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Hello, New to this forum. Currently have an H/K AVR 100 (45*5), just acquired the Def TEch 7004 tower for front and clr 2500 for center, still looking for surrounds. My question is, since the Def Techs are self amped for the 10" subs in each, will I notice a big improvement from upgradng to a much nicer receiver? Like Rotel 1056, Pioneer Elite, Marantz 7400, Denon 2805 or 3805 of another H/K 630 or likewise. I am not an Onkyo fan (been there before).

Signal is coming from a Pioneer Elite DV 45a? Thoughts on this would be appreciated as well as it is only 5 days old.

Also everything is connected to a 43" Pioneer 4340HD Plasma.

Any thoughts suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Great looking forum btw.


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The HK you have would be considered an "entry level" receiver I think, but the receivers you listed as possible upgrades are all significanly higher on their respective brand's product line. Because of this reason, I think you will definately hear a much of one is all up to your personal tastes. It has been my experience that generally, more power makes the sound fuller and will help on demanding movie/music soundtracks. Wheras your current receiver MAY BE struggling to get the big explosions and stuff on movies, one with more power will handle these easier. I used to have an underpowered Onkyo and on the louder stuff it sometimes sounded strained.

If you do choose to upgrade and you are sticking with DefTech, I would stay away from Denon. Def Techs need a warmer receiver to sound good on my opinion, and Denon definately isn't warm. Any of the other brands you listed would match very well with you speakers.

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The new PE vsx56txi would make those Def Techs sound really good. See They have it for $997.

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Hi everybody,
I'm a proud owner of 2 linn keilidh speakers. But now i'm planning to purchase a new receiver. can anyone give me an advise for a receiver, that first of all, provides a good quality stereo sound en second of all an good hometheatre sound. Becaus I'm still a student, with this expensive hobby, its important to me, that I will satisfied with the purchase for at least 3 a 4 years. I saw the nem denon 3505 (but haven't listened to it), furthermore I like the sound of arcam a65 (integraded amp), icw arcam cd72, and like the theatre sound of the Yamaha A3090 with al linn speakers (linn keilidh, tukan, trican, but that i really can't afford). I hope someone can give me a good advise, greetings Danny
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