for supporting it. You obvously didn't think you were getting scammed when you bought the the "stolen" speakers from the guys in the infamous white van. As long as people buy these speakers, they are going to sell the speakers. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, no more than all the people selling things on ebay for a living. Everybody just wants to get in on the scam band wagon.

Later morons.

I just recently bought a pair of Dahlton KV 2500 ti speakers from a pawn shop for $100 and I couldn't be more pleased. One of the speakers didnt work well when I bought them, but that was no problem because I have a brother who's into the whole speaker thing and fixed it right up. It really confuses me how many people are disappointed in them. Either you guys are buying cheap knock offs from those vans or your not setting the speakers up properly. The ones I have are made with Titanium and have metal screws (and a lot of speakers- even expensive ones use plastic)and they are built extreamly well. For those who are having you have the speaker slightly off the ground, are they positioned correctly (about 3 ft from the wall) and if you have a cd/dvd player, is it set to the dvd mode, even when running cds? all of those things make a world of difference. Burned Cds also don't sound great on these speakers because they pick up on the poor quality that most burners do (it makes it sound kinda like your tweeter is blown) And the cables running from the speakers to the reciever can either make or break the system, so use Monster Cables, and you should spend about 10% of the retail price of the speakers on the cables. If these are retailed at $1700, then $170 is what you should theoretically be spending to get the best sound out of the speakers. Your reciever should also be comparable to the speakers (wattage wise) I have a Yamaha reciever that puts out 75 watts per channel, which doesn't even touch the 500 watts the Dahltons can take. If my speakers even sound good without much power, than everyones should if they are set up properly, that is unless you just got look alikes.


eric happyrthanu
i bought kv2500 ti speakers and they work perfect

hey guys do you think these are "scam" speakers but sumthin doesnt look right they how can someone sell 3500$ speakers for 329.99? they are supposedly polk audio. THNX
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