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Hi all,

I'm about to return my 5760 as I'm unimpressed by the sound.
I have Polk 5.1 setup (505 is great) and I am looking for the best receiver $500 buys.


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New Marantz SR5500 would be nice. Also NAD T743 and Cambridge Audio Azur 540R.

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The Marantz 5400 is about to be replaced by the 5500 and either one is a perfect match with your Polk speakers. I doubt if you'll be able to buy a 5500 for $500 or less at first so check out the 5400. Best in class for my money.

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By the way, in your opinion what was wrong with the sound of the 5760?

I have an older Yamaha. I would like to purchase a new receiver. The speakers I have could be characterized as forward. I've read about issues with other brands of receivers. The HK's are unreliable, the Marantz's run extremely hot, the Pioneers don't sound as good as the others, and the Denon's are overpriced. The Yamaha's aren't good for 2 channel stereo listening, etc.

It seems as though there are many QC issues with many products, so while I have been wanting to buy a new receiver with what might be characterized as having a warmer sound, I have balked at the prospect of laying out a chunk of change on a product that will quit working after a few months. I have been considering either the new Pioneer vsx-1014 or the Marantz 5400/5500. Are HK's actually that unreliable considering their price?

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Denon overpriced? have you looked online lately? I'd take the Marantz 5500 or the Denon 1804 anyday over the 5760 but that's my opinion :-)

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BTW, the Yamaha HTR-5760 does sound thin and bright and If you don't believe Daslolo go to a Best Buy store and listen to their display models

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I would take exception to HK's being unreliable.
They generally give one of the best bangs for the buck of any company in the price ranges they compete in. I think they are as reliable as any other company.

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I demo'd a Pioneer 914K a few months back and found it to be quite nice considering the low salas tag. I actually ended up with a Kenwood Vr570 as I thought it suited my needs much better (mostly for movies) but I was equally impressed with it's musicality combined with my Wharfedale speaker set up. Check out for a deal on Pioneers.
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