OK so I order a NAD 773 about 3 weeks ago


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The guy at my retailer says 10 days to get there. In the meantime, I recall reading posts here about NAD issues and new odels being released by NAD (maybe w/ software??) that have corrected past problems.

During this time, I keep calling my retailer after 10 days that keeps saying is not in, its not in. While I am frustrated that its not in, I start thiniing that mine will be one of these new ones. I call today and he says NAD has a "Version 2" of the 773 and no longer version 1.
They ordred the version 2 today.

My question for you NAD experts. What is this version 2?? Like I said , I seem to recall the psost referring to this. Is it simply new software. Are the quality issues addressed. I must say,while I didn't intend to wait a month for this thing, the prospect of getting an updated version is nice. Please help!!

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I think when you say version 2, I think people are referring to a new software upgrade for at least some of the NAD 7x3 models that give them Dolby Pro Logic IIx capabilities. Pro Logic IIx allows you to take a stereo source and make it 6.1 or 7.1 sound (whereas "regular" Pro Logic II is only 5.1). So, if you don't have 6.1 or 7.1, I doubt you would miss it.

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In looking back at some of the posts, I believe the software upgrade takes care of at least some of the problems the receivers were having but most likely not all. Either way, i guess I don't mind waiting an extra two weeks to get the receiver with the upgrade.

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Here's info of the T773v2 in swedish:

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Landroval how can I translate to English?

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Uh, I dont know. Altavista Babelfish dont support Swedish so that wont help.

The most interesting things are of course the v2-upgrade, everything else is just T773 marketing speech. The upgrades are sacrifice of HDCD for PL2x support, better OSD menus, better zone2, new ability to use a sub in stereo even if you have set your speakers to 'large', RDS info on OSD, free naming of input sources and some presets for different speaker configurations.

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Robert, I had to wait at least 3 weeks to get my T763. It ended up being a v2.03 unit.

However, after nearly 4 weeks of use, I've taken it back due to experiencing the following problems:

o Cooling fans are rattling very loudly - they always did from the word go but now they are faulty and you can hear them from a couple of metres away.

o Intermittent pop/"click" through speakers when switching the unit on, even with all inputs devices off.

o Questioning the high level of noise coming from the speakers, regardless of the volume, even with analog input switched off.

o Very occassional truncation of the first 1/2 second of a CD track via digital input.

Yes, we've heard them all before but even though I love the sound of this a/v receiver, I am very unhappy with the above stuff - the fan noise was ridiculous.

They offered me a replacement unit at the shop but even though the unit had a later serial number, it was an earlier firmware version!

I'm waiting to see what happens of this mess.

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for translation, check out this site:
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