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After spending a fair amount of time here looking around, I know you get alot of these questions, but I am kind of at a loss for direction at this point. Please bear with me.

I have an older NAD Monitor Series stereo system (separate components), and I want to end up with a HT system. In short, I would like to keep the speakers that I have (KEF 103/3) and use them as my front speakers in the HT system. In doing research, it appears these are 4 ohm speakers.

Because my budget is not what it was when I bought the original system, I am looking at AV receivers to replace the separates that I have. I am planning on getting a B&W LCR3 center, and B&W CCM65 speakers for the rear.

I was wondering what people might have as suggestions for the receiver. I love my old NAD stuff, but there has pleny written on this board to cause concern about NAD quality right now. I was considering a T753 receiver, but I'm not sure based upon some of the problems that I've read about.

The Marantz SR6400 looks like it might fill the bill that I need...with the power and the A/B speaker selection. I am going to try to find one to listen to, but my concern is if it can drive the 4 ohm KEFs that I currently have (and wish to keep because of their sound).

If any of you have any other recommendations or thoughts, I would love to see them. Does Marantz make a good product, or should I be looking somewhere else? All suggestions would be appreciated.

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Keep your KEFs and get the NAD T753, it is an excellent receiver but the problems you've been reading about are not as big as you think. The problems raised in forums give a sense of proportionality not consistent with actual numbers.
Marantz do make good products and you couldn't go wrong with them:-)
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