NAD AV-716


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I have had this receiver since 1996, last week my front display stopped working, the receiver still works perfectly

Can anyone help me

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more than likely the display has burned out and needs to be replaced by a
qualified tech but!

you can open it up and look for fuses.
I dought something that new uses bulbs anymore, you
might want to double check though.

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Jfhamel, did you ever fix your problem with your NAD AV-716 receiver? I seem to be having the same problem. Thanks.

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I have a NAD 705 receiver which is only slightly older and does use lamps to backlight the LCD display. My display has yet to die, but I am constantly reading comments from others who have the same problem. Here's a link to replacing with LED's:

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I just have the same problem today with my nad-av716. How do you fix this?

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I have the same problem on my NAD AV716, and it started for 6 month's ago. This is also a 1996, is it a limited life time on the display?

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I just got my NAD AV716 back from repair shop. Symptoms were no display for about a week , then nothin. Culprits were 2 * drive IC , ( no results , i presume ) and 0,047 FARAD / 5.5volts, disc capacitor - probably the no-display problem... parts were attached to amp without details ...

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Anyone have a fix for this or tried the LED fix from the link?

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I got my NAD AV716 back from repair shop yesterday, and the cause of the display problem was a burned resistor in the power supply for the display.
I'm not a expert in this, so dont ask me about place and value of the resistor.
The resistor costed 1,50 EURO, and total cost with labour 78 EURO....

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Just a question. I typed in "NAD AV-716" on google to find out how much my receiver is worth and this is the first place that popped up. Maybe you guys can help me. It's in perfect condition and I don't know if I should get rid of it or hold onto it for my future setup. It was left to me when my uncle passed away. Any help on determining its value would be appreciated.

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Hi ive had my AV-716 6 or 7 years and it works perfectly. david i wouldnt sell it, they are very good amp and sound really nice for music or movies. keep it should last forever Nad seem too :-)

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It might even be collectible some day. The 3020 integrated amps certainly are already. Seems a shame to get rid of it.
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