Serious Dolby-Pro Logic Problems


I have been enjoying my current HT System for many years and all of a sudden (about 1 month ago), I began experiencing a most disconcerting problem : When my receiver is set to dolby pro-logic, the signal coming from my left main speaker intermitently develops a static like interference that is most pronounced. I have checked the cable to the speaker which seems fine. I did not check all the cables b/c the problem does not appear when utilizing the dolby digital signal (thru my satellite box and DVD player). Likewise, if I switch off all effects, so I get a stereo signal, it sounds fine. Thus, since the same cables are being used in all scenarios, I assume it cant be a cable problem. The only 2 things I can think of would be 1) My receivers prologic processing has gone caput; or 2) The signal from Dish Network is faulty (my hope). I have not yet contacted DISH. FYI : Amoung other items, I have a Yamaha RXV-9020 receiver, Paradigm Reference 60 speakers (L & R) and a DISH receiver (model # escapes me). ANY HELP WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED

Based on my experience with Yamaha, I think it is the most likely source of your problem. I had a Yamaha system and every piece was in the shop for repairs within the first 2 years. Scratchy pots, noisy buttons etc. Contact cleaner did not help. Also, I have a few Yamaha Synthesizer modules, TX7 and FB01, and both required repairs to pushbuttons that were hardly ever touched as I operated the units through midi. I had a Yamaha Acoustic/Electric guitar that cracked at the neck and one of the pickups started beating funny, like some kind of feedback only different. I own a lot of other electronics and never had the kinds of problems I have with Yamaha. I will never buy anything from them again. Do yourself a favour and ditch the thing. Sorry about my seriously biased opinion, maybe I just got unlucky.

I love my Yamaha. It's an older model and I have never had any problems. I recently bought another. Yamaha have an excellent service record. I can only assume Al is buying his equipment refurbished.
Have you tried setting your dvd player to just play in Dolby prologic? If your DVD plays DPro through your receiver ok then hook up your DVD audio signal through the A/V plugs your DISH receiver is currently using. Try the test again. If everything is fine, you have ruled out your receiver.

I've been experiencing the same symptoms with my crappy Sony 5.1 minisystem and Dish. But I also get it using the front in's on my TV that lead to my minisystem for Dreamcast usage. Wish I knew what that was all about. Seems to be emphasized when people say words beginning with "S."

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