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Sorry for the double post, but I was getting no action in the other forum.

Perhaps you folks can help me!

I have just purchased the Mordaunt Short 500 series THX Select speaker set.

They are fairly dynamic and tight/fast speakers but tend a touch toward laid back I think...sometimes it's hard to tell since I have not listened to everything out there....but they are phenominal....not just for the price but in general.

Anyhow I would say I am 60/40 Theatre/Music I want a musical amp and both the NAD and the Marantz seem on par in that department....that would be my first that a fair statement?

Power wise they also seem to be comparable.

The 7300ose is a little more expensive but the WAF/"wife acceptance factor" plays a roll so the remote for the 7400 will work much better than the hunk that comes with the 7300. I would like to know if the 7300ose and the 7400 are close in sound quality.....if it's not a huge difference I would likely put my money to the 7400 because of it's features. The NAD sounds great of course...but how the T753 compares to the 7400 is the major question.

Anyhow let me know what you guys think.

Perhaps some of you have experience with these speakers as well. Let me know what you think.

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Also I should add...anyone with any longer term experience with these speakers please offer your comments....what would you say their attributes are? Bright Warm Laid Back......and then perhaps we can figure out the best amp Great stereo sound is a must.

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