Sony STR-V333ES or Yamaha RX-V800


Can anyone help me choose between the Sony STR-V333ES or Yamaha RX-V800?

PLease check review about receivers at My sony receiver went bad after the warrenty expires $200-250 for repairs. I bought Yamaha this time. I will avoid Sony.

ONKYO, Harmonkardon and Yamaha are best Receivers to buy, You will pay little extra money but it worth's the money. I Lost $600 Bucks on Sony Receiver I have to through it away.

Good luck

why do all you people slam sony? they make some of the best recievers out there! i owned a denon 3801 and took it back cause it was junk! the sony da777es i own has a much better dd and dts sound.
some of the best on the market. most of you who are slaming sony have probbley never even owned a sony!

I also buy this model of sony,it is quite good i think.If you ask me which should buy,i will perfer the sony.
another thing else,I want to know where can downlaod the sony V333ES user manual?
my email add:

Sarandon Johnson
s.trigg and kiku are full of it. The sony's suck big time!!!! They distort, overheat, and dont have a good build quality. Stay with the Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer Elite, Marantz, and Onkyo. All five receivers I just named are a hell of a lot better than the Sony or Sony ES line!!!!!

Sony is great a marketing but lousy at producing receivers. Pioneer Elite, Nad, Marantz and H/k are much, much better that SonyES. I do not like Yamaha at all either so I suggest you start over and listen to the other brands I mentioned.
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